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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

GO Jim Jones! Woo!!

I LOVE when I get these sorts of emails, they are extremely rare for my site only because most people see exactly what I'm doing (it really is quite obvious, even to non-fans) and have no reason to take misinformed pot shots at the site or me personally.

I originally had a page on my site related to the Wilhelm Scream, it listed every movie and TV show I'd watched and found the WS, I also added the director and the sound man who inserted the now classic cult sound bite. It was called to my attention by none other than Steve Lee that he'd had his own list and site going with all the films and shows with the WS...many of which he'd inserted himself...Hollywood Lost and Found. I decided it was best to redirect to his site from mine.
Like THX and Indiana Jones I added Wilhelm Scream references into my reference database, just for fun AND because the man who rejuvenated Sheb Wooley's "scream", Ben Burtt, had such a large involvment with the Star Wars franchise. Additionally, I felt that it would be great to get the sound a little more attention as it's fun to listen for! :D

Here's the message from Jim Jones (
you're an idiot... just because a movie uses the "Wilhelm scream" doesn't mean it's referencing Star Wars, that's the dumbest fucking thing i've ever seen....yeah a movie uses the wilhelm scream, they MUST be referencing Star Wars... here's a newsflash buddy, STAR WARS WASNT THE FIRST MOVIE TO USE THE WILHELM SCREAM!The first movie was Distant Drums. So maybe you should change your list to read that every movie using the Wilhelm scream is actually referencing Distant Drums...including Star Wars.

This is what happens when one doesn't have a clue about the facts and history of a site or anything else. :P


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