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Monday, July 10, 2006

SW Alum in the News & Site Updates

SW Actors in the news...and other updates.

~~Bai Ling - an impromptu photo session at the airport.

~~Kenny Baker - As mention in my previous post HERE. His Rolls Corniche is up for auction.

~~Jeff Glen Bennett - will voice Dr. Hamsterviel in the straight-to-video sequel Leroy & Stitch with Kevin Michael Richardson reprising his role as Captain Gantu.

~~Clancy Brown - voices a villain in the new video game Saint's Row.

~~Hayden Christensen - summer plans: "I'm re-landscaping my parents' backyard" ...I know that's really big news. :P

~~Oliver Ford Davies - review of the stage production Life of Galileo in which he plays a rather bad Cardinal very well.

~~Peter Dennis reads Winnie the Pooh - only a casual mention.

~~Julian Glover - though it's just a mention of his credit for the film Scoop -

~~Mark Hamill - Part of the cast of the animated Danger Rangers.

~~Kelly Hu - Will be taking part in a poker tournament.

~~Samuel L. Jackson - cast in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Jumper. SLJ will also be appearing in this years Comic-Con promoting his film Snakes on a Plane (which has just got to draw loads of fans), also...Dominic West's 300 will be sneak peeked at CC.

~~Julian Kazzouh - was signed by the West Sydney Razorbacks (basketball) he is 20 years old.

~~Denis Lawson - Received an Emmy nomination for his role as John Jarndyce in Masterpiece Theatre's Bleak House.
Lawson also starred in special live reading, A Love Letter to Dan with Celia Imrie and Ewan McGregor.

~~George Lucas judges a car competition

~~Hilton McRae - stars in the stage production Marrying Meg at the Highland Quest in Scotland. No more details than that so far.

~~Ralph McQuarrie - limited edition Raiders "Ark of the Covenant" print (the one from the massive old bible) available.

~~Natalie Portman - The super-rumor persists...this time out of the mouth of Raiders alum Karen Allen...

~~Kevin Michael Richardson - will have a small part in the upcoming Kevin Smith sequel Clerks II. He'll play a cop.
KMR also has a TV show coming out which hadn't yet been titled until now...we think. The new show will be called Knights of Prosperity and will air this fall.

~~Alan Rosenberg - claims a victory in getting actors their due residuals at least for two years.

~~Terence Stamp - will star in the film These Foolish Things with Angelica Huston and Lauren Becall starting next year.Site Updates

~~ Updates to existing actors in the STAR WARS ACTORS DATABASE
Jeff Glen Bennett (update - Film)
David Birney (update - Theatre; pic: Merchant of Venice)
Guy Boyd (update - Theatre)
Clancy Brown (update - Video Games)
Keisha Castle-Hughes (update - Film: pic from The Nativity Story)
Gilda Cohen (update - character pic) (Thanks to Scarrlott!)
Joel Edgerton (update - Film pic: Kinky Boots)
Jamie Glover (update - pic: Waterloo Road; Audio Books)
Julian Glover (update - Film)
Mark Hamill (update - Film; TV)
Stephen Hoye (update - Audio Books)
Celia Imrie (update - TV; Theatre)
Samuel L. Jackson (update - Film)
Martin Jarvis (update - various pics; Live Appearances: 2004)
Julian Khazzouh (update - bio pic; Basketball)
Keira Knightley (update - Film; various pics)
Denis Lawson (update - Theatre; Awards: Emmy)
Toby Longworth (update - Audio Books)
George Lucas (update - Miscellany)
James McBryde (update - bio and bio pic; character pics)
Hilton McCrae (update - Theatre)
Ewan McGregor (update - Theatre)
Kevin Michael Richardson (update - Film; TV)
Rob Paulsen (update - Film)
Siân Phillips (update - various pics; Live Appearances: 2004)
Marc Silk (update - Live Appearances)
Jimmy Smits (update - Live Appearances)
Terence Stamp (update - Film)
Susan Zelinsky (update - pic: Chivalrous Deeds)

~~Newly added actors to the SWAD:
Ron Conrad (Thanks to Convention-Guests!)
Giles Melville (Thanks to Convention-Guests!)
Ian Roberts (Thanks to Arf Maul for the alert!)

~~Actor Deaths

~~Actor Connections
All Tomorrow's Parties (Film)
Leroy & Stitch (Film)
The Stars Shine for Autism (Live Appearances)
A Love Letter to Dan: A Tribute to Dan Crawford (Theatre)

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~~New Art Work
See the ART BLOG

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