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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Year Makes a World of Difference

Last year at this time I was recovering from surgery. It really wasn't the surgery itself but the aftermath of anaesthetic. While I'd not had any reaction what-so-ever with two previous surgeries, both in the two previous years, I had a major reaction to this one.
After a particularly grueling summer of combining motherhood and work I had a painful attack which rendered me as helpless as a kitten and in a massive amount of pain. I was rushed to the hospital only to find out I had to have emergency surgery. The procedure was to be what's considered "overnight." That overnight turned into a 5-day *cue Gilligan's Island theme*, relentlessly sick, stay at the hospital. (Turns out it was the anesthesia)

My hopes of meeting an important work deadline were dashed completely. For almost three weeks I was as sick as a dog and lost over 15 lbs from an already thin frame.
Within a couple of weeks of that I was nearly back to normal...well, normal for me. While I didn't make my deadline I did get back to work with the help of my family and friends who traveled 200 miles to help nurse me back to health.
Fast forward to this year. While my summer was busy, I was just not overwhelmed with combining my super toddler with work this year. I do both at the same time, no sitters, no daycare...just me and the boy all day, all night...and work. Not a complaint at all, I enjoy it. Don't get me wrong there ARE moments, believe me. Just recently my enterprising young son figured out the locks (thanks to a well-meaning? gift from his grandparents) leading from the workshop to the yard and beyond. He let himself out, barefoot and diaper-clad, and was well into the quiet (thank you) street before I got to him. I was petrified, absolutely horrified and sick to my stomach. An hour later we were back to normal...again "normal" is relative (doors fortified with nearly boy-proof locks (is anything really boy proof?) he was drawing, I was drawing. All was good.

I was hoping to go north (Santa Barbara to San Jose to San Francisco and beyond) but I have to chop it to just a weekend, I just cannot spare the extra days. My friends and I are going to see Serenity (a midnight show) We loved the series!
Then? Relax for almost two days. I am ready.
After all...You can't let your work become your life, otherwise you'll have nothing if and when work stops.



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Nerf-Herders Anonymous said...

Smugglers Rants

date Posted: Sep 25, 2005 8:20 AM
Hi Leah,
Mark from Lightsabre here. Hope you are well, your piece makes for a thoughtful read - yeah, a LOT can change in a year.
Can't wait for Serenity - browncoat and proud of it!
Now I'm all blogged up hopefully we can all chat and talk silly about Star Wars!
BTW, I'm often at your site while trying to get interviews with guest actors - you have been very useful!
Catch you later!