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Tuesday, July 03, 2001


Film References K-Q
Listings in BLUE are those we haven't yet acquired.
Listings in BROWN are Indiana Jones related.
Listings in PURPLE are Wilhelm Scream entries.

Have a Star Wars reference for film?
Let us know:

Karate Kid, The (2010) - Parker (Smith) says to Mr. Han (Chan): "So, you're like Yoda and I'm like a Jedi"

Kid, The (2000) - Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996) - Dr. Cooper (McDonald) says to his secretary, "my coffee is luke" She says, 'Oh, luke warm, Chris?' Dr. Cooper, 'No, Luke f'ing Skywalker!'

Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2004) -
[1] Tarantino comments that George Lucas was influenced by the films of the 30's and 40's (serials), Tarantino says that he (himself) was influenced by the kung fu genre.
[2] Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Kill Bill Volume 2 (2004) - Watch the film and tell us what the Empire Strikes Back reference is!

King Kong (2005) - (DVD Extras) Black has a double sided lightsaber.

Kontroll (2003)
- Watch the movie and tell us what the Empire Strikes Back reference is!

Krull (1983) - similarities include
[1] the army of slayers (Stormtroopers)
[2] Colwyn (Marshall) uses a Glaive (lightsaber) 

Kull the Conquerer (1997) - Akivasha (Carrere) says, 'I am altering the pact, pray I do not alter it any further.'

Kung Fu Kenobi (1997) - The title of course and the prequel to Kung Fu Kenobi's Big Adventure. (action figures)

Kung Fu Kenobi's Big Adventure (1999) - Skywalker plans to rescue Han Solo from Jabba's Palace, but something happens...Jabba enslaves him (ala Leia slave outfit). Kung Fu Kenobi (who is bionic) senses the trouble and comes to the rescue. (action figures)

Kuutamolla (Lovers and Leavers) (2001) - Two film lovers spout lines from Star Wars to each other and eventually have a lightsaber duel on a rooftop with Helsinki's landscape in view. (Attributed to HannaV, thank you!)

Kuzz (2000) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Kwagga Strikes Back (1990) - Title

Lai wong (Riki-O: The Story of Ricky) (1991) - A scene where Ricki meets his uncle in a misty graveyard, Ricky (Fan Sui Wong) begs his uncle to teach him the ways of "chi gong". The entire scene is very similar to that of Luke and Yoda in the swamp in The Empire Strikes Back. (note: the movie is very gory - based on the Manga Rikki-O)

La Balance (US The Nark) (1982) - A Star Wars poster is on a wall and is seen several times.

Laserblast (1978) -
[1] The Mark Hamill look-a-like, Billy Duncan (played by Kim Milford) was purposeful casting so shortly after the release of Star Wars.
[2] A cop dismisses a confrontation with Milford simply because, "...he's seen Star Wars five times..."
[3] Duncan goes on a rampage and blows up a Star Wars billboard with his laser gun (screengrabs from MST3K version).  Note: an MST3K line: Look, Mark Hamill in 'Falling Down'

Laser Mission (1987) - Star Wars is mentioned in a conversation between Michael (Lee) and Professor Braun (Borgnine)

Last Seduction, The (1994) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Lawnmower Man, The (1992) - The experimental chimp's name is Roscoe 1138.

Layer Cake (2004) -
[1] Director Matthew Vaughn used an Anamorphic Lens to shoot Layer Cake, the same lens George Lucas used to film Star Wars: A New Hope. He did so partially because of Star Wars which had a tremendous effect on him as a child. Quote: "Subconsciously, you feel like you're watching Star Wars."
[2] There's also a line in the film which sounds ever so familiar, "...put the gun down! You're gonna get us all shot" (ANH = Put that thing away! You're gonna get us all killed!)

Legion of Iron (1990) - Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Legend of the Lost Tribe (2002) - A chase scene in a flat out homage to the chase in the forest on Endor in Return of the Jedi.

Leptinotarsa (1996) - Hungarian documentary. (Leptinotarsa is a potato beetle) Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Lethal Weapon 4 (1998 ) - Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Life Or Something Like It (2002) - Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Lilo & Stitch (2002) - In the beginning of the film when Stitch has escaped from his hold in the police cruiser, one of the sound effects is that of a TIE fighter. 

Little Cobras: Operation Dalmatian (1997) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Little Criminals (1995) - "hey, are you a droid or what?" (questionable)

Little Giants (1994) - One of the kids, a football team member, sports a Darth Vader 'helmet' instead of a football helmet.

Little Nicky (2000) - Grandpa Satan (Dangerfield) has a conversation with a large, hairy monster in hell. At one point he jokes and calls it Chewbacca, "...hey, Chewbacca, take it easy, will ya?"

Little Vampire, The (2000) - the 'anti-vampire' truck/vehicle makes a 'lightsaber' sound.

Live Free or Die (2006) - End of the film, main character running from police. Narrator comparing the police missing the main character to Jabba because of all the Marlboro cartons he was carrying while attempting to escape the police. (Thanks to the Gorn for this reference!)

Long Kiss Goodnight, The (1996) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Looney Toons: Back in Action (2003) -
[1] A whole Raiders of the Lost Ark sequence complete with idol, boulder and shooting darts
[2] Bugs Bunny encounters Marvin the Martian outside of the space station and says, "What's up Darth?"
[3] Bugs Bunny fights Marvin the Martian with a lightsaber in one hand while reading a book titled "The Force for Dummies" in the other
[4] Use of the Wilhelm Scream 

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2003) -
[1] Use of the Wilhelm Scream 
[2]On the special features disc: 

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) - Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Love Actually (2003) - Editor's Note: The writer of this film, Richard Curtis, also wrote Bridget Jones's Diary (in which there is another very subtle reference to Star Wars) One of the first scenes has a guy getting ready to head out and his SO (wife/gf/lover, whatever) was in bed feeling rotten. As he goes to kiss her, he says "I love you" and she replies "I know." (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this reference!)

Lupin III: Christmas Is In The Hands Of The Goddess (1978) - Lupin III claims to have invented the lightsaber.

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1984) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Majestic, The (2001) - Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Making Contact (see 'Joey') (1984) -
[1] When aliens arrive on Earth the Star Wars toys in a young boy's room come alive
[2] The boys are locked in a barn and a scene with Darth Vader from The Empire Strikes Back is part of the film...when the boys get out of the barn someone asks them what happened, the reply, 'It was my hero, Darth Vader'

Making of Star Wars, The (1977) - Obviously!

Mallrats (1995) -
[1] 'What happened to those guys?' Jay (Mewes): 'The power of the Darkside'
[2] Jay: 'The Jedi Mantra...' Shannon (Affleck): 'Excitement, adventure, a Jedi craves not these things'
[3] Jay, 'Silent Bob stole the schematics from some foolish carpenter and found a weakness just like the freaking Death Star. You knock this crossbeam out and, bicky bam! The whole stage comes crashing down'
[4] Silent Bob always works on getting the 'Jedi Mind Trick' to work. He tries it to get a cigarette into his mouth. He also tries to get a video tape...and gets it.

Man Apart, A (2003) - Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Many Lives of Jason Voorhees, The (2002) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Maris the Chojo (Rumik World: Za chojo) (1992) - In a western style town R2D2, Darth Vader and a Return of the Jedi Scout Trooper are seen.

Marmaduke (2010) - The dog character Boscoe (Sutherland)is nicknamed Dog Vader.

Mars Attacks! (1996) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Master of Disguise (2002) - The actor who plays Dana Carvey's grandfather explains that there is a Darkside to "energico" (the force that gives the Master of Disguise his power.) Carvey responds quizzically "just like Star Wars!" Also, in the same scene, when Carvey confronts his father, who has been turned to the "dark side," the Darth Vader breathing noise is played audibly with references to taking the Brent Spiner mask off.

Master Strikes Back, The (Jiao tou fa wei) (1985)

Matrix, The (1999) -
[1] Morpheus shows NEO what the world REALLY is...the room is just like the one that 'THX1138' (Duvall) is 'kept' or imprisoned in THX1138.
[2] Some of the green 'text' on the computer monitors is 'Aurabesh' (the same used in Star Wars)
[3] Neo is trying to escape from his office. He is on the ledge of the building...a musical quotation from the Star Wars score is played.  

Matrix Forever (1990) - Japanese version of Transformers: The Movie. There is the Star Wars crawl prologue.

Meat Market 2 (2001) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Memento (2000) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Men In Black (1997) -
[1] Agent K (Jones) talks about using the, '...Corellian Death Ray'
[2] '...there'll always be some Battle Cruiser, Corellian Plague,...'
[3] Zed (Torn) is pointing out to J (Smith) all of the celebrities that are of them is George Lucas sitting in his office writing
Men In Black screenshot, middle row on far right, George Lucas at his desk.

Men In Black II (2002) -
[1] The worm-things sound like they're speaking a bit of Huttese.
[2] Jeff looks a bit like the Sarlacc.
[3] In the background, you can see an alien that looks like a Gran,
[4] another that looks like a Rodian crossed with a Gungan, and hear a Wookiee yell.
[5] Kay, "... get you on that transport, Princess."
[6] Jay, "Lara, it is your destiny."
[7] Agent K says, "There's always an Arquillan Battle Cruiser, or a Corellian Death Ray..."
[8] People who are aliens: Spielberg (top/first row, first oval) George Lucas (middle row, last oval on right)

Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders (1996) - Two stories.
[1] A 'possessed' or demonic newspaper reviewer calls Merlin (Borgnine), 'Obi-Wan'
[2] A young man has a real attachment to his Return of the Jedi T-Shirt and he has an AT-AT play set for his Star Wars action figures.

Midnight Madness (1980) - Adam Larson (Naughton) and Scott Larson (Fox) play the game Star Fire, at Pinball City, which looks suspiciously like Star Wars especially the Star Fire title and the use of TIE fighters.

Mighty Aphrodite (1995) -
[1] Lenny's (Allen) apartment has a Millennium Falcon on a bookshelf.
[2] Band members at a wedding rehearsal party sport Darth Vader helmets, the bartenders are all Chewie (masks), the barmaids are Leia, each table has a Darth Vader centerpiece (with flowers!). There is a hanging banner "May The Force Be With You", their cake has Star Wars action figures on it and a young boy dresses up as Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber. Note: Interesting to note that Olympia Dukakis' character's name is Jocasta (Jocasta Nu was the Jedi Archives librarian in Attack of the Clones).

Mischief (1985) - Opening: 'A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...' 

Miss Congeniality (2000) - Gracie (Bullock) says to Victor (Caine) (who is trying to coach her), "I'll do whatever you tell me to, Yoda" 

Missing Link, The (Chaînon manquant, Le) (FR 1979 Anim) - A Pterodactyl scoops up a character and Star Wars music plays on in the background.

Mo Him Wong (Scripture With No Words) (1996) -
[1] The film attempts (according to James Robert Parish who wrote Jet Li: A Biography) the tongue-in-cheek flavor of the Indiana Jones adventure trilogy.
[2] Dr Wai and his assistant combat enemies with each party using a flaming sword (a nod to the Star Wars adventures and the light sabers its Jedi Knights used)

Monkeybone (2001) -
[1] Downtown can, in parts, look like the Star Wars Cantina from Return of the Jedi (especially the blue keyboard player from RotJ Max Rebo)
[2] Monkeybone (Turturro) complains to Stu (Fraser) about being a 'sidekick' and having sidekick rights. One of his examples is Chewbacca, Monkeybone whips his tail across his body like Chewie's bandolier and makes a Wookiee sound. (thanks to TEA for the info)

Monsters Inc. (2001) -
[1] There is a commercial, within the film, made in Monstropolis. A lightsaber sound is used when the power switch is turned on.
[2] After the release of "Monsters Inc." a new "Monsters Inc." trailer was released. This trailer depicts Mikey (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) playing charades where Sully tries to act out clues for the movie title "Harry Potter"...which Mikey fails to answer. When it is Mikey's turn to act and Sully's turn to guess...Sully immediately and correctly guesses "Star Wars" which Mikey responds, "How do you do that?" (Thanks to Angel Songco!)

Monster In a Box (1991) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is! 

Monster X Strikes Back (2008) - Title

Mortal Combat (1995) -
[1] Darth Vader & Shang Tsung: Both are referred to as sorcerers -Both were trained in the dark arts by their respective emperors - Both cause the death of a relative of one of the heroes (Luke's aunt and uncle & Liu Kang's brother)
[2] Darth Vader & Prince Goro: -Both kill bit players (Captain Antilles & Art Lean) with only their hands after lifting them off the ground.
[3] Princess Leia & Princess Kitana: - Both are strong-willed resistance fighters -Both are "guests" of the antagonist and later join the heroes. -Both were raised by adoptive parents.
[4] Obi-Wan Kenobi & Lord Rayden: -Both have a very limited fighting role -Both defend the heroes from background characters before the real action begins.
 Thematic references to Return of the Jedi:
[1] Emperor Palpatine & The Emperor of Outworld: -Both are power-hungry dictators striving to extend their domains.
[2] Emperor Palpatine & Shang Tsung: -Both tell one of the heroes that their friends will die
[3] Emperor Palpatine & Prince Goro: -both fall quite a long way to their deaths
[4] Master Yoda & Lord Rayden: -Both tell one of the heroes that there is nothing more he can teach them.
[5] Princess Leia & Sonya Blade: -both get chained up in a more revealing outfit than they were kidnapped in.
[6] Luke Skywalker & Liu Kang: -Both are visited by the spirit of someone close to them.

Mummy Returns, The (2001) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Munchie Strikes Back (1994) - Title

Muppets From Space (1999) -  Of the two "enlightened beings" (fish) one says to Gonzo, 'May the Fish be with you'

My Brother's Light (2002) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

My Bodyguard (1980) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

My Family (Mi Familia) (1995) -Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

My Science Project (1983) - A car is vandalized by young men wearing Darth Vader and Stormtrooper masks.

Mythology of Star Wars, The (2000) - explains the mythology of Star Wars.

Mystery Men (1999) - The Blue Rajah of cutlery (he's a superhero that throws forks), after fighting Cassanova Frankenstein says, 'May the Forks be with us' (Thanks to Kenya for the info)

Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994) - The opening title sequence is in the Death Star trench - A police squad car is moving through the Death Star trench, but all the viewer sees are the reflections of the police lights on the walls of the trench.

Napoleon Dynamite (2004) - Commentary in Special Features: The director asks Jeremy (executive producer), after he's mentioned a few mistakes in the film, "Are you one of those guys who checks for every mistake in Star Wars?" Jeremy answers, "Maybe"

Ninja Strikes Back, The (Xiong Xhong) (1982) - Title

Ninja Mission (2000) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

No Small Affair (1984) - An Atari (upright) Star Wars game is being played.

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000) - Sherman (Murphy) falls asleep watching TV and dreams that he cannot reach a button that would prevent Armageddon. His father (Murphy) appears in spirit form with Jedi robes and tells him to use the Force, the Force being Sherman's internal gas which propels him to the button. And of course music from Star Wars is played.

Ocean's Eleven (2001) - Linus (Damon) presses 1138 into the keypad.

Oh! Heavenly Dog (1980) - This lady's Leia hairstyle:

Old No. 587: The Great Train Robbery (2000) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Orange Barrels from the Phobosphere (2003) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Orgazmo (1997) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Osmosis Jones (2001) - Use of the Wilhelm Scream

Outland (1981) -Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Outlanders (1986) -
[1] Princess Kahm in the metal bikini and
[2] the lightsaber and severed arm (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this visual reference!)

Overboard (1987) - Joey (Wiseman) wears a Yoda T-shirt.

Over the Hedge (2006) - About half way through the film as the critters are basically ransacking the human house of food, one of the young porcupines is sitting in front of a TV, presses a button on the remote and the THX "deep note" blasts him so hard that his quills fly off his body.

Paris, Texas (1984) - When the boy (one of the main characters) goes to bed, he says to his mother "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away." The boy also has ROTJ bed sheets and plays with SW toys figures

Patriot, The (2000) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Pearl Harbor (2001) - Rafe McCawley (Affleck) joins the RAF (British-Royal Air Force) to fight the Germans. When his wingman downs a German fighter he yells, "Nice shot Red 2!" (Michael Bay worked for Lucasfilm early in his career)

Perfect Storm, The (2000) - The fishermen are aboard the Andrea Gail. Glow sticks are used to mark the lines and Sully (Fichtner) starts waving one of the sticks around, 'Hey! *makes 'lightsaber' sounds* May the Force be with you.'  

Peut-être (Perhaps) (1999) - Lucie (Pailhas) is in a Leia costume including the famous hair buns.

Pi (Pi: Faith in Chaos) (1998) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Pineapple Express (2008) - 
[1] Dale (Rogen) in Yoda voice, "You've been served."
[2] About to be shoved into a hole, Saul (Franco) says, "What's down there? F*cking Rancor?"

Pirate Movie, The (1982) -
[1] Lyrics in one of the songs (based on a song from the 'Pirates of Penzance's' Major Modern General) sung by Stanley (Kerr): 'I comprehend contemporary culture North American. / I straighten more piratical erections than Bo Derek and, / I'm in to EST and all the rest, I've undergone analysis, / I've jumped beyond the gravitude to permanent paralysis. / My muse is into music, but my credit I'll not trouble you, / From R & B to S & M / , cross over C & W, / To groovin' with the Doobies in my Malibu white-souling tones. / Man, I'm older than the Beatles, but I'm younger than the Rolling Stones. / (He's older than the Beatles, but younger than the Rolling Stones.) / My military knowledge for I'm plucky and adventure-y. / Embraces M*A*S*H and Star Wars and the 22nd century. / Yes sir in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral, / I am the very model of a modern major general. / (In short in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral, / He is the very model of a modern major general.)
[2] Frederick hears "Use the Force, Frederick" in his head, at which time his sword turns into a lightsaber, and he wins the duel.

Planet 51 (2009) - 
[1] Buck asks Lem, "You're not like a 1000 year old Yoda?"
[2] "You're my only hope."
[3] "This is SOOOO Luke Skywalker!"

Playing God (1997) - In a car chase which Raymond (Hutton) is being pursued by Eugene (Duchovny), Raymond turns down a narrow alley and says, "Use the Force, Luke".

Pokémon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back (1999) - The Title! (Thanks to John from Obroa-Skai for this reference!)

Pól Serio (2001) -Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Poltergeist (1982) - A list of the Star Wars things in the room:
Luke Skywalker action figure - in Carol Ann's mouth.
Darth Vader Poster
C3P0 and R2D2 Poster
Chewbacca Jacket
ESB Bed Spread
ESB Taun Taun w/Luke
ESB Han Solo
ESB FX-7 Medical Droid figure
R2D2 figure
Darth Vader Collector's Case
TIE Fighter
ANH Poster
Yoda Hand Puppet
ESB Laser Turret play set
Millennium Falcon? (6th pic down)

Pom Pom Strikes Back (Shuang long tu zhu) (1986) - Title

Pootie Tang (2001) - References to Darth Vader and the Darkside 

Postman Strikes Back, The (Xun cheng ma) (1981) - Title

Pourquoi pas moi? (1999) - One of the characters, Camille (Casar), loves Star Wars.

Power Puff Girls (2001) - Trailer Looking ever so similar to AOTC's teaser trailer.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Return of the Magna Defender (1999) - Magna looks reminiscent of Boba Fett 

Precious Images (1986) - A film dedicated to 50 of the best film images (up to 1986), including that of Star Wars

Predator (1987) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Prison Planet 3: The Revenge (1998) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!


Quakers (2001) (fan film) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Queens Logic (1991) - Watch the movie and tell us what the reference is!

Quentin Tarantino's Star Wars (1998) (fan film) - What Star Wars might have looked like if Quentin Tarantino had directed...using action figures and a Mac computer.

Quest for the Lost City (Final Sacrifice) (1990) - The character Satoris (Marceau) is called "Garth Vader"

Qui-Gon Show, The (1999) (fan film) - Title

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