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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer and partial cast

Voice actors involved in SW:TOR. A couple of new names into the mix.

Adrienne Wilkinson - Syreena/Gianna/Master Satele Shan (previously Maris Brood in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

Courtenay Taylor - Netula Pahn/Lady Aitalla/Kalda Biss/Casey Rix (previously Juhani in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

Mark Moseley - various character voices

Nan McNamara - various character voices

Erik McDowell - Jaxx/Bengel Morr/Jex

NOTE: Every single, non-playable character within Star Wars: The Old Republic talks and according to BioWare it is an industry first. In fact, they recorded "1000s"of voice actors for hundreds of thousands of lines. Ahem, may need help cataloging all of THOSE. :P

A series of Timelines were recorded and were narrated by actor Lance Henriksen
Here is one:
The Mandalorian Blockade is Broken

Updates as they become available!


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