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Monday, October 24, 2005

William Hootkins (1948 - 2005)

Very sad news.

William Hootkins died last night after an almost year long battle with pancreatic cancer.

I last saw him at CII (Star Wars Celebration II in Indianapolis, IN) where he made me promise that the next time I saw him I was to recite two lines spoken between Tubal and Shylock from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.

Tubal speaks of a ring he was shown that had once belonged to a love of Shylock, Leah (my namesake). The ring was taken, along with other valuables, by his daughter who used it to buy passage away from Venice and elope with the man she loved...a man whom her father would not have approved.

Well...I never got to see him after our chat (he wasn't able to attend CIII), I'll recite it for him here:

Tubal: One of them showed me a ring that he had of your daughter for a monkey.
Shylock: Out upon her! Thou torturest me, was my turquoise...I had it of Leah when I was a bachelor. I would not have given it for a wilderness of monkeys.

Rest in Peace, Bill.

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