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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Update! December 27, 2015

Update! December 27, 2015
Half way through the "C" group!

Calcutt, Stephen - stand-in for Chewbacca and the body double for Darth Vader (ANH)

Callen, John - additional voices (KOTOR II)

Cameron, Alister - Rebel Sergeant - Hoth (ESB)

Camp, Hamilton (d 2005) -  Rune Haaku/Tie Bomber pilot (GB)

Campbell, Alexi Kaye - Naboo Guard (TPM)

Campbell, Graeme (d 1993) - voices of Proto One/Lord Todah/Admiral Screed  (D)

Campbell, Paul - Stand-in (AOTC)

Canning, Josh - Jedi Padawan (ROTS)

Capri, Mark- Warrant Officer M'kae - Imperial (ESB)

Capurro, Scott - Beed Annodue - Pod Race Announcer (TPM, TPMvg, PR)

Cardiff, Rodney - Imperial Shuttle Pilot (ROTJ)

Carlson, Nathan - voices of Helpful Citizen/Sleeping Man/Tourist/Underground Worker
(TPMvg), voices (KOTOR)

Carney, Art (d 2003) - Saun dann - The Merchant (SWHS)

Carrington, Debbie Lee - Weechee Warrick - Ewok (EA)

Carroll Diahann - Mermeia - Holographic Wow (SWHS)

Carson, Silas - Ki-Adi Mundi (AOTC, ROTS), Lott Dodd, Nute Gunray (AOTC, ROTS),
Radiant VII Co-Pilot (TPM)

Carson, Terrence TC - voice of Mace Windu (CW03), voice of Mace Windu (ROTSvg) (CWvg) (GB)

Carter, Michael - Bib Fortuna - Twi'lek advisor to Jabba the Hutt (ROTJ)

Castle-Hughes, Keisha - Queen of Naboo (ROTS)

Cavanagh, Danny - extra (TPM)

Cedar, Larry - voices of Protocol Droid/Cultist 1/Hazardtrooper 1 (JKJA)

Chafer, Derek - Stormtrooper (ANH), Stormtrooper (ESB)

Chaikin, Andrew - voices of Misc (KOTORII), Hobbie/Commander 6/ Windy (RSIII),
Ewoks/Gungans (GED), Guk Yorba, Ruuk (JS)

Chamberlain, Doug - voice of Logray - Ewok Mystic (E)

Chan, Anna - Handmaiden (ROTS)

Chan, Kee - Senator Malé-Dee (ROTS)

Chancer, Norman - Tamizander Rey - Rebel Officer (ESB)

Chanchani, Dhruv - Kitster (TPM)

Chapman, John - X-Wing Pilot Gil Varay "Drifter" (ANH)

Charlton, Maureen - Ewok (ROTJ)

Chato, Paul -voice of Paploo - Ewok (E)

Cheregotis, Stacy - Ame Llom in Outlander Club (AOTC)

Chew, Dalyn - Jabba's Rock Dancer Lyn Me (ROTJse)

Some pages have been updated to reflect more recent works, if any, the actor has performed. However, other pages will be updated with newer information when I have the bulk of pages up and going. :D

Do you have extra information which may be missing from an actor's page? Screencaps from movies/TV, Theatre photographs?
If so, send NHA the info and it will be checked for accuracy (if need be) then added to that page.

Acceptable data:
Film (including shorts/documentaries) 
Theatre (stage productions with venue if known)
Commercials/Ads (TV, Radio, Print - domestic or foreign)

Radio (plays/readings/productions)
Books (autobiographical/biographical/or self authored books which are non-biographical in nature)
Video Games

Credited work must have name listed in the credits. Some actors in the database aren't normally actors, they suited up for a role in the SW universe but hold non-acting positions in the industry, such as: director/producer/writer/stunts/art department/sound department, etc., etc.), others are actors who also have directing/producing/writing, etc., credits.

Uncredited work must have proof. A good quality screencap of their appearance - even extras/background artists! - is a great start.  Other proof would be screencaps from official sourced behind-the-scenes extras from DVDs/BRDs/VHS, live on-set video feeds, on-set personal photos, playbills, official site mention, etc.

Unacceptable data:
GOSSIP and negativity

The purpose of these pages is to spotlight each actor's biographical story, their creative contribution to the arts (their work credits), involvement in charities/special causes with a positive purpose, giving back to their community, education, special recognition/honors/awards for their work, as well as any public social media pages (Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Tumblr/Twitter/WhoSay, etc.), plus fun bits of info/trivia.

Thank you!

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