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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Update! May 3, 2016

Update! May 3, 2016

A lot of additions recently.  Many of the additions are incomplete, but will be completed once I have most of the actor pages from the old side up and running.

I have so many favorites here, truly, but my top favorite by far is Lupita Nyong'o. :D

Coleman, Rob - Romeo Treblanc - Opera Guest (ROTS)

Colley, Kenneth - Admiral Firmus Piett - Imperial (ESB, ROTJ)

Collins, David W. - voice of Briefings Officer (Ba), ? (Ba2015)

Conboy, Elizabeth - Additional voices (KOTOR II)

Conrad, Ron - Sergeant Major Enfield - Imperial (ANH)

Conrad, Roy (d 2002) - voice of Captain Merrick Simms (RA2)

Considine, John - voice of Lord Tion - Imperial (ANHr)

Cooke, Ben - Kit Fisto/Body Guard/Anakin Stunt Double (ROTS)

Coombs, Kenneth - Imperial Officer (ROTJ)

Cooper, Emma J. - Yoda stand-in (ROTS)

Coopwood, Jeff - voices of Captain Panaka (TPMvg, BFN), Narrator (BFN), Neimoidian
Controller (TPM)

Cope, Robert (d 2008) - Eugroothwa - Wookiee Warrior (ROTS)

Coppen, Willie - Ewok (ROTJ)

Coppinger, John - Horox Ryyder/Senator Yarua (TPM)

Coppola, Roman - Cid Rushing - Senate Guard Naboo (TPM)

Coppola, Sofia - Sach√© - Handmaiden (TPM)

Corlis, James - Kit Fisto (ROTS)

Cottrell, Michaela - Even Piell - Jedi Master (TPM)

Cottrell, Mike- Ewok Warrior (ROTJ)

Coulier, Mark - Aks Moe (TPM)

Court, Alyson - voice of Malani - Ewok (E)

Court, Jason - voice of Kyle Katarn (DF2)

Cowan, Rob - voices of Punt - Ewok (E), Thall Joben (D)

Cox, Chris - voices of Wedge Antilles (JKJA), Adm. Ackbar/Imperial Officer 2/Boba
Fett/Wedge/Wingman 5 (RSIII)

Cox, Tony - Willy (AKA Widdle) - Ewok (EBFE)

Coyle, Patrick - Imperial Royal Guard Kir Kanos (CEab)

Cranna, James - voice of Teebo - Ewok (E)

Crawford, Sean - Saelt-Marae (Yak Face), Mon Calamari Officer (ROTJ)

Cresswell, Jenny - Jenny (unused) in Cantina (ANH)

Nyong'o, Lupita - Maz Kanata (TFA, SWVIII)

Webb, Des (d 2002) - Wampa (ESB)

Welsh, Pat (d 1995) - voice of Boushh - Bounty Hunter (ROTJ)

Weston, Bill (d 2012) - Stormtrooper (opening scene) (ANH)

Weston, Paul - Nikto, Vedain - Weequay sand skiff pilot (ROTJ)

Weissmuller Jr., Johnny (d 2006) - Card Player #2 (EBFE)

Woolman, Claude (d 1989) - Imperial Officer (wallscreen) (SWHS)


Do you have extra information which may be missing from an actor's page? Screencaps from movies/TV, Theatre photographs?
If so, send NHA the info and it will be checked for accuracy (if need be) then added to that page.

Acceptable data:
Film (including shorts/documentaries) 
Theatre (stage productions with venue if known)
Commercials/Ads (TV, Radio, Print - domestic or foreign)

Radio (plays/readings/productions)
Books (autobiographical/biographical/or self authored books which are non-biographical in nature)
Video Games

Credited work must have name listed in the credits. Some actors in the database aren't normally actors, they suited up for a role in the SW universe but hold non-acting positions in the industry, such as: director/producer/writer/stunts/art department/sound department, etc., etc.), others are actors who also have directing/producing/writing, etc., credits.

Uncredited work must have proof. A good quality screencap of their appearance - even extras/background artists! - is a great start.  Other proof would be screencaps from official sourced behind-the-scenes extras from DVDs/BRDs/VHS, live on-set video feeds, on-set personal photos, playbills, official site mention, etc.

Unacceptable data:
GOSSIP and negativity

The purpose of these pages is to spotlight each actor's biographical story, their creative contribution to the arts (their work credits), involvement in charities/special causes with a positive purpose, giving back to their community, education, special recognition/honors/awards for their work, as well as any public social media pages (Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Tumblr/Twitter/WhoSay, etc.), plus fun bits of info/trivia.

Thank you!

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