Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Update 5/26/2015

The Slow Crawl Back

The Star Wars Actors Database update:

The "A" section is complete. Working on the "B" section as well as single actors here and there.

Keep in mind that most of this information was completed a while back and the transferring from my already completed info from the old site to here is not just a matter of moving them over and posting, I have to clean them up, edit, update information as well as fix/update any broken links...assuming I catch them.
It is a slow process.

Thank you!


Ackroyd, David - voice of Antilles and Fixer (ANHr)

Acord, David - voice of Medial Droid on Polis Massa (ROTS)

Akindoyeni, Tux -Agen Kolar - Zabrak Jedi Knight (ROTS)

Alaskey, Joe - voice of Important Merchant (TPMvg), Interpreter (TPMvg), Watto's Flunky (TPMvg)

Alcroft, Jamie - AT-PT driver/Javelin submarine captain/Sio Bibble (GB)

Alessio, Josephine - Queen Jamillia's Aide (AOTC)

Alexander, Coinneach - Jedi Padawan (ROTS)

Allen, Amy - Aayla Secura - Twi'lek Jedi Knight (TPM, AOTC, ROTS)

Allen, Hazel - Rebel (ROTJ)/Yoxgit (ROTJ)

Allen, Peter - Geezum - Snivvian Scout/ Stormtrooper (ROTJ)

Allen, Tony - Snowtrooper (ANH)

Alsup, Bunny - Cantina walla (voice work) (ANH)

Altman, John - Rebel Alliance Pilot (ROTJ)

Amendt, Paul - voice of Rogue Ten (RS), voices (KOTOR)

Anderson, Pip - (TFA)

Anderson, Bob (d 2013) - Darth Vader (stunts) (ANH, ESB, ROTJ)

Anderson, Franki - Bubo - Frog-Dog puppeteer (ROTJ)

Anderson, Sam - Additional voices (XWvT)

Anderson, Vass - Rebel Escort/Rebel in War Room (ANH), Stormtrooper/Hoth Rebel (ESB)

Angel, Jack - voice of Rom Mohc (DF)

Ankrum, David - voice of Wedge (ANH)

Appleton, Phil - see Delancy, Phil

Apostolos, Margo - Ewok (ROTJ)

Arbogast, Annie - voice of Sy Snootles - Lead Singer Jabba's Palace (voice) (ROTJ)

Arkin, Adam - voice of Fixer (ANHr)

Armato, Dominic - voices of Alien Citizen (TPMvg), Ben Quadinaros (PR), Clegg
Holdfast (PR), Coruscant Male #2 (TPMvg), Repair Droid 47-B (FC), Ticket Vendor

*Armellino, Amanda - Handmaiden (ROTS)

Armitage, Richard - Naboo Fighter Pilot (TPM)

Armstrong, Ray - Ewok (ROTJ)

Armstrong, Vic - Han Solo stuntman (ROTJ)

Arnold, Dixie - Stormtrooper (TFA)

Aron, Michael - voice of Ensign Till (RA2)

Arthur, Beatrice (d 2009) - Ackmena - Bartender (SWHS)

Ashley, Graham (d 1979) - Davish 'Pops' Krail (Tiree?) Gold 5 (ANH)

Asner, Edward - voices of Jabba the Hutt (ROTJr), Master Vrook Lamar (KOTOR)

Atwal, Bilu - Alderaan Crew (ROTS)

August, Pernilla - Shmi Skywalker (TPM, AOTC, TCW)

Ault, John William (d 1990) - Commander Bob Hudsol (ANH)

Austen, Don - Yoda puppeteer (TPM)

Austin, Mark - Boba Fett (ANHse)

Babatundé, Obba - voice of Lando Calrissian (RSIII; GB)

Bach y Rita, Carol - voice of A-Wing pilot/Missile launcher driver (GB)

Baker, Dee Bradley - voices of Clone Troopers/Captain Rex/Cody (CW03), Jabba the Hutt (DET), Ephraim Bridger/Admiral Kassius Konstantine/Old Jho/TIE pilot #2 (REB), Clone Troopers/Captain Rex/commander Cody/Sith Snakes/Commander Wolffe/Comet/Younger Muun/Fives (CW08), Beed/Boba Fett/Trandoshan Commando (KSW), ? (TOR), Captian Rex/Commander Cody/Clone Troopers (LSWIII), Baron Tarko/Boba Fett/Rebel Soldier (FUII),  Boba Fett (FU), Clone Troopers/Captain Rex/Clone Commanders (RH)

Baker, Eileen (d 1993) - Ewok (ROTJ)

Baker, Elaine - Palpatine hologram (ESB)

Baker, Jerry - Scanning Crew Man #1 (ANH)

Baker, Kathy - Rebel (ROTJ - model only, not in film)

Baker, Kenny - R2-D2 (ANH, ESB, ROTJ, TPM, AOTC, ROTS, TFA), Paploo - Ewok (ROTJ)

Baker, Rick - Figrin D'an (Cantina Band Member - Kloo Horn) (ANH), Hem Dazon -
Cantina Patron (ANH)

Bai, Ling (Bai Ling) - Bana Breemu - Senator (ROTS)

Bajakian, Clint - voices of Borva The Hutt (BFN), Citizen 2 (BFN), Jabba the Hutt (TPMvg), Ric Olié (BFN)

Baksa, Shannon (see McRandle, Shannon)

Baldry, Long John (d 2005) - voices (E)

Ballan, Michael Henbury - Ewok (ROTJ)

Ballantine, Steve (d 2007) - voice of Imperial Pilot (RSII, RSIII)

Bannon, Paul - Stormtrooper (ANH)

?Barbieri, Chantelle - Padmé (Natalie Portman) Stand-in (ROTS)

Barclay, David Alan - Yoda (ESB), Jabba the Hutt - puppeteer (ROTJ)

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Slow Crawl Back...

Welcome to Nerf-Herders Anonymous!

With the upcoming Star Wars film arriving in December of 2015, I must pull together the old site for a whole new slew of actors joining the Star Wars family.

I am very slowly transferring my old website information here so it can be enjoyed by another generation of people waiting to explore the Star Wars universe.

The Star Wars Actors Database is crawling back to life and I have all the film references up (they will have their stand-alone pages soon.)

Nerf-Herders Anonymous is taking a near no-frills approach and the look is very simple (utilitarian really) and clean. 
We have one year to get everything together to welcome the new family!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V - Limited Edition Print


Prints are 12"x18" and are limited to 250 and are priced very reasonably at $35!  Come by Artists Alley, say hello...introduce yourself, and purchase a poster or two! :D  All posters are pre-signed and numbered by me, any posters without a signature have not come from me/Celebration V.

A special remarque (a special stamping of my drawing in opaque white ink) for the print will be available at the show only, it will also include a *personalization.  It will be $5.  *no profanity/nudity...or anything bad.  I reserve the right to refuse anything which is contrary to my personal beliefs.

Free stuff:
4 freebies, one for each day of the show will be available to anyone who asks (first 50 people) at my table.  Previews available soon!

Sketches (on site only): 
I will be doing a very, very limited number of sketches at the show.  Please, be sure to bring a reference image for me or choose from the selection of images I will bring with me.  Single character head shots only, please!  Price to be determined closer to convention time.  Sketch prices will also be posted at the table.  Sorry, for this show I cannot give away free sketches.

If you have any q's email me!

See you there!

Non Sport Trading Interview

Marc de Groot of Non Sport Trading interviewed me and it has been published. Please, stop by Non Sport Trading and give it a read!  Many thanks to Marc!

Thank you!


Leah Mangue Interview - Non Sport Trading

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Official Star Wars Celebration V Print

When I was invited to produce a limited edition print for Star Wars Celebration V (being held in Orlando, FL Aug 12 - 15) I felt like a little kid.  I was so excited.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  A very clean and simple piece using Boba Fett.  BIG thanks to TK409.com for being the model! :D

The Star Wars Official Site decided to use the print art on their home page...boy was I excited and  honored to see that! Wow! I screengrabbed that quickly! ;)

The prints, limited to 250, will be priced at a very reasonable $35!  So, come on by Artists Alley say hello and purchase a poster or two! :D  I'm also going to have limited numbers of free bits and bobs at my table.
If you would like a sketch I will be doing very limited pieces for/at the show.  Please, be sure to bring a reference photo for me.  Single character head shots only, please!  Price to be determined closer to convention time.  Sketch prices will be posted at the table.

If you have any q's email me!

See you there!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

References - Movies: Steamboy!

This Film reference brought to you by our friend John G!  Thank you!

Steamboy (movie)
 Reverse Reference - General Grievous's wheel bike resembles much of the design of James Ray Steam's wheelbike.

References - Games!

Brought to you by our friend John G! :D  Thank you!

World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
 Bloodmyst Isle
   - Numerous references to Kessel.
  (On a side note, the Hall Of Lights in The Exodar has a group of people standing around, all named after previous hosts of the Dax symbiont from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - The Knights Of The Nine expansion
 (Indy reference) The spiral stone staircase in the Priory Of The Nine begins closed and opens similar to the spiral stone staircase that Dr. Jones Sr. opens during the escape from Castle Brunwald.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction
 The Gyrocycle vehicle looks just like General Grievous's wheel bike, with a spherical forcefield around it.

Survival Run
 The label of this old Atari 2600 cartridge has 2 Lambda-class shuttles on it.