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Monday, January 30, 2006

Actor and Site Updates!

Blog and Site update

Donald Austen (Yoda facial features - TPM) Mr. Austen was kind enough to help me with his credits which were seriously lacking information. Mr. Austen worked on some terrific children's shows and had a few Actor Connections with the most recent being Saturday Showdown with Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar in ROTJ and the voice of Salacious Crumb in the video game ROTJ).

Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker - PT) may play Phil Hellmuth Jr. in a film about the "Poker Brat". Hellmuth was the youngest world champion poker player at 24 years of age. He is noted for his less than mature attitude. I don't see any resemblance between the two...usually there is some, but Mr. Christensen is frequently seen, informally, in a hooded black sweatshirt or a black jacket, a baseball cap and sunglasses which are trademarks of Mr. Hellmuth. I think maybe the speculation is there because he's scheduled to film Poker Nights with Sam Jackson and Nick Gillard. We'll see!

Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi - PT) and Nia Vardalos (Various voices in ROTJ radio drama) have teamed up with several other celebs (including Mr. McGregor's co-star on The Island, Scarlett Johanssen) and recorded an album called Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars the singing is backed up by the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

McGregor will sing: Sade's The Sweetest Gift
Vardalos will sing: Lennon & McCartney's Golden Slumbers.

The proceeds from the album will benefit Music Matters , the LA Phil's musical education fund.
The album is due to be released on March 28, 2006 on the Rhino record label.

Robin Sachs (various voices in KOTOR video game) will play the role of Alex in the stage production Hitchcock Blonde. Hitchcock Blonde was a huge hit in London and it was the late William Hootkins who originated the role of Hitchcock in the London Production.The show will start at the South Coast Repertory's Segerstrom Theatre in Costa Mesa, CA in February (3rd with the opening on the 10th) and will run until March 10, 2006.The play tries to unlock the dark secret that pushed Hitchcock to obsess about blondes in peril. Here's an article at

Felix Silla There was a near full-page article in the January 18, 2006 edition of the Las Vegas sun about Mr. Silla. You can check out the text and two pics HERE. A big thanks to Neta for sending me the article!

The children's classic Curious George will be opening in February and its core cast have worked together several times in Star Wars and non-Star Wars vehicles alike. For voice-over work they are the cream of the crop...essentially it's a voice-over all-star film.
Jeff Glen Bennett - Man in Yellow Hat (voiced characters in 5 Star Wars video games including characters Kyle Katarn, Dooku, Jango, Bren Tantor)
Bob Bergen (voiced Luke Skywalker in 12 of 15 of his SW video game credits)
Grey DeLisle (voice of Padmé, Shaak Ti and Asaaj Ventress - Clone Wars)
Kath Soucie (voices in 3 Star Wars video games)
Frank Welker - George (voice characters in 3 SW video games including: Pekt, Utric Sandov, Sunry/Jorak Uln/Gar)

~~Updates to existing actors in the
Joe Alaskey (update - Theatre)
Donald Austen (BIG update...ALL)
Jeff Glen Bennett (update - Film; TV)
Samantha Bennett (update - Commercials)
Bob Bergen (update - Film; Video Games)
Caroline Blakiston (update - Theatre: The Real Inspector Hound - Thanks to Mr. Wood; All theatre credits under 1968)
Grey DeLisle (update - Film; TV; Video Games)
Ronald Falk (update - Theatre: Henry VI~1963 and a huge load of other theatre credits, most of those without dates)
Peter Geddis (update - Theatre: Henry VI~1963)
Jennifer Hale (update - TV)
Ewan McGregor (update - CDs)
Natalija Nogulich (update - Miscellany) (Thanks to Emily!)
Robin Sachs (update - Theatre)
Felix Silla (update - News article) (Thanks to Neta!)
Kath Soucie (update - Film)
Nia Vardalos (update - CDs)
Larry Ward (update - cleared up some name confusion) (Thanks to Mr. Sea!)
Frank Welker (update - Film; TV)
Valerie Wildman (update - TV)
Billy Dee Williams (update - Film; TV)
Time Winters (update - Theatre)

~~Newly added actors:
David Ankrum
Toby Burns (Thanks to!)
Micky Clark (Thanks to!)
Terrence Johnson (Thanks to!)
Ellison Kemp (Thanks to!)
Quentin Pierre (Thanks to!)
Barry Summerford (Thanks to!)
Marilyn Turk (Thanks to!)

Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars (CDs)
Curious George (Film)
Henry VI~1963 (Theatre)
Blake's 7 (TV: Gambit & The Way Back)
Campion (TV)
Dr. Who (TV: Armageddon Factor & Golden Age of Dinosaurs)
A Year in Provence (TV - "Y")
Back in Business (Film)
Saturday Showdown (TV)
Spitting Image (TV)
Untitled Cartoon (TV)

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