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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

San Diego Comic-Con and stuff

Been a while since I've made an entry, been particularly busy with work and life. :D yay! EVERYTHING included this go around...

I had a great time at Comic Con, I spent Friday and Saturday enjoying the sights, sounds and shows (panels) along with chatting with some neat people along the way.

In other news:
The desert has been on fire lately. We've had record temps on many days in the past week. The highest being 125° (51.6°C), that's freakin' hot!!
When the wind blows it feels like a convection oven and if you make the mistake of grabbing your car door handle without an oven mitt or a will be burned. The same goes for your steering wheel or vinyl/leather seats, nobody likes a burned rear end. When it gets hot the Cicadas (bugs) are very, very loud (think pink noise as buzzing only FAR less calming).

But hey, can't complain too much, the average temp here for 6 months out of the year is 75° (23.8°C) ...pure bliss.

I've been preparing for the La Quinta Arts Festival, making a few more Star Wars sketch cards and other sketches/drawings along with my work for the festival (my entry is not yet finalized), I've worked on a few craft projects as well as some wild animal and pet illustrations.

I've also been working on family history (for more than 15 years now) and have gathered much more information through other family members thanks to a reunion and pure charity ;) I've also been playing with a new thing, discovered at my family reunion, Forensic Genealogy. It's fascinating and quite a kick. A friend of the family, Colleen Fitzpatrick, wrote an incredible book on the subject got it...Forensic Genealogy.

I've been trying to read a bit here and there. Still haven't managed to finish Labyrinth of Evil, Goblet of Fire or Vanity Fair but I am making a bit of progress in each. I'd still like to get to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before I see the film. It's a quick read...but I'm not holding my breath.

Also have been trying to catch up on movies and TV programs (we don't have cable TV so we rent series as they come up and with these I can work and watch at the same time)
The last 7 films we rented were: Kinsey, Merchant of Venice (Pacino, Fiennes), Sideways, Closer, Life Aquatic, Legend: Dir. cut, I Heart Huckabees. The latest series are Enterprise (series 1) and Babylon 5 (at the urging of a friend) we are into series 2 now. The last movies we've seen in the theatre: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, War of the Worlds, Herbie (yes, the Love Bug), Howl's Moving Castle, Batman Begins. Another viewing of ROTS is in the works this Friday.
Upcoming rentals (those on their way to us, I love Netflix): Men Behaving Badly (UK), Kipper (UK children), The Mask, Goonies, Shattered Glass, Missiles of October and Steamboy. Mixed bag,yes. We like variety.

Additionally, my site is still being updated and is getting bigger and bigger. I still have many names to enter into the Star Wars Actors Database and hope to complete a good portion of them before the next TV series hits the small screens and I have to add more (I think that may just be enough time :p) Also spending time with family and friends...even went to a local ball game Palm Springs Power baseball. :) They were playing Las Vegas and won.

Looking forward to the John Williams Concert at the Hollywood Bowl this Sept., Serenity (also in September), seeing my friends and family again in my former hometown, going up north to see more family and even further north for other things, I'll speak on this later.

I received the most amazing origami box way back in May (night of the ROTS midnight show) from a good friend Chris (Origamiman), it folded out to reveal a scene meant to represent "Nerf-Herders." It's one of my favorite things of all time. Thank you, Chris!


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