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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Update! October 20, 2015

Update! October 20, 2015

Closing in on the "B" actors! And stray "J" and "Q"

Brimley, Wilford - Noa Briqualon (EBFE)

Brissette, Tiffany - Voice of Cindel Towani (EA)

Brooke, Paul - Malakili - Rancor Keeper/Owner (ROTJ)

Brooks, Jill - Opera guest (ROTS)

Brooks, Joel - voice of Heater (ANHr)

Brooks, Kimberly - Additional voices (KOTOR), voices of Naboo Scout Captain/Y-Wing
Pilot (GB)

Brown, Billy - Additional voices (KOTOR II)

Brown, Clancy - voice of Montross - Science Officer (BH)

Brown, Melleny - voices of Lady Gorneesh (E), Urgah (E), Darva (D)

Brown, Phil (d 2006) - Uncle Owen Lars (ANH)

Brown, Ralph - Ric Olié - Pilot (TPM)

Browne, Kale - voice of Biggs Darklighter (ANHr)

Buchanan, Stephen - Stormtrooper (ANH), Holographic Imperial Officer on Star Destroyer #3 (ESB)

Buescher, Julianne - voice of Concerned Boy (TPMvg)

Bulloch, Jeremy - Boba Fett - Bounty Hunter (ESB, ROTJ), Lieutenant Sheckil -
Imperial Officer (ESB), Captain Colton - Alderaanian Pilot on Tantive IV (ROTS)

Bunn, Chris - Tech (ANH)

Burchette, Janice - Thuku - Rodian in Cantina (ANH)

Burghardt, Arthur - Additional voices (XWvT)

Burnett, Ted (d 2001) - Wuher - Bartender (ANH)

Burns, Donny - Additional voices (D)

Burns, Toby - Eisley Citizen (ANH)

Burson, Greg (d 2008) - voices of Boss Nass/Guard Door/Injured soldier 1/Jabba's Porter/Shop Owner (TPMvg)

Burroughs, Jackie (d 2010) - voices of Morag (E), Tulgah Witch (E)

James, Bryton - voice of Zare Leonis (REB)

Quinn, Mike - Nien Nunb/Ree-Yees/Sy Snootles/Yoda/Wol Cabbashite (ROTJ), ? (TFA)

Some pages have been updated to reflect more recent works, if any, the actor has performed.  However, other pages will be updated with newer information when I have the bulk of pages up and going. :D

Do you have extra information which may be missing from an actor's page?
If so, let me know and I'll check and add the information. Information will be work-related only.

GOSSIP is unacceptable.

The purpose of these pages is to show each actor's creative contribution to the arts as well as involvement in charities/special causes with a positive purpose/education, special recognition for their contributions, and public social media pages.

Thank you!

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