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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Actor Updates!

Hi! Updates to Nerf-Herders Anonymous...

Matthew Wood (voice of General Grievous - ROTS) let us know on his blog entry earlier this week that he'd just finished work on Steven Spielberg's Munich and is working on another project back at The Ranch.

~~Mr. Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian - ESB, ROTJ) will be a guest on Denis Leary's Merry F***ing Christmas on Sunday at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central. I heard that the guest stars were going to help Barenaked Ladies perform "Jingle Bells" Should be interesting.

~~Christopher Malcolm (Zev Senesca - ESB) has recently put up his own website check it out HERE. (EDIT: link removed, site no longer exists)

~~Sebastian Shaw (Anakin - ROTJ). One might think that there would not be much to report after an actor has died, especially when that actor has been gone for over 10 years (11 on Dec 23). I have found quite a bit of info (at least credit-wise) for Mr. Shaw and apparently there is more to find somewhere out there. No doubt in some dusty and dank archive full of other semi-forgotten film and stage actors.Mr. Shaw has admitted to be a poor actor in his younger days. He's said that his lack of experience and maturity was partially to blame. Shaw also noted that most of the parts he was hired for were "beefcake" (those based solely on his looks rather than his ability to act) roles, directors needing to inject a healthy dose of heterosexuality looked to Shaw. And, believe it or not, Shaw was very popular in the 30's and 40's.

~~Speaking of passing actors and credits. Richard Marquand ( AT-ST Driver/EV-9D9 - ROTJ), who died in 1987, still has credits that pop up every now and again. He did a bit of theatre acting in his younger days, though I cannot seem to find many of those credits around. I did find that he directed Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi in a production of Edward II in 1970.Mr. Marquand seemed perpetually confounded by Lucas's choice in him as director for Return of the Jedi. Whenever asked about how the directorship came to be he seemed at a loss for an answer. Lucas had always insisted that it was a viewing of Eye of the Needle with Donald Sutherland, directed by Marquand, that swayed his decision to use Mr. Marquand.If any of you might know something of his earlier life (in theatre) please drop me a line. Thanks!

There's finally a picture of the ever elusive (at least photographically) Ann Sachs (Princess Leia in the Radio Dramas), I also found a picture of her with Anthony Daniels, Perry King and Mr. Billy Dee Williams as they worked their characters for the radio drama.

~~Mr. Phil Eason (Yaddle in AOTC) dropped me a line last week and filled me in on a ton of work that he's done over the years that aren't credited anywhere else on the internet....except for his personal site....As with many of the other actors who have generously contributed time and credits to the SWAD I'm ever thankful for all their efforts!

~~Actors added to the Star Wars Actors Database:
Salo Gardner
Anthony Lang
Jeff Moon
Harvey Korman (long overdue)

~~There were a few Star Wars references in Smallville and Drawn Together and there were other updates as well to the site. HERE



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