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Monday, February 06, 2006

Actor and Site Updates!


It's been another busy week here and I'm getting behind in all my pleasurable pursuits...all two of them.

Here are the updates for this week...Blog and Site update

Keira Knightley - was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Pride & Prejudice. I read something that said that she was the weakest of the actress performances (personally I take issue with that but...whatever) and probably wouldn't win. Knightley, Reese Witherspoon and Felicity Huffman are first time nominees but Huffman's role, as a transsexual in Transamerica, is so different and Witherspoon's role as June Carter, the very strong woman behind the Man in Black in Walk the Line are two performances for newcomers that are very hard to beat. Charlize Theron and Judi Dench round out the nominees. Theron won an Oscar previously for her role in Monster and Dench won an Oscar previously for her small role in Shakespeare in Love. My personal bet is on Witherspoon.

Update to Curious George opening this month (Feb 2006).
Jeff Glen Bennett (Kyle Katarn and other characters over 5 different SW video games) was replaced by Will Farrell for the voice/role of The Man in the Yellow Hat...somewhere along the line.

Mark Dodson (voice of Salacious Crumb in ROTJ) lends his vocal talents, as the creepy old hick farmer, Harold Evrett, to a new independent Horror film called Deadwood Park which is due to be released for Fall 2006. It is directed by Eric Stanz.

Harrison Ford - If you didn't see it you might not have believed it. But Mr. Ford was featured in the 110 second Dr. Seuss inspired opening of Super Bowl XL yesterday. "Are you ready for some football!?" he yelled. Oh boy.

Mr. Ford is also hot on the talk show circuit promoting his latest film Firewall. Of course Natalie Portman's (Padmé - PT) film V for Vendetta was a featured trailer during the TV event as well, that opens next month.

Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi - PT) has been confirmed for the cast of Miss Potter, a Beatrix Potter (yes, of Peter Rabbit fame) biopic. He will play Norman Warne, Miss Potter's lover and manager.

Rebecca Jackson Mendoza (Queen Breha Organa of Alderaan - Leia's adoptive mother) is playing Galadriel - Lady of Lothlorien in a production of Lord of the Rings at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto Canada. This production is less a play and more of an "event" and cost in the range of 27 million dollars. LOTR had a preview this past Saturday night with 2000 in attendance and the buzz was very good.

~~Updates to existing actors in the
Obba Babatundé (update - Film; TV; CDs)
Ben Burtt (update - sound file)Mark Coulier (update - Books)
Anthony Daniels (update - TV: Making of Star Wars) (Thanks to DarthCharlie32 for pointing out the omission!)
Mark Dodson (update - Film)
Norwich Duff (update - TV) (Thanks to Skippy!)
Lindsay Duncan (update - Live Appearances)
Mark Hamill (update - sound file; Miscellany)
Harrison Ford (update - TV)
Joyce Kurtz (update - TV ADR/Loop; Awards; Video Games)
Ewan McGregor (update - Film)
Rebecca Jackson Mendoza (update - Theatre)
Dave Prowse (update - Theatre)
Tarik the Bear (update - sound file)
Jason Wingreen (update - sound file)

Newly added actors:
Steven Boyle
Nicole Fantl
Nick Field (Thanks to!)
Tex Fuller (Thanks to!)
Pat Gorman (Thanks to!)
Jason Hallwood
Steve Ismay (Thanks to!)

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