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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Work, work, work, fun, work, work....

Hello all!
It's been a while, I know!
Ok, so work is going well. I'm a drawing fool. My son and I have worked out a deal which allows me a little more work freedom and has eased the uncertainty of meeting goals/deadlines on schedule. Doesn't mean I'm heading to bed any earlier than 3 am but it has meant more constructive and focused use of my work time.
Business should pick up a little as the snowbirds begin to arrive at the end of September, the part time residents have already started to set up house and prepare for the oncoming school year. I'm looking forward to fall.
My son's swimming lessons have been...interesting. While he's made marked progress in all but one skill he's a constant and unyielding challenge. The other children in both sessions have been delighting in the experience making it so easy for their parents...laughter and glee abound for parent and child. And then there's us, me and my ever-so-strong-willed screaming-"NO"-all-the-way boy who thrashes about in between bits of swimming mastery. Two parents offered their commendations on my fortitude and sheer determination to press on and others had kind words of encouragement. Situational difficulties aside we've managed to laugh and learn (save for three trips home over the last month in silent tears) and to enjoy the soothing coolness of the water and a spectacular view of the Santa Rosa Mountains under the pressing heat of our desert air. Thank God the last lesson is tomorrow.
Next week I'll be heading up north for a short stay, with a pit stop at the Hollywood Bowl for the "John Williams: The Master of Cinema" concert. Nice treat to end the summer...though summer really doesn't end for us in terms of temperatures here until mid-October! (we really have two seasons...spring, dotted with bouts of winter, and summer)
I continue to listen to BBC radio online while I work and have found Star Wars references and previously unknown credits for some of the Star Wars particular William Hootkins who has been in many BBC radio dramatizations.
The most recent references heard, just within the last three hours, have come from Reece Shearsmith as he prefaces On The Town with the League of Gentlemen:
"...we've reached the middle bit of the On the Town series...If this was a George Lucas trilogy it'd be the one with the big revelations..."and..."And now, the final two episodes of On the Town with The League of Gentlemen. In George Lucas terms, the grand finale except there's no Ewoks"

I finished watching the first season of Enterprise two days ago, enjoyed that. I'm now on to the first season of Quantum Leap :) *sigh* I like Scott Bakula

I've more work to do and it's 11:20 pm, so I'll bid you adieu until next time.


PS - Natalie Portman will be starring with Dustin Hoffman in a movie called Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium in 2006.

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