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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Actor Updates!

First off this morning...awards news.

Grey DeLisle has been nominated for an Annie award for her voice performance of Kitty in Danger Rangers (Fires & Liars).

Rob Paulsen has also been nominated for an Annie awards for his voice performance of Eubie in The Happy Elf.

The Clone Wars has been nominated for Best Animation Television Production for Chapters 21 - 25.

~~You can see The Flanneled One in Alien Planet which is now out on DVD.

~~Nick Tate (Prince Xizor/IG-88 - Shadows of the Empire; and also played Carter in Space: 1999) and his son (a writer) were recently at Sydney's (Australia) Comedy Store attending a workshop given by American comedy coach Judy Carter. Their aim was to help add a little comedy to their lives/acting/writing.

~~BBC 2 Radio is presenting the classic Oliver Twist every Friday night for 6 weeks (started on December 2), David Warner (Grand General Brashin - Star Wars Force Commander video game and Evil Genius in Time Bandits) is narrating/reading.

~~Comedian/actor Greg Proops (Announcer Beed Annodue - TPM) is on tour with Drew Carey and others called The Green Screen Tour (a little bit like Whose Line is it Anyway?) He's also voicing Bob the Builder in Bob the Builder: Project Build It and will be starring in Ileannarama (TV series) with Ileanna Douglas.

~~John Lithgow (Yoda - Radio Dramas) offers and introduction to the book Ladies or Gentlemen: A Pictorial History of Male Cross-Dressing in the Movies (he's made 9 appearances in films in drag)

~~References this entry include:
Recess: School's Out (Film)
UNKLE (Music)
The Simpsons (TV)
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! (TV) Which stars or has starred SW Alum: Mark Hamill; Kevin Michael Richardson; Kari Wahlgren; Clancy Brown; Dee Bradley Baker; Frank Welker and Jeff Glen Bennett.Here's the main page to the links.

~~Added the following actors to the SWAD:
Billy Brown
John Callen
Dean Mitchell (Aide to Senator Dowmeia - ROTS)
Stuart Myers
Mike Mungarvan



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