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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Update! July 12, 2016!

Update! July 12, 2016!

A start on the "Ds", one "E", and one "S". :)

D'Agostino, Jean - Ewok (ROTJ)

Daniel, Robert Pike - voices of OOM-14/Royal Knight/TIE Fighter Pilot (GB), ATC,
Landing Platform (FC)

Daniels, Anthony - C-3PO (ANH, SWHS, ANHr, D, ESB, ESBr, ROTJ, ROTJr TPM,
AOTC, ROTS, CW03, TFA, REB, Ba2015, RO, SWVIII), CZ-3 (ANH), Lieutenant Faytonni (AOTC; ROTS)

Daraphet, Mimi - Bultar Swan - Jedi Knight (ROTS)

Darling, Russell - Naboo Royal Security Guard (TPM), Coruscant Starfreighter
Passenger (AOTC)

DaSilva, Karol Cristina - Rabé - Handmaiden (TPM)

Davenport, Claire (d 2002) - Yarna d'al'Gargan - Dancer at Jabba's Palace (ROTJ)

David, Fay - Fé - Handmaiden (TPM), Shaak Ti - Jedi Knight (AOTC), Luminara Unduli
- Jedi Knight (ROTS)

Davies, David - voices of Obi-Wan Kenobi's Knight (GB), Ben Kenobi (RSII)

Davies, Paul - Meena Tills - Mon Calamari (deleted scene) (ROTS)

Davies, Robert - Local Ugly Man #4 - Human in the Cantina (ANH)

Davis, Jonathan - Narrator (PODab, 30+ titles!), voices characterizations (TOR)

Davis, Kim - Ewok (ROTJ)

Davis, Warwick - Wicket W. Warrick - Ewok (ROTJ), Wicket W. Warrick - Ewok (EBFE),
Grimy (TPM), Wald (TPM), Weazel (TPM), Yoda (stand-in) (TPM), Wollivan (TFA)

Daza, Ditry - voices of Ewoks (ROTJ)

Deacon, Brian - Additional voices (KOTOR II)

De Aragon, Maria - Greedo - Rodian Bounty Hunter in Cantina (ANH)

Eaton, Marjorie (d 1986) - Emperor Palpatine (hologram image) (ROTJ)

Stock, George - Yerka Mig - Human Bureaucrat in Cantina/Dignitary at Medal Ceremony (ANH)