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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Madagascar, Comic Con and Vampires, Oh my!

Originally posted on on June 4, 2005:

A little bit of everything this go 'round while I give my hands and fingers a little warm up before work.
We found ourselves in Madagascar yesterday, the animated film, and were fairly entertained by it's simple humor. I think more than anything we enjoyed our son watch the film. At 2½ he's full of life, quick to giggle and eager to share his excitement. At several scenes in the film he turned to us or anyone nearby and said, "Look!!" (pointing at the screen then laughing). We also enjoyed the cultural refs (gee, I wonder why). I was very pleasantly surprised that Sacha Baron Cohen voiced the King Lemur, while not a fan of his alter ego (Ali G), I felt he did a bang up job with the little dancin' Lemur treasure.
Comic Con is rolling around again in mid July and I will be there on Sat and Sun basking in two days of super geekdom. I can remember way back when it was held in really small rooms and nobody came, relatively speaking to the masses that attend now. 87,000 in 2004...making it the second largest convention in the city of San Diego, crazy. Comic Con is a work out, the size of the convention center is huge (for those of you who attended CIII the SD Con Center is double the size of the Indianapolis Convention Center) so there's no easy way to quickly get from one end to the other (which frequently happens). One complaint I've had in recent years is that with 87,000 bodies hanging about it gets rather humid and warm in the exhibitors hall, hot and muggy. Thankfully San Diego's climate is very mild so one can catch a cool sea breeze outside...don't worry no chance of SNOW here! ;) Hope to see some of you there!
Vampires real and imagined.I've been working very late evenings into early mornings lately, it is the only time available to me when my son is not running free. There's just no way to concentrate on working (drawing) when he's keen to have a go at it himself. While I encourage him to draw when he feels the urge, I do "draw" the line at my work area...I just don't need the supervision or co-creator *whispers* the clients just don't appreciate his work as I do ;) I'm turning into a vampire!Speaking of...since returning from a holiday in Santa Barbara, I've managed to catch up on ANGEL, yes, the TV series, while working. A very good friend of mine gave me the series while up in SB, we're both Buffy fans. I wasn't sure I'd like it, never saw even one episode while it was still in production. Once I got to the end of the first season...I was hooked. I find myself in the 5th season...95 episodes since May 25th, yikes. And...only 15 more to go. :p
Oh My! I have many more actors to add to the database, how do I find the time? I don't know.
I added a couple of sketches with a few more on the way and have added a few more references too...which consistently roll in from fans near and far.


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