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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Update! October 13, 2015

Update! October 13, 2015

More of the "B" actors set up today. Here is the list of actors added to the SWAD for October 13, 2015:

Blake, Jerome - Rune Haako/Oppo Rancisis/Mas Amedda/Orn Free Taa/Horox
Ryyder/Graxol Kelvyyn/Trade Federation Delegate (TPM)

Blake, Paul - Greedo - Rodian (ANH)

Blakiston, Caroline - Mon Mothma - Rebel Alliance (ESB)

Blessed, Brian - Boss Nass (TPM)

Bloom, Daniel - voice of Bounty Hunter (DFII)

Bloom, Jim - Hoth Rebel (ESB)

Blum, Steven Jay - voices of AT-ST Driver/Hover Tank Driver (FC), Computer (MOTS), voices (KOTOR), Zeb Orrelios (REB)

Blundell, Graeme - Ruwee Naberrie - Padmé's father (AOTC, ROTS)

Boa, Bruce (d 2004) - General Carlist Riekkan - Rebel Alliance (ESB)

Boekelheide, Todd - Cantina walla (voice work) (ANH)

Bonehill, Richard (d 2015) - Stormtrooper, Snowtrooper, Rebel Soldier, Taun Taun Handler (ESB), Nien Nunb, Stormtrooper, Mon Calamari, Ree Yees, Mosep, X-Wing Pilot, TIE
Pilot, Stand-in (ROTJ)

Bonfils Khan (d 2015) - Saesee Tiin - Jedi Knight (TPM)

?Boomansall, Michael - Naboo Royal Guard (TPM)

Botelho, Niki - Ewok (ROTJ), Teek (EBFE)

Bourriague, Michonne - Aurra Sing - Bounty Hunter (TPM)

Bowers, David - Mas Amedda - Vice Chair of the Galactic Senate (AOTC, ROTS)

Bowley, Linda - Ewok (ROTJ)

Boyd, Alexandra - voices of Ferry Shuttle Pilot (FC), Ruulian Civilian (FC)

Boyd, Doug - voices of Male Farmer/Rohan Wayside (BFN)

Boyd, Guy - Jerimitt Towani (EA)

Boyd, Susan - voices of Rebel transport ship captain/Royal cannon (GB)

Boyega, John - Finn (TFA)

Boyle, Steven - Ask Aak/Passell Argente (AOTC)

Bradford, Andy - Lieutenant Tanbris (ANH)

Some pages have been updated to reflect more recent works, if any, the actor has performed.  However, other pages will be updated with newer information when I have the bulk of pages up and going. :D

Do you have extra information which may be missing from an actor's page?
If so, let me know and I'll check and add the information. Information will be work-related only.

GOSSIP is unacceptable.

The purpose of these pages is to show each actor's creative contribution to the arts as well as involvement in charities/special causes with a positive purpose/education, special recognition for their contributions, and public social media pages.

Thank you!

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