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Monday, June 12, 2006

Ian McDiarmid - Tony Award Winner

Ian McDiarmid
Addition to this blog from earlier this morning...

Ian McDiarmid's Tony Awards acceptance speech:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I got on a plane from London just under two short months ago, and I am astonished to be standing before so many of you here tonight.
It gives me a chance to pay tribute my distinguished acting colleagues, Ralph Fiennes, Cherry Jones, great artists both, and my very good friend, the director Jonathan Kent. He enabled us to give life to one of the most emotionally intricate and musically perfect pieces of writing for the stage in the English language, written, unsurprisingly, by an Irishman, Brian Friel.

Brian Friel's Faith Healer had its debut on Broadway over 20 years ago and was not a success. I'm really proud to be associated with this triumphant return and restoration. These are two words that occur in the play regularly and there's one other word that my character uses, that perhaps I should mention. He's a London show business manager and therefore totally unreliable and prone to wild exaggeration. But it fits the occasion, and it's the way I feel tonight: FANTASTIC!

Thank you."


PS - An interview with McDiarmid from 6/4/06

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Yet another eloquent statement from the great man.