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Friday, October 16, 2015

Actor Spotlight: Jack "The Kid" Berg - This Is Your Life

Jack "The Kid" Berg.

Two days ago I was surprised to come across a post online which mentioned that the person I had known of (and made a page for) as "Ted Berg" was actually Jack "The Kid" Berg, champion boxer from the 30s.
Of course, many people in the business of film and background artists and stunt people knew this information as did a few others out in the fan wilds, but this was new and rather exciting information to me. Maybe this information is new to you too! :)

(Note: this information is not included at the IMDB for Jack "The Kid" Berg, nor is it listed under "Ted Berg," or "Jack Berg," or even "Kid Berg.")

Jack "The Kid' Berg (AKA: Kid Berg/Jack Berg), sitting front and left-center in the Battle of Yavin Briefing room in a cut scene (Lucas opted to shoot the scene from the rear.)

Quite a few people tend to think of background artists/extras as being insignificant in importance to film making, but the truth is they are essential in placing a feel of reality to a given scene, or to give a bit more color to a scene...they aren't just warm bodies off the street to fill space, they have a job to do and they do it well!  There are many such background/extra persons listed here at the SWAD.

Here is an episode of This Is Your Life: Jack "Kid" Berg (25:37) from 1987: 


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