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Friday, June 29, 2001


Film References

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Listings in BLUE are references we haven't yet acquired.
Listings in BROWN are Indiana Jones entries.
Listings in PURPLE are Wilhelm Scream entries.
Listings in ORANGE are THX-1138 entries.

Have a Star Wars reference for TV?

Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Wilhelm Scream/THX-1138 references in Movies, Documentaries, and Shorts. 

Daddy Day Care (2003 US) -
[1] Fundraiser for a bigger daycare center, Rock for Daddy Daycare (where Cheap Trick plays), Marvin (Zahn), a tried and true Star Trek fan and Daddy Daycare counselor, is the official face painter. Marvin paints a Maul face on Dylan (Achille) who only speaks Klingonese.
[2] In a montage of Daddy Daycare happenings, Martin (who wears a Marvin the Martian t-shirt), dressed in a cape, a Darth Vader mask and a lightsaber pops onscreen, directs his lightsaber at the children...then a wideshot shows the children, all in Jedi robes with lightsabers, attacking him and beating him down. (A little continuity note: As Zahn is getting up from this "attack" he grabs a lightsaber (by the saber itself), which is green. The very next shot shows him rising with a blue saber in his hand. ooops!) *Clips from YouTube

Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner (2007 US) - Mentions Star Wars a few times.

Dante's Peak (1997 US) - Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Darkman II: The Return of Durant (1994 US)- One of the bad guys is testing a laser gun and goes a bit overboard. Durant (Drake) says, 'Take it easy Luke Skywalker!'

Dark Star (1974 US) - In his film "Dark Star", John Carpenter, a classmate of George Lucas' at UCLA film school, references THX 1138. In the closing scene, as the astronauts are drifting away from each other and their signals begin to fade, some wreckage from the exploded ship, including a door, which is inscribed "Toilet Tank - THX 1138" floats by. Doolittle uses it to surf to his death in the atmosphere of the planet the crew were supposed to blow up. Both THX 1138 and Dark Star were student films which were expanded to features. I don't know whether this was a friendly bit of rivalry on Carpenter's part or that he really hated the film, but it's hardly complimentary, is it?

Darth Vader's Psychic Hotline (2002 US) - 

Dawn of the Dead (2004) - DVD Bonus Features. Special Report: Zombie Invasion. Reporter covering zombie story is in a morgue with the doctor and a zombie attached to a table. The zombie (Michael Johnson) has the mark of Fett (a Mandalorian skull tattoo) on his left shoulder.

Day After Tomorrow, The (2004) - Sam Hall's (Gyllenhaal) nametag reads "YODA"

Day the Earth Stood Still, The (2004) - Jacob's room has several Star Wars action figures. Note: What those figures are, I can't see, if you know drop us a line!

Dead Leaves (2004) (V) - A character called Bobafett Guy (played by Douglas Rye)

Dear Diary: A Film About Female Puberty (1981) - ANH reference. Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

A Decade Under the Influence (2003) - Star Wars is mentioned.

Deconstructing Harry (1997 US) - Harry (W. Allen) has remembrances of his past and characters from his books and other fictional characters, come to haunt him
[1] The first dream sequence...a birthday party with a Star Wars theme. A banner on the wall says, 'May the Force be with you, Donald', the party go-ers are all in Star Wars costumes: Vader, Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, there are also Darth Vader lamps on all the tables.
[2] The second dream sequence: the band plays wearing Darth Vader helmets.

Deep Core (2001 US) - A subterranean drillers nuclear bomb models are TK-421 and 1138. Dialogue: "Oh, wow, TK four two ones! And eleven-thirty-eights! Oh, man, I’m never going back to C-4 after this stuff!"

Deep Rising (1998 US) - John Finnegan (Williams) starts to realize that a deep-sea monster is attacking the ship. He says, 'I've got a BAD feeling about this.'

Delta Farce (2007 US) - Larry spots Everett in sniper get up he says Everett looks like a retarded Chewbacca.

Demolition Man (1993) - John (Stallone) says, "We'll be like Luke Skywalker and 'use the Force'" - referring to getting the bad guy, Simon (Snipes).

Desert Blue (1998) - The Star Wars trilogy is mentioned.

Desperate But Not Serious (1999 US) - A whole series of interactions, in-between the plot of the film and throughout the end credits, between two guys sitting at a table in a bar's ...the subject: who's gay in Sci-Fi. Mentioning: Threepio, Endor, Ewoks, Lando Calrissian, Cloud City, Han Solo, Chewie, Robocop, Terminator. Most of their conversation is around the Star Wars characters.

Detroit Rock City (1999 US) - In the opening credits it shows a magazine advertising Star Wars Two (although the movie is based in the year 1978). It must have been advertising the movie Episode V (as we know it today) The Empire Strikes Back. (Thanks to Colton for this reference!) I took this screenshot from the film and this is the magazine cover from Famous Monsters #145 from July 1978

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999) - A very large woman (Big Boy - actual actor's credit), Jabba Lady/Fluisa/Naomi (in the credits) is called Jabba the Slut

Devil's Rejects, The (2005) - Princess Leia is mentioned by both Ken Foree and EG Daily.

Devil Wears Prada, The (2006) - "you, my friend, are crossing over to the darkside."

DiCaprio Code, The (2006) - George is obsessed with the Star Wars saga.

Die Bian (1979) - Includes character models based on Star Wars

Die and Let Live (2006) - "These are not the Droids you're looking for"

Die Another Day (2002) -
[1] A character from the back looks like Darth Vader.
[2] *also an Indiana Jones reference*

Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995) - Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Die Hard 4: Live Free Die Hard (2007) - 
MCLANE (looking at Fett standee): Nice poster 
WARLOCK: Oh...well, like are you a big fan of the Fett? 
MCLANE No, I'm more of a Star Wars guy.

Disaster Movie (2008 US) - Prince Caspian mentions Star Wars

Dizengoff 99 (1979 IL) - Poster of Darth Vader

Dogma (1999 US) -
[1] Jay (Mewes), Silent Bob (Smith) and Bethany (Fiorentino) are sitting at a table in a diner and Jay says, 'I feel like I'm Han Solo, and you're Chewie and she's Ben Kenobi, and we're in the f'd-up bar'
[2] (DVD) The outtakes on disc 2 feature Matt Damon making up Star Wars references for the train sequence.
[3] Silent Bob (Smith) throws the two bad guys out the back of a train as he walks away he sees a guy in the corner scared to death...then points to the door and says, "No ticket!" (Thanks to Darth Charlie for #3 - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade reference)

Dogtown (1997 US) - Curtis (Cochrane) says, "I like Star Wars..." Jesse (Shakelford) replies, "yeah, Chewbacca's cool!"

Doin' Time on Planet Earth (1988 US) - ANH reference. Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Don't Panic (Satan's Blood) (1978 ES) - Star Wars poster as the couple leaves a theater.

Doom Generation, The (1995) - "So how long have you and Princess Leia been a happy couple?"

Down With Love (2003) - DVD Outtakes. Ewan McGregor is trying to remember his line and can't, he calls to someone off screen, "who am I?" The voice off screen says, "Obi Wan!"

Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001) - The Chameleon (Vargas?) says, "Use the Force"

Droid Gunner (Cyberzone)(1995) - ANH reference. Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Dreamscape (1984) - Gardner (Quaid) is just sitting down to talk to Dr. Novotny (Von Sydow) in his office and asks, "Who's your decorator, Darth Vader?"

Drillbit Taylor (2008) - Ryan (Gentile) has a Darth Vader mask in his room.

Drive Me Crazy (1999 US) - Chase (Grenier) is having a conversation. "You're with your two best friends, waiting for girls, one of them quite possible Princess Leia, and you wanna leave so some jock'll pat you on the head." and "Give it up bonehead, Princess Leia ain't comin'"

Dudley Do-Right (1999) - ANH reference.Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003 US) - Dialogue: Yeah, I peed in those. Enjoy. / Grow up. / You're it. / Are not. / Are too. / D too. / Chewbacca / Ooh, good one, Harry.

Dungeons & Dragons (2000 US) -
[1] Stepin Fetchit character is Jar-Jar Binks, the Mage Council scenes. There are Return of the Jedi and...
[2] Indiana Jones references fairly regularly throughout the film.

Dünyayi kurtaran adam (The Man Who Saves the World - Turkish Star Wars) (1982 TU) - ANH and Raiders references and scenes from ANH. They play actual "SW" clips through a partially blocked-out screen. Star Wars music plays as well as the theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Dünyayi kurtaran adam'in oglu (Turks in Space) (2006 TU) - Fancied up Leia buns and a lightsaber duel.

Earth Girls Are Easy (1988 US) - When Valerie (Davis) talks to the aliens about how they look," People might think you're Wookiees or Werewolves or something"

Earth Minus Zero (1996) - The Jedi are referenced by an alien.

Eddie Izzard: Circle (2002 UK) -
[1] Future But finally tonight, finally tonight I just want to talk about the future. The future. Where will the future be? 
Science Fiction writers, they write it down, they write it down in books. And then it becomes films, and then it all comes to pass, like those doors in Star Trek (makes whooshing sound) we've got them now! That's about it! But that's happened. And they had The Empire Strikes Back, the fifth of the four Star Wars films. He is f***ing with us numerically, isn't he! "Children, count up to ten." "Four, five six, one, two three, ten" No, it goes four, five, six, one, two, three...No, it goes: four, five six. One. Two and three have not been made." "Two and three have not been made! What should they be?" "What should they be? We do not know. All we know is that there will be a big floppy character in it that goes, "brr brr, berr brr" who needs a punch up the bracket!" That's another one, that's the punch right there. Up the bracket (points to face.) This is the bracket, I think. I didn't know, my dad used to say it to me, "You need a good punch up the bracket!" No he didn't, actually. He used to say, "I'll smash you through that wall!" 
So, uh, where was I going? Yes, yes, yes, so Star Wars, I mean they had the Death Star. Death Star is a very...almost like a New York name, The Death Star. It gets to the point. (in an American accent) What's that star? It's the Death Star "What does it do?" It does death! It does death, buddy! Get out of my way...with your centiliters and your milliliters, your f***ing combine harvesters." Sporadic laugh that was (mimics laugh), It's like I've gone in and removed some of your know. Anyway.
[2] Death Star Canteen. So, uh, yeah, but the Death Star, the one thing about the Death Star is that there was no food. No one had food at all. No food at all~ No one said, "Hey, Darth Vader, Emperor, just nipping down to alpha beta 9. What d'you want? Couple of *sarnies? Um, chicken, ham, ham, chicken, egg, what? Coke? Diet Coke? What d'you want? What d'you want? You weird bleeders!"
But there must have been a Death Star canteen, yeah? there must have been a cafeteria downstairs, in between battles, where Darth Vader could just chill and go down (Vader voice) "I will have the penne ala arrabiata." (server voice) "you'll need a tray." (Vader) "Do you know who I am?" "This is not a game of who the f*** are you. For I am Vader. Darth Vader. Lord Vader. I can kill you with a single thought!" (server) "Well, you'll still need a tray." (Vader) "No, I will not need a tray. I do not need a tray to kill you. I can kill you without a tray, with the power of the Force - which is strong within me - even though I could kill you with a tray if I so wished. For I would hack at your neck with the thin bit until the blood flowed across the canteen floor..." (server) "No, the food is hot. You'll need a tray to put the food on." (Vader) Oh, I see, the food is hot. I'm sorry, I, I did not realize. Hah! Hah! I thought you were challenging me to a fight to the death." (server) "Fight to the death? This is canteen, I work here." (Vader) "Yes, but I am Vader, I am Lord Vader. Everyone challenges me to a fight to the death. Lord Vader. Darth Vader, I am Dart Vader, Lord Vader. Sir Lord Vader, Sir Lord Darth Vader. Lord Darth Sir Lord Vader of Cheam. Sir Lord Baron von Vaderham. The Death Star. I run the Death Star." (server) "What's the Death Star?" (Vader losing patience) "this is the Death Star. You're in the Death Star. I run this star." (server) "This is a star?" (Vader) "This is a f***ing star - I run it. I'm your boss. (server) "You're Mr. Stephens?" (Vader) "No, I'm...who is Mr. Stephens?" (Vader) He's head of catering." (Vader) "I'm not head of catering! I am Vader. I can kill catering with a thought." (server) "What?" (Vader) "I can kill you all. I can kill me with a thought. Just...I'll get a tray, f*** it!..." "This one's wet, and this one's wet, and this one's wet. This one is wet, this one is wet, this one is wet, this one is wet, this one is wet, this one is wet, this one is wet, this one is wet. Did you dry these in a rain forest? Why, with the power of the Death Star, do we not have a tray that is f***ing dry? I do not... (someone cutting in line) No, no, no. I was here first." "You have to form a queue if you want food. Can I have, oh, penne ala arrabiata, that looks nice." "no, no, no. D'you know who I am?" (server butts in) "That's **Jeff Vader, that is." (Vader) "I am not Jeff Vader, I am Darth Vader." (server) "What, Jeff Vader runs the Death Star?" (Vader) "No, Jeff...No, I run the Death Star." (other person) "You Jeff Vader?" (Vader) "No, I'm Darth Vader!" (other person) "Are you his brother? Can you get his autograph?" (Vader) "I can't get it...No, I'm...all right, I'm Jeff Vader! I'm Jeff Vader!" (other person) "Can I have your autograph?" (Vader) "No, f*** off, or I'll kill you with a tray! Give me penne a la arrabiata or you shall die!. And you, and everyone in this canteen! Death by tray it shall be!" (server) "Do you want peas with that?" (Vader) "Peas? You don't have peas! You can't put red with...It doesn't work with penne, you don't' put, unless you push them up the penne tubes, and then they'd be weird! Just...(giving up) oh, all right, put some peas on." (as Eddie) That was cut out of the final film. Thank you very much. Thank you. *Sarnie is a sandwich made with a sandwich iron.

Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill (1998) -
[1] Eddie mentions that British actors are often portrayed as bad guys, then mentions the Empire Strikes Back and the Death Star.
[2] After an earlier diatribe about the Britons' strategic use of flags to expand their empire, he imitates a Star Wars Imperial Officer receiving news that the Rebels have arrived with a flag.
[3] Eddie does an impression of Darth Vader using a "James Earl Jones" voice, then illustrates how it would sound if his voice was more like Dudley Moore. (Big thanks to John for this reference!)
[4] In the Bonus features of the DVD there is the Paris - Raw version of Dress to Circle in this routine Izzard does a similar routine with Darth Vader (from Dress to Kill)...but, it's a little's in French.

Eddie Murphy Raw (1987) - Mentions Jedi Mind Tricks.

Edge of Outside (2006) - A documentary which celebrates the independent filmmaker...Star Wars is mentioned by Peter Biskind.

Eight Days a Week (1997) - ANH reference. Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Eight Legged Freaks (2002) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

El año de la garrapata (Year of the Tick) (2004) - Morgan (Veiga) and Fran (Gómez) quote lines from Star Wars.

El aullido del diablo (Howl of the Devil) (1987) - ANH Reference. Watch this movie and tell us what the reference is!

Enter the Zombie (2006) - The line, "I find your lack of faith disturbing"

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) -
[1] Elliott (Thomas) shows E.T. his new Star Wars action figures (Kenner), naming each one.
[2] Elliott has Star Wars bedding
[3] On Halloween, E.T. points at a trick-or-treater who is dressed as Yoda. When E.T. looks at Yoda you can hear Yoda's theme playing
[4] Elliott's brother, Michael, (MacNaughton) imitates Yoda, I have absolute power! Mmmm!'
[5] You can see a TIE fighter in a closet next to the door and an X-Wing fighter at the ceiling. (Thanks to Sander for #5!)

Empire Strikes Quack, The (1995) -

Employee of the Month (2006) - "I think he's gone to the darkside, guys"

Enchanted (1998) - ROTJ reference and spoof. Watch the movie and tell us what they are!

Enemy Mine (1985) - During the dogfight scene at the beginning of the film, the human fighters intercepting the Drake use "Echo X" call-signs. The callsigns actually spoken were Echo 2 and Echo 6, both one below Luke and Han's call-signs at the beginning of ESB ("Echo 3 to Echo 7, Han ol' you read me?") The ant-lion monster with the tentacle in the pit gives out a big burp after eating its prey (Like the Sarlaac in the Pit of Carkoon, only totally covered with sand at the bottom. (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this reference!)

Enemy of the State (1998) - When Robert Clayton Dean (Smith) dumps out the shopping bags looking for what the feds want, one of the larger items is a Star Wars-branded Lazer Tag toy (Thanks to John at Obroa - Skai for finding this reference!)

En plein coeur (1998) - Cécile (Ledroyen) is being menaced by a man with a gun. Behind them are Kenner's 1995 Millennium Falcon boxes.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) - Mentions all the fake business monikers that are Star Wars related: Chewco, JEDI, Death Star Enron Glossary

Epicenter (2000) - Darth Maul is mentioned (Thanks to Sander for this references)

Epic Movie (2007) -
[1] Yoda
[2] the phrase, "May the Force be with you" is used
[3] Chewbacca
[4] There are a lot of Stormtroopers during the battle! (Thanks to Nex for this reference!)

Eragon (2006) - About 13-14 minutes into the film Eragon (Speleers) looks off into the horizon at the twin sunsets (Tatooine), in another 13 minutes Eragon's aunt and uncle are killed.

Ernest Rides Again (1993) - ANH reference. Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Ernest Saves Christmas (1988 US) - Ernest (Varney) is trying to get the reindeer, who won't move, to Santa Claus. He tries several phrases to get them going, then says, 'May the Force be with you'.

Escape Through Time (1993) - An ESB reference. Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

EuroTrip (2004) - Watch this movie and tell us what the reference is!

Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness (1993) -
[1] Ash (Campbell) has to repeat the magic phrase "Klaatu Verata Niktu" before taking the Necromicon (Klaatu, Barada and Nikto are Jabba's skiff guards Lucas references those names from 'The Day the Earth Stood Still')
[2] Ash is compared to a Jedi Knight for his courage.

Evil Hill (1999) (attached to the George Lucas in Love DVD) - Nods to Star Wars, the tagline is: "Every Evil Saga Has A Beginning"

Event Horizon (1997 US) - There is a Docking Bay 94

Exit Wounds (2001 US) - A fluorescent light bulb doubles as a lightsaber.

Exorcist III, The (1989 US) - Watch this movie and tell us what the reference is!

Explorers (1985 US) -
[1] Ben (Hawke), when digging around in a junkyard at night for stuff to build a spaceship finds an old gas mask, he puts it on and starts to imitate the breathing of Darth Vader and waves his flashlight like a lightsaber.
[2] When Ben, Steve (Fite) and Wolfgang (Phoenix) fly around in their spaceship they fly over a drive-in theater which is showing a movie called 'Star Killers' (hmmm, Lucas' first choice for Luke's last name was Starkiller). In the movie you hear, 'may the Power be with you' and a play on the whole 'father' thing, a character in the movie says, after the 'man in black' next to him is killed, 'he was like my father' the woman next to HIM says, 'he WAS my father' (this is all a movie within a movie)


F (2007) - Star Wars is mentioned in this documentary.

Faculty, The (1998 US) - ANH reference. Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Failure to Launch (2006 US) - Paula (Parker): You love the original SW trilogy because it's all about storytelling and myth, before CGI ruined everything. You show me a guy who loves Empire and I'll show you a guy who's not afraid of his imagination. Like when Luke gets to the cave and he asks Yoda what's in there and Yoda says... Techie Guy (Patton) imitating Yoda with SW music playing in the background: ...Only what you take with you. Paula: But he goes in anyway because he's not afraid of his own mind. Techie Guy: He's walking the path of the Jedi that's why. Paula: That's you! You're Luke!

Falscher Bekenner (I Am Guilty) (2005 DE/DK) - Armin (von Jascheroff) has Star Wars action figures in his room.

Family Guy: Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (2005 US) (V) -
[1] Two Stormtroopers sitting on a couch complaining about looking for droids. (Expanded): Peter has his own segment on the news where he says what "grinds his gears" "You know what really grinds my gears? When I can't find the droids I'm lookin for." Then it shows two Stormtroopers sitting in front of the TV eating dinner and one says "Yeah what's up with that?"
[2] Stewie parks his rental car outside a hotel, when he comes out three Jawas are all over it scrounging for parts, they see him and exclaim, "Oooteeegeee" and Stewie shouts, "Ooteegee indeed, filthy creatures. (Thanks to The Gorn for these references and to Master_Kenobi17 for dialogue #1!)
[3] Peter and Meg standing in the cave of the Holy Grail...the keeper asks Peter to pick out the cup and he picks a coffee cup with Jesus' name on it. The keeper asks him how he knew it so easily and so quickly and Peter comments on the monogrammed mug. (Indiana Jones - Last Crusade) (Thanks to The Gorn for this reference!)

Family Strikes Back, The (Wu long da jia ting) (1986 HK) - Title

Fanalysis (2002 US short) - People in costume: Princess Leia and a Stormtrooper.

Fanboys (2007 US) - Four Star Wars fanboys from the midwest drive across the country to honor the request of a dying friend, to see the Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace in its optimal setting, Skywalker Ranch, before it is released to the general public.

Fast and the Furious, The (2001 US/DE) - Watch this movie and tell us what the reference is!

Fast, Cheap and Out of Control (1997 US) - TESB reference. Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Fear of Girls (2005 US short) - Ray's dream girl would be his Princess Leia.

Fei du juan yun shan (Magnificent Bodyguards) (1978 HK) - The final fight scene uses the main theme from Star Wars. (This was Hong Kong's first movie filmed in 3-D and it starred Jackie Chan)

Fei hu (The First Option) (1996 HK) - Commander Don Stone (Wong) describes his friend gone bad to Minnie (Leung) "Rick was my friend, good heart he had, seduced by the darkside he was"

Felix the Cat: The Movie (1988 US/DE/HU) - Felix is transported to a spaceship and sees an apparition of Princess Oriana which compels him to take action to save the princess and restore order. The name Oriana is similar to Organa, and they both wear white and are in need of assistance.

Femalien II (1998 US) - Watch this movie and tell us what the reference is!

FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992 AU/US) - Batty (Williams), because of the antennae on his head starts to pick up random 'quotes, 'We're goin' in and we're goin' in full throttle. That oughtta keep those rebel fighters off our backs'

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986 US) - Ferris (Broderick), Cameron (Ruck) and Sloane (Sara) take Cameron's dad's expensive, hardly driven sports car into the city. They take it to a parking garage and the attendants (Edson and Jenkins) take the car for a joy ride. At one point they fly (literally) over a large rise in the road, it's all in slow motion and the music is the main theme from Star Wars.

Film School Confidential (2002 US) - Watch this movie and tell us what the reference is!

Fifth Element, The (1997 FR) - 
[1] The military woman, Major Iceborg, supposed to pose as Dallas' wife, has the ever-popular Princess Leia 'bun' hairdo.

[2] The Diva Plavalaguna (LeBesco) looks like a Twi'lek
[3] Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Finding Forrester (2000 US) - Forrester (Connery) is referred to as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Finding Nemo (2003 US) - TPM reference (It might have something to do with sound, maybe the Wilhelm? Gary Rydstrom and Michael Silvers, of TPM fame, worked on the Nemo production) When Marlin grabs Deep Fish's light bulb you can hear a lightsaber sound. (Thanks to for this reference!)

Flash Gordon (1980 US) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Flautista nos Portais do Amanhecer (1999) - Animation. ANH reference. Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Flintstones, The (1994 US) - Early in the film the Flintstones go to see a film at the drive-in theatre, the movie: Gorge Lucas' Tar Wars.

Flick (2000) - ANH spoof. THX - 1138:4EB reference. Watch the movie and tell us what the Star Wars reference is!

Flubber (1997 US) - Weebo's (Benson) answer to Professor Brainard (Williams) trying to speak through a mask, 'What was that Darth Vader?, I didn't hear you'

Flushed Away (2006) - Roddy and Rita are about to be frozen by Toad. On the shelf there is a "Han Solo" rat in carbonite.

Follow That Bird (1985 US) - At about 13:40 Big Bird lands in Oceanview, IL and the flight attendant at the desk announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. CTW flight 1138 from New York is now arriving at Gate 2" Note: It has been said that George Lucas makes a cameo at the end of the film after Big Bird arrives home from his journey. That the man standing near the lamppost near the Muppet horse is GL, it is not Mr. Lucas.

Fools Rush In (1997 US) - When Isabel (Hayek) introduces her friend Chuy (Gómez) to Alex (Perry). Alex says, "I'm Luke Skywalker, how ya doin'?"

Forever Evil (1987 US) - Magnus frantically packs his belongings and pulls a hand gun out of a drawer. The Rogue POV heads for the front door. Magnus watches as the door opens and a large hooded figure with glowing eyes enshrouded in fog enters cackling. Magnus fires several shots at it with no effect. The creature then pulls a Vaderesque Jedi stunt and the gun is magically ripped from Magnus's hand and flies to his own. The mutant Jawa laughs at him and disintegrates the gun. It asks why he uses the man made tools instead of his occult powers. Magnus answers defiantly "I don't fear you!" and the Jawa answers, "you soon will" and blasts Magnus with an energy beam from his hand and Magnus is banished to another dimension and the credits roll.

Fracassés (2006 FR) - A character states that Chewbacca, at the end of Star Wars, did not get a medal.

Fracture (2007 US/DE) - At dinner Will (Gosling) is offered white or dark meat, someone at the dinner table says, "...that's easy, he already went to the darkside"

Free Enterprise (1998 US) - The man in the car mentions Star Wars. Also THX-1138, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (video game) are mentioned.

Friday the 13th (2009 US) -
[1] Wade (Sadowski) is wearing a Star Wars (Hoth - The Empire Strikes Back) t-shirt with AT-ATs
[2] With a glow-stick in hand Wade says to Richie (Feldman), "May the Force be with you!!"
[3] character named Chewie (Yoo)

From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga (1983) - Obviously!

Full Moon High (1981 US) - ANH reference. Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Future Fear (1997 CA/US) - ANH and Raiders referenced. Watch the movie and tell us what the references are!

Future War (1997 US) - ANH reference. Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Fyre (1979 US) - Star Wars (ANH) poster outside wall of theater.

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