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Actor Connections

Actor Connections

The Star Wars Actors Connections page. Each medium lists the actors that appeared together in that performance, their only connection is that each has been in some official Star Wars vehicle. 

Use Ctrl+F to find a particular actor or media (i.e.: TV/Radio/Theater(Theatre), etc.)

Audio Books/Plays
Abuse of Power~1997 (David Dukes, David Ackroyd)
American Short Stories 1900-1950~? (Garrick Hagon, William Hootkins)
American Short Stories 1950 - Present (Garrick Hagon, William Hootkins)
An Ideal Husband~ (Yeardley Smith, Robert Machray)

Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, The~1972 - (Rick Cimino, Terence McGovern)
Broken Glass~ 1998 (David Ackroyd, John Lithgow, Arye Gross)
Brothers Karamazov~ (Edward Asner, Arye Gross, Robert Machray)

Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, The~1972 - (Rick Cimino, Terence McGovern)
Classic American Poetry~2000 (Garrick Hagon, William Hootkins)
Completely Yours: A Complete Mini-Album of Story, Songs & Rhymes~ (Edward Asner, Bea Arthur)

Dybbuk~1999 (Edward Asner, Kristoffer Tabori)

Greatest Mysteries of All Time~1997 (David Warner, David Ackroyd)

Idiot, The~ (Edward Asner, Arye Gross, Robert Machray)
Incident at Vichy~2003 (Arye Gross, Raphael Sbarge)

Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The~1972 - (Rick Cimino, Terence McGovern)

M. Butterfly~ (David Ackroyd, John Lithgow, Arye Gross)
Murder on the Aisle~1996 (Perry King, David Birney)

Nora~ (David Dukes, Natalija Nogulich)

Orson's Shadow~ (Robert Machray, Simon Templeman)

Present Laughter~ (Yeardley Smith, Carolyn Seymour)

Spoon River Anthology~2002 (Edward Asner, Pat Fraley)

Thing Happens, The (David Warner, Peter Dennis)
Three Great Tales~1972 (Erik Bauersfeld, Rick Cimino)

The Voysey Inheritance~1989 (Robert Machray, Milton Johns)

Wizard of Oz~197? - (Rick Cimino, Terence McGovern)
A Woman of No Importance (Robert Machray, Martin Jarvis)

The Essential Shakespeare - Live~2005 (Lindsay Duncan, David Warner)

Incredibles Storyteller, The~2004 (Samuel L. Jackson, David Jeremiah)

Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars~2006 (Ewan McGregor, Nia Vardalos)

101 Dalmations~1996 (Frank Welker, Harry Fielder)
1941~1979 (Jerry Hardin, Christopher Lee, Treat Williams)
2001: A Space Odyssey~1968 (Harry Fielder, Gloria McGuire, Anthony Snell, John Triplett, Burnell Tucker, Bill Weston, Fred Woods)

Adding Machine, The~1969 (Harry Fielder, Julian Glover, Phil Brown, Bruce Boa)
Adventures of Baron Munchausen~1988 (Don Henderson, David Barclay, Ailsa Berk, Kiran Shah, and Jack Purvis)
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension~1984 (John Lithgow, Clancy Brown)
Adventures of Ragtime~1981 (Cam Clark, Deep Roy, Debbie Dixon)
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother~1975 (Harry Fielder, John Hollis, Bruce Boa)
Aliens~1986 - (Paul Weston, Jay Benedict)
All Coppers Are...~1972 (Harry Fielder, Eddie Byrne)
All Tomorrow's Parties~2002 (Anthony Phelan, Ian Roberts)
Amazon Women on the Moon~1987 (Ed Begley, Jr, Carrie Fisher, Terence McGovern, David Alan Grier)
American Graffiti~1973 (Scott Beach, Terence McGovern)
American Way, The~1986 (Norman Chancer, Bruce Boa, Harry Fielder)
American Werewolf in London~1981 (Frank Oz, Michael Carter, John Altman, Dickey Beer, Rick Baker, Peter Diamond, Paul Weston, Doug Beswick, Harry Fielder, Tracy Eddon, Alf Joint, Doug Robinson)
Annabelle's Wish~1997 (Clancy Brown, Mary Kay Bergman, Kath Soucie)
Appointment with Death~1988 (Carrie Fisher, Harry Fielder)
Arabian Adventure~1979 (Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Alf Mangan, John Ratzenberger, Shane Rimmer, Kiran Shaw, Alf Joint)
Assassination Bureau~1969 (Harry Fielder, Clive Revill
At the Earth's Core~1976 (Peter Cushing, Harry Fielder)

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend~1985 (Jim Dowdall, Tracy Eddon)
Back in Business~2006 (Brian Blessed, Samantha Bennett)
Balto II: Wolf Quest~2001 (Joe Alaskey, Mary Kay Bergman, Jeff Glen Bennett, Kevin Schon)
Batman~1987 (Billy Dee Williams, Garrick Hagon, William Hootkins, Harry Fielder, Jim Dowdall, Tracy Eddon, Doug Robinson, Pat Gorman)
Batman Begins~2005 (Liam Neeson, Shane Rimmer, Khan Bonfils, Ben Cooke, Michael Savva, Quentin Pierre, Paul Bannon)
Beauty and the Beast~1991 Rusty Goffe, John Stocker, James Earl Jones, Frank Welker, Patrick Pinney, Meshach Taylor, Jeff Glen Bennett, Stephen Elliott, Jack Angel, Mary Kay Bergman, Paul Gleason, Fionnula Flanagan, Bob Bergen, David Clennon)
The Bear~1987 (Phil Eason, Donald Austen)
Big Fish~2003 (Ewan McGregor, Deep Roy)
Big Zapper (Graham Ashley, William Hootkins)
Billion Dollar Brain~1967 (George Roubicek, Harry Fielder)
Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings, The~1976 (Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones)
Birth of the Beatles~1979 (Richard Marquand,Claire Davenport, Harry Fielder, Brigitte Kahn)
Bitch, The~1979 (John Ratzenberger, Harry Fielder)
Black Cauldron, The~1985 (Pete Renaday, Phil Fondacaro)
Blade Runner~1982 (Kevin Thompson, Tony Cox, Harrison Ford)
Brassed Off~1996 (Kenneth Colley, Ewan McGregor)
Brazil~1985 (Don Henderson, Jim Dowdall, Jack Purvis, Pat Gorman)
Bride, The~1985 (Clancy Brown, Harry Fielder)
Bridge Too Far, A~1977 (John Fass Morton, John Ratzenberger, Jack McKenzie, Dickey Beer, Paul Weston, Garrick Hagon, Ian Liston, Alf Joint)
Brittania Hospital~1982 (Mark Hamill, Ted Burnett, Harry Fielder)

Callan~1974 (Dave Prowse, Don Henderson, Harry Fielder)
Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland, The~1987 (Alan Fawcett, Alyson Court, Cree Summer, Michael Fantini, Pam Hyatt)
Care Bears II: A New Generation~1986 (Dan Hennessey, Melleny Brown, Jim Henshaw, Alyson Court, Hadley Kay, Nonnie Griffin, Michael Fantini, Cree Summer)
Carry on Henry~1970 (Dave Prowse, Harry Fielder)
Castle in the Sky~1986 Corey Burton, Mark Hamill, Michael Sorich) (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this connection!)
Catch Us If You Can (Having a Wild Weekend U.S.)~1965 (Maurice Bush, Alf Mangan)
Caveman's Valentine~2001 (Samuel L. Jackson, Peter MacNeill)
Chaos~ (Garrick Hagon, Michael Sheard)
Chariots of Fire~1981 (Jeremy Sinden, Paul Bannon)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory~2005 (Christopher Lee, Garrick Hagon, Deep Roy, Jim Dowdall)
Clear and Present Danger~1994 (Harrison Ford, James Earl Jones, Mike Pangrazio, Nick Tate) (Thanks to Christian Collins for this connection!)
Clockwork Orange, A~1971 (Vivienne Maya, David Prowse)
Colour Me Kubrick~2005 (William Hootkins, Ayesha Dharker)
Comic Book: The Movie~2004 (Mark Hamill, Jess Harnell, Peter Mayhew, James Arnold Taylor, Jeremy Bulloch, Tom Kenny, Kevin Michael Richardson, Rob Paulsen)
Computer Wore Tennis Shoes~1971 (Frank Welker, Pete Renaday, Ed Begley Jr.)
Corpse Bride~2005 (Christopher Lee, Deep Roy)
Corvette Summer~1978 (Mark Hamill, Morgan Upton)
Curious George~2006 (Frank Welker, Kath Soucie, Bob Bergen, Grey DeLisle)
Curse of Frankenstein~1957 (Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee)
Creeping Flesh~1973 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
Cromwell~1970 (Sir Alec Guinness, Harry Fielder)

Danny Deckchair~2003 (Hamish Roxburgh, Anthony Phelan)
Darjeeling Limited, The~2007 (Natalie Portman, Roman Coppola)
Dark Crystal, The~1982 (Malcolm Dixon, Simon Williamson, Mike Edmonds, Mike Cottrell, Kiran Shah, Gerald Staddon, David Barclay, Peter Burroughs, John Ghavam, Sadie Corre, Ben Burtt, Jack Purvis, Swee Lim, Mike Quinn, Frank Oz, Deep Roy, Toby Philpott)
Death Wheelers, The~1973 (Mark Boyle, Romo Gorrara, Roy Scammell)
Death Wish 4: The Face of Death~1994 (Tim Condren, Tracey Eddon)
Devil Rides Out~1968 (Christopher Lee, Harry Fielder)
Devils, The~1971 (Kenneth Colley, Harry Fielder)
Devil's Agent~1961 (Christopher Lee, Jeremy Bulloch, Peter Cushing)
Devil's Own~1997 (Harrison Ford, Treat Williams)
Diabolical Properties~1998 (Phil Eason, David Barclay)
Diamonds on Wheels~1973 (Christopher Malcolm, Harry Fielder)
Diana & Me~1997 (Dominic West, Harry Fielder)
Dirty Dozen, The~1967 (John Hollis, George Roubicek)
Disappearance of Kevin Johnson, The~1996 (Guy Siner, Timothy Omundson)
Disciple of Death~1972 (Rusty Goffe, Kenny Baker)
Doctor and the Devils, The~1985 (Harry Fielder, Sîan Phillips, Dermot Crowley)
Dracula~1958 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
Dracula A.D. 1972~1972 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Caroline Munroe, Harry Fielder)
Dragonheart~1996 (Paul Weston, Phil Tippett)
Dragonslayer~1981 (Ian McDiarmid, Harry Fielder, Alf Mangan)
Dreamchild~1985 (Gilda Cohen, Shane Rimmer, William Hootkins, Harry Fielder)
Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb~1964 (James Earl Jones, Shane Rimmer)
Duet for One~1986 (Liam Neeson, Harry Fielder)

Elephant Man, The~1980 (Gilda Cohen, Claire Davenport, Harry Fielder, William Morgan Shepard, Pat Gorman)
Eye of the Needle~1981 (Richard Marquand, Harry Fielder, Alex McCrindle)

Fairy Tale: A True Story~1997 (Don Henderson, Harry Fielder)
Fairy Tale Theatre: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs~1982 (the series of fairy tales also stars: James Earl Jones, Carrie Fisher, Treat Williams, Christopher Lee - Note: may or may not have acted together, but I thought it worth a mention)
Far from the Madding Crowd~1967 (Malcolm Dixon, Terence Stamp)
Fierce Creatures~1997 (Ailsa Berk, Tim Rose, Mark Coulier)
Fifth Element~1997 (Jack Angel, Jerome Blake, Gin Clark, John Coppinger, Paul Bannon)
Finding Nemo~2002 (Jack Angel, Samantha Paris, John Ratzenberger, Bruce Spence, Bob Bergen, Jess Harnell, James Kevin Ward)
First Knight~1995 (Jerome Blake, Bob Anderson, Harry Fielder, Nosher Powell, Paul Bannon)
Flags of Our Fathers~2006 (David Clennon, David Rasche)
Flash Gordon~1980 (Malcolm Dixon, Rusty Goffe, Mike Edmonds, Debbie Lee Carrington, Mike Cottrell, Richard Bonehill, Richard Jones, William Hootkins, John Hollis, Peter Burroughs, John Ghavam, John Fass Morton, Burnell Tucker, Brian Blessed, Stephen Calcutt, Kenny Baker, Deep Roy, John Lummiss, Harry Fielder, Burnell Tucker, Derek Lyons, Paul Bannon)
Force 10 From Navarone~1978 (Harrison Ford, Christopher Malcolm, Michael Sheard, Angus McInnes, Harry Fielder, Jim Dowdall and Leslie Schofield)
For Your Eyes Only~1981 (Jeremy Bulloch, John Hollis, Paul Brooke, Julian Glover, Harry Fielder, Jack Klaff, Jim Dowdall, Doug Robinson, Paul Weston, George Leech)
Fourth Angel, The~2001 (Dean Mitchell, Christian Simpson)
Fourth Protocol, The~1987 (Julian Glover, Harry Fielder, Caroline Blakiston, Jerry Harte)
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed~1969 (Peter Cushing, Harry Fielder)
From Beyond the Grave~1973 (David Warner, Peter Cushing)
From Russia With Love~1963 (Vic Armstrong, Bob Anderson, Pat Gorman, Nosher Powell)

Gambling~2005 (Clancy Brown, Chopper Bernet)
Gandhi~1982 (John Ratzenberger, Norman Chancer, Shane Rimmer, Derek Lyons, William Hoyland)
Ghoul, The~1975 (Peter Cushing, Don Henderson, Harry Fielder)
Gigolos~2015 (Sacha Alexander, Sîan Philips)
Giro City~1982 (Dermot Crowley, Kenneth Colley)
GoldenEye~1995 (Jim Dowdall, Tony Smart, Nick Gillard, Nick Tate, Paul Bannon)
Great Catherine~1968 (Decland Mulholland, Harry Fielder)
Great Raid, The~2005 - (Márton Csókás, Matt Doran, Lisa Shaunessy, Masa Yamaguchi)
Gremlins~1984 (Mark Dodson, Nicky Katt, Harold "Howie" Weed)
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan~1984 (Ailsa Berk, Kiran Shaw, Hilton McRae, Rick Baker, Paul Brooke, Deep Roy, Derek Lyons)

Hamlet~1948 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
Hanover Street~1979 (Harrison Ford, Shane Rimmer, John Ratzenberger, William Hootkins, Jim Dowdall, Jay Benedict)
Hard Four (Hamilton Camp, Ed Begley, Jr., Edward Asner, Charles Dennis)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix~2007 (Warwick Davis, Paul Bannon)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire~2005 (Warwick Davis, Paul Bannon)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban~2004 (Warwick Davis, Mark Coulier, Peter Serafinowicz, Rusty Goff, Paul Bannon)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets~2002 (Stephen Calcutt, Julian Glover, Warwick Davis, Phil Eason, Paul Bannon)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone~2001 (Warwick Davis, Mike Edmonds, Katie Purvis, Stephen Calcutt, Mark Coulier, Phil Eason, Roger Guyett, Ray Griffiths, Paul Bannon)
Hawks~1988 (Bruce Boa, Harry Fielder)
Heavens Above!~1963 (Drewe Henley, Brock Peters)
Heavy Metal~1981 (Jackie Burroughs, Don Francks)
Hellfire Club, The~1961 (Maurice Bush, Peter Cushing)
Henry V~1944 (Jack The Kid Berg, Nosher Powell)
Henry VIII And His Six Wives~1972 (Harry Fielder, Brian Blessed, Robin Sachs)
Hercules~1997 (Corey Burton, Mary Kay Bergman, Patrick Pinney, Jack Angel, Bob Bergen)
Highlander~1986 (Christopher Malcolm, Peter Diamond, Hugh Quarshie, Clancy Brown, Harry Fielder, Bob Anderson, Celia Imrie) Note: Brown and Anderson became lifelong friends....and Sheila Gish (Rachel Ellenstein) was married to Denis Lawson until her death in 2005.
High Road to China~1983 (Michael Sheard, Brian Blessed, Wilford Brimley, Michael Sheard)
High Spirits~1988 (Stephen Calcutt, Liam Neeson)
History of the World: Part I~1981 (John Ghavam, Mike Cottrell, Rusty Goffe, Gerald Staddon, Beatrice Arthur, Harry Fielder)
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy~2005 (Warwick Davis, Jerome Blake, Jim Dowdall, Phil Eason, Danny Blackner, Sarah Bennett)
Hitler: The Last Ten Days~1973 (Julian Glover, Alec Guinness, Michael Sheard)
Holiday on the Buses~1973 (Michael Sheard, Harry Fielder
Hollywood Homicide~2003 (Harrison Ford, Jamison Jones)
Hook~1991 (George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, Nick Tate, Philip Proctor)
Horror Express~1972 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
Horse's Mouth, The~1958 (Alec Guinness, Clive Revill)
Hound of the Baskervilles~1959 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
House of the Long Shadows~1983 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
House that Dripped Blood, The~1970 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
Howard the Duck~1986 (Debbie Lee Carrington, Denny Delk, Phil Tippett, Tim Rose, Gary Martinez, Felix Silla, Ben Burtt, Margarita Férnandez, John Elllis, George Lucas, C. Andrew Nelson)
Hunchback of Notre Dame~1996 (Corey Burton, Peter Mandell, Frank Welker, Patrick Pinney, Mary Kay Bergman, Jack Angel, Bob Bergen)

Idol, The~1966 (Jeremy Bulloch, Caroline Blakiston)
I, Monster~1971 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
In & Out~1997 (Debbie Dixon, Frank Oz, Wilford Brimley)
Independence Day~1996 (Raphael Sbarge, Frank Welker)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade~1989 (Harrison Ford, Julian Glover, Jerry Harte, Julie Eccles, Nick Gillard, Michael Sheard, Jim Dowdall, Doug Robinson)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom~1984 (Harrison Ford,
Internecine Project, The~1974 (Julian Glover, Harry Fielder)
Iron Giant~1999 (Jack Angel, Mary Kay Bergman, Bob Bergen)
Island, The~2005 (Ewan McGregor, Harold "Howie" Weed)Island of Terror, The~1966 (Peter Cushing, Eddie Byrne) (Thanks to Skippy for this connection!)

Jirimpimbira: An African Folk Tale~1995 (Diahann Carroll, David Fennoy)
Jubilee~1977 (Claire Davenport, Harry Fielder)

K-19: Widowmaker~1999 (Liam Neeson, Harrison Ford) (Thanks to Jilliann for this connection!)
Keep, The (Jim Dowdall, Tracy Eddon, Doug Robinson, William Morgan Shepard)
Kiki's Delivery Service~1989 (Jeff Bennett, Corey Burton, Kath Soucie) Note: Debbie Reynolds (Carrie Fisher's mother) plays Miss Dora. (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this connection!)
Kingdom of Heaven~2005 (Liam Neeson, Márton Csókás)
King Lear~2004 (V) (James Earl Jones, Frederick Coffin)
King Ralph~1991 (Julian Glover, Harry Fielder)
Kinsey~2004 (John Lithgow, Liam Neeson)
Krull~1983 (Liam Neeson, Harry Fielder, Jim Dowdall, Alf Joint, Derek Lyons, Tony Smart, Colin Skeaping, Kiran Shah, Dickey Beer, Vic Armstrong, Nosher Powell)

Labyrinth~1986 (Malcolm Dixon, Warwick Davis, Nick Gillard, Nicholas Read, Carol Read, Michael Henbury Ballan, Gerald Staddon, Richard Jones, Tim Rose, Peter Mandell, Paul Grant, Katie Purvis, David Allen Barclay, Christopher Malcolm, Rino Romano, Frank Oz, Kenny Baker, George Lucas, Linda Spriggs, Donald Austen, Mike Quinn, Jack Purvis, Danny Blackner, Andrew Herd, Peter Burroughs, David Greenaway, Topy Philpott, Tim Condren, Tracy Eddon, Phil Eason)
Land that Time Forgot~1975 (Declan Mulholland, Harry Fielder)
Lassiter~1984 (Christopher Malcolm, Harry Fielder)
Lawrence of Arabia~1962 (Nosher Powell, Sir Alec Guinness, Tim Condren)
Legend~1985 (Mike Edmunds, Hugh Quarshie, Kiran Shah)
Legend of the Werewolf~1975 (Peter Cushing, Harry Fielder)
Leprechaun 4: In Space~1996 (Guy Siner, Warwick Davis)
Leroy & Stitch~2006 (Kevin Michael Richardson, Jeff Glen Bennett, Rob Paulsen)
Life and Death of Peter Sellers, The~2004 (John Lithgow, David Robb, Time Winters)
Lifeforce~1985 (Harry Fielder, Burnell Tucker, Alf Joint, Doug Robinson)
Lisztomania~1975 (Harry Fielder, Kenneth Colley)
Little Buddha~1992 (John Coppinger, Ailsa Berk)
Little Dorrit~1988 (Sir Alec Guinness, Dermot Crowley, Malcolm Tierney, Harry Fielder)
Little Mermaid, The~1989 (Hamilton Camp, Susan Boyd, Jack Angel)
Little Shop of Horrors~1986 (Gerald Home, Toby Philpott, Donald Austen, Mike Quinn, Phil Eason)
Living Daylights, The~1987 (Paul Weston, Nick Gillard)
Local Hero~1983 (Denis Lawson, Norman Chancer)
Looney Tunes: Back in Action~2003 (Joe Alaskey, Kevin Thompson, Frank Welker, Jeff Glen Bennett, David Barclay, Bob Bergen)
Lord of the Rings~1978 (Anthony Daniels, Felix Silla, Patty Maloney)
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King~2003 (Christopher Lee, Alexandra Boyd, Márton Csókás, Bob Anderson, Bruce Spence, Kiran Shaw, Ben Cooke)

MacKintosh Man~1973 (Jack Berg, Harry Fielder, Nosher Powell, Fred Wood)
Magic Christian, The~1969 (Peter Cushing, Caroline Blakiston)
Mahler~1974 (Harry Fielder, Kenneth Colley)
Making of Daniel Boone, The~2003 (Clancy Brown, Chopper Bernet)
Malcolm X~1992 (Debbie Dixon, Roger Guenveur Smith, Michael Ralph)
Man in the Moon~1960 (Romo Gorrara, Anthony Lang)
Man With the Golden Gun~1974 (Christopher Lee, Harry Fielder, Doug Robinson)
McVicar~1980 (Harry Fielder, Malcolm Tierney)
Mee Shee: The Water Giant~2005 (Rena Owen, Phil Eason)
Melissa~1997 (Paul Blake and Hugh Quarshie)
The Missionary~199 (Debbie Dixon, Harry Fielder)
Mona Lisa~1986 (Jack Purvis, Kenny Baker, Harry Fielder)
Monsters of the ID~2006 (Garrick Hagon, Phil Delancy)
More American Graffiti~1973 (George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Ben Burtt, Denny Delk, Colin Michael Kitchens, Morgan Upton)
Morons from Outer Space~1985 (Harry Fielder, Shane Rimmer, James K. Taylor, Paul Weston)
Moulin Rouge!~2001 (Ewan McGregor, Nicole Fantl)
Moulin Rouge~1952 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
Mr. Forbrush and the Penguins~1971 (Harry Fielder, Burnell Tucker)
Mulan~1998 (Frank Welker, Jess Harnell, Mary Kay Bergman, Julianne Buescher, Susan Boyd)
Mummy, The~1959 (Eddie Byrne, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
Muppets Treasure Island~1995 (David Barclay, Phil Eason, Frank Oz)
Murder Story~1989 (Christopher Lee, Bruce Boa, Garrick Hagon)
Murphy's War~1971 (Siân Phillips, Harry Fielder)
Music Lovers, The~1970 (Kenneth Colley, Harry Fielder)
My Giant~1998 (Michael Gilden, Paul Weston)

Nature's Guard~2006 (Jerome Blake, Nalini Krishin, Michael Sheard, Aron Kincaid, Ethan Phillips, Jeremy Bulloch, Peter Mayhew, Alan Harris, Mary Oyaya, Warwick Davis)
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind~1984 (Cam Clarke, Mark Hamill, James Arnold Taylor) (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this connection!)
NeverEnding Story III, The~1994 (Phil Eason, William Hootkins)
Never Say Never Again~1983 (Jim Dowdall, Tracy Eddon, Doug Robinson)
New Adventures of Pinocchio~1999 (Warwick Davis, Phil Eason)
Night We Called It A Day~2003 (Joel Edgerton, Rose Byrne)
Nobody Runs Forever~1969 (Harry Fielder, Clive Revill)
Non-Stop (Liam Neeson, Lupita Nyong'o)
No Return~2003 (Michael Dondero, Tom Sylla)
Nothing But the Night~1972 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
Nutcracker Fantasy~1979 (Christopher Lee, Jack Angel)

Octopussy~1983 (Jeremy Bulloch, Bruce Boa, Richard LeParmentier, Dermot Crowley, Harry Fielder, Jim Dowdall, Paul Weston)
Old Curiosity Shop, The~1975 (Harry Fielder, David Warner)
Once Were Warriors~1994 (Rena Owen, Temuera Morrison)
One More Time~1970 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Nosher Powell, Harry Fielder)
One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing~1975 (Clive Revill, Harry Fielder)
On the Buses~1971 (Harry Fielder, Claire Davenport)
Outland~1981 (John Ratzenberger, Angus MacInnes, Norman Chancer, Harry Fielder, Kiran Shah, Alf Joint, Doug Robinson)

Paradise Club~1988 (Don Henderson, Harry Fielder)
Patriot Games~1992 (Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson, Vic Armstrong, Garrick Hagon, James Earl Jones, )
People That Time Forgot, The~1977 (Shane Rimmer, Richard LeParmentier, David Prowse, Kiran Shaw, Harry Fielder)
Persecution, 1974 (Shelagh Fraser, Harry Fielder)
Pink Panther Strikes Again~1976 (Phil Brown, Harry Fielder)
Pitch, The~2001 (Joel Edgerton, Rose Byrne)
Planet of the Apes~2001 (Rick Baker, Deep Roy)
Plenty~1985 (James Taylor, Harry Fielder)
Poker Night~2006 (Nick Gillard
, Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson)
Porco Rosso~1992 Michael Bell, Jack Angel, Dee Bradley Baker, Jeff Bennett, Corey Burton, Pay Fraley, Tom Kenny, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jim Ward, Frank Welker)
Praise~1997 (Matt Doran, Joel Edgerton)
Prince and the Pauper~1977 (Harry Fielder, Don Henderson)
Princess Bride, The~1987 (Bob Anderson, Peter Diamond, Danny Blackner, Dave Prowse)
Princess Mononoke~1997 (Corey Burton, John DiMaggio, Pat Fraley) (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this connection!)
Prince Of Light: The Legend Of Ramayana, The~1992 (James Earl Jones, Edie Mirman)
Prince Valiant~1997 (Warwick Davis, Richard Bonehill)
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes~1970 (Christopher Lee, Clive Revill)
Privates on Parade~1982 (Harry Fielder, Brigitte Kahn)
Protocol~1984 (Ed Begley, Jr., John Ratzenberger)
Pulp Fiction~1994 (Samuel L. Jackson, Phil LaMarr, Bronagh Gallagher)
Puppet on a Chain~1970 (Harry Fielder, Drewe Henley)

Quadrophenia~1979 (Derek Lyons, Harry Fielder)
Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey~2009 (Samuel L. Jackson, James Earl Jones)
Quatermass and the Pit~1967 (Julian Glover, Harry Fielder)

Ragtime~1981 (Samuel L. Jackson, Norman Chancer, Malcolm Christopher, John Ratzenberger, Harry Fielder, Burnell Tucker, Bruce Boa, Pat Gorman, Ray Hassett, Richard Oldfied)
Raiders of the Lost Ark~1981 (Harrison Ford, William Hootkins, Michael Sheard, Kiran Shaw, Paul Weston, Ben Burtt)
Reds~1981 (Shane Rimmer, Norman Chancer, Christopher Malcolm, Harry Fielder and Richard LeParmentier)
Return of the Pink Panther~1975 (Harry Fielder, Claire Davenport)
Return to Never Land~2002 (Frank Welker, Wally Wingert, Kath Soucie, Rob Paulsen, Corey Burton, Jeff Glen Bennett, Clive Revill)
Return to Oz~1985 (Stephen Calcutt, Ailsa Berk, Bruce Boa, Deep Roy, Tim Rose and John Coppinger)
Return to the Secret Garden~2000 (Alexandra Boyd, Guy Siner)
Revolutionary, The~1979 (Bruce Boa, Harry Fielder)
Ritz, The~1976 (Treat Williams, Harry Fielder, John Ratzenberger)
Road To Hong Kong~1962 (Maurice Bush, Nosher Powell, Reg Thomason, Guy Standeven)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves~1991 (Paul Weston, Nick Gillard, Brian Blessed)
Robots~2005 (Ewan McGregor, James Earl Jones)
Rock & Rule~1983 (Dan Hennessey, Don Francks, Donny Burns, Melleny Brown)
Rocky Horror Picture Show~1975 (Stephen Calcutt, Sadie Corre)
Rollerball~1975 (Shane Rimmer, Richard LeParmentier, Angus McInnes and Burnell Tucker)
Romulus, My Father (Márton Csókás, Alethea McGrath)
Rough Cut~1980 (Michael Sheard, Harry Fielder)
Russia House~1990 (Jay Benedict, Romo Gorrara, Simon Templeman)

Safari 3000~1982 (Christopher Lee, Hamilton Camp)
Sahara~2005 (Jim Dowdall, Tracy Eddon)
Satanic Rites of Dracula~1974 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Paul Weston)
Scars of Dracula~1970 (Christopher Lee, Morris Bush)
Scary Movie 4~2006 (James Earl Jones, Pam Hyatt)
Scream and Scream Again~1970 (Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)
Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost~1999 (Frank Welker, Mary Kay Bergman, Pete Renaday, Jennifer Hale)
Scrooge~1970 (Sir Alec Guinness, Harry Fielder)
Seven-Percent Solution~1976 (Drewe Henley, Harry Fielder)
Shining Through~ (Jay Benedict, Liam Neeson)
Shrek~2001 (John Lithgow, Samantha Paris)
Silver Bears~1977 (Shane Rimmer, Phil Brown, Bruce Boa, David Warner, Harry Fielder)
Silver Dream Racer~1980 (Bruce Boa, Richard LeParmentier, Harry Fielder and Leslie Schofield)
Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists~2000 ( Jennifer Hale, Mark Hamill)
Six Days Seven Nights~1998 (Harrison Ford, Temuera Morrison)
Sleepy Hollow~1999 (Ian McDiarmid, Ray Park, Christopher Lee, Nick Gillard)
Solid Geometry~2002 (Denis Lawson, Ewan McGregor)
Slip Stream~1987 (Mark Hamill, Dave Holland)
Spaced Invaders~1990 (Joe Alaskey, Kevin Thompson, Gregg Berger, Debbie Lee Carrington, Tony Cox)
Special Effects: Anything Can Happen~1996 (Ben Burtt, John Lithgow, Kevin Chu)
Spies Like Us~1985 (Christopher Malcolm, Paul Weston, Stephen Hoye, Colin Skeaping, Frank Oz)
Spiral Staircase~1975 (Rusty Goffe, Malcolm Christopher)
Spirited Away~2001 (Jack Angel, Bob Bergen, Jason Marsden, John Ratzenberger, Jim Ward)
Splitting Heirs~1993 (Paul Weston, Paul Brooke)
SpongeBob SquarePants~2004 (James Earl Jones, Clancy Brown, Tom Kenny, Jim Ward)
Spy Who Loved Me, The~1977 (Garrick Hagon, Shane Rimmer, Anthony Forrest, George Roubicek, Tim Condren, Harry Fielder, Jeremy Bulloch, Jim Dowdall, Doug Robinson, Paul Weston, Paul Bannon)
Square, The~2006 (Joel Edgerton, Nash Edgerton)
Square Ring, The~1953 (Eddie Byrne, Jack Berg)
Stateside~2004 (Ed Begley, Jr, Carrie Fisher)
Stork, The~1971 (Graeme Blundell, Bruce Spence)
Superman~1978 (Bruce Boa Terence Stamp, Phil Brown, Dave Prowse, Ray Hassett, John Hollis, John Ratzenberger, Burnell Tucker, Kiran Shah, Harry Fielder, Alan Harris, Norwich Duff, Jim Dowdall, Alf Joint, Doug Robinson, Paul Weston, Vass Anderson)
Superman II~1981 (Shame Rimmer, Terence Stamp, John Hollis, Peter Diamond, John Ratzenberger, John Fass Morton, Kiran Shaw, Tim Condren, Harry Fielder, Angus MacInnes, Jim Dowdall, Bob Anderson, Hadley Kay, Derek Lyons, Doug Robinson, Pat Gorman)
Superman III~1983 (Shane Rimmer, Tim Condren, Harry Fielder, Christopher Malcolm, Tracy Eddon, Doug Robinson, Paul Weston)
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace~1987 (William Hootkins, John Hollis, Christine Hewett, Peter Diamond, Alf Joint)
Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight~1982 (Tim Condren, Peter Diamond, Sean Connery, Mike Edmonds, Ronald Lacey, Peter Cushing)

Theatre of Blood~1973 (Harry Fielder, Declan Mulholland)
Theatre of Death~1969 (Christopher Lee, Julian Glover)
Thirty-Nine Steps, The~1977 (Harry Fielder, David Warner)
The Twenty~2007 (Clancy Brown, Chopper Bernet)
Through the Mobius Strip~2005 (Dee Bradley Baker, Mark Hamill, John DiMaggio, Philip Proctor)
THX-1138~1971 (Scott Beach, Terence McGovern)
Time Bandits~1981 (Malcolm Dixon, Mike Edmonds, Declan Mulholland, Katie Purvis, Marcus Powell, Jack Purvis, Kenny Baker)
Titanic~1997 (Mark Capri, Alexandra Boyd)
Top Secret!~1984 (Hazel Allen, Peter Allen, Peter Cushing, Eddie Eddon, Tracy Eddon, Pat Gorman, Harry Fielder, Frank Henson, Barry Holland, John Ketteringham, George Leech, Wendy Leech, Ronald Nunnery, Pam Rose, Peter Roy, Terry Sach, Anthony Snell, John Triplett, Marolyn Turk)
Toy Story 2~1999 (Corey Burton, John Ratzenberger, Mar Kay Bergman, Jess Harnell, Jack Angel, Bob Bergen, Mike Quinn, Pat Fraley)
Trial by Combat~1976 (David Birney, Maurice Bush, Peter Cushing, Harry Fielder, Romo Gorrara)
Troy~2004 (Julian Glover, Rose Byrne)
True Blue~1996 (Dominic West, Harry Fielder)

U.F.O~1993 (Kiran Shah, Rusty Goffe, Kenny Baker)
Under the Rainbow~1981 (Chris Nunn, Daniel Frishman, Kevin Thompson, Karen Lay, Carrie Fisher, Brian Orenstein, Stacy Nicholls, Margo Apostolos, Chris Romano, Luis deJesus, Phil Fondacaro, Carole Morris, Bobby Bell, Adam Arkin, Tony Cox, Kendra Wall, Felix Silla, Patty Maloney, Harrell Parker Jr., Sal Fondacaro, Margarita Fernández)
Underworld~1985 (Jim Dowdall, Tracy Eddon)
Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson~2004 (Samuel L. Jackson, James Earl Jones, Brock Peters, Jack Thompson)

Valentino~1977 (William Hootkins, Harry Fielder, John Ratzenberger, Norman Chancer, Paul Bannon)
Vengeance of Fu Manchu, The~1967 (Christopher Lee, Eddie Byrne) (Thanks to Skippy for this connection!)
Victor/Victoria~1982 (Norman Chancer, Peter Diamond, Doug Robinson, Jay Benedict)
View to a Kill, A~1985 (Tim Condren, Harry Fielder, Doug Robinson, Pat Gorman)
Visit, The~2000 (Billy Dee Williams, Obba Babatundé)

Wan wan san jushi~1981(Cam Clark, Michael Sorich)
Warlords of Atlantis~1978 (Shane Rimmer and John Ratzenberger)
Warship~ (Michael Sheard, Don Henderson)
Water~1985 (Harry Fielder, William Hootkins, Bruce Boa)
Where Eagles Dare~1968 (Tim Condren, Harry Fielder, Romo Gorraro, Alf Joint, Nosher Powell)
White Angel~1993 (Don Henderson, Peter Firth)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?~1988 (Joe Alaskey, Mike Edmonds, Christine Hewett, Steve Gawley, David Barclay, Richard LeParmentier, Toby Philpott, Jack Angel, Peter Diamond, Robert Watts, Derek Lyons, Donald Austen)
Who Killed the Electric Car~2006 (Ed Begley Jr., J. Karen Thomas)
Whoops! Apocalypse~1986 - (Christopher Malcolm, Jim Dowdall and Shane Rimmer)
The Wild~2006 - (Steven "Spaz" Williams, Kevin Michael Richardson)
Wild Thornberrys, The~2002 (Tom Kane, Cree Summer, Brock Peters, Alexandra Boyd, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jeff Coopwood, Obba Babatundé, Ethan Philips, André Sogliuzzo, Roger L. Jackson, Billy Brown, Kimberly Brooks)
Willow~1988 (Mike Cottrell, Warwick Davis, Tony Cox, Joe Johnston, Malcolm Dixon, Rusty Goffe, Peter Burroughs, Peter Mandell, Tim Condren, Jack Purvis, Doug Robinson, Nick Gillard, Pat Gorman)
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory~1968 (Rusty Goffe, Kenny Baker, Malcolm Dixon, Marcus Powell)
Wing Commander~1999 (Mark Hamill, Hugh Quarshie, David Warner)
Wisdom and Hindsight~2006 (Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Nick Gillard)
Witness~1987 (Harrison Ford, Angus MacInnes)
Wombling Free~1977 (Kenny Baker, Harry Fielder, Jack Purvis)
Working Girl~1988 (Harrison Ford, Nancy Giles, Vic Armstrong, Barrie Holland)
The World is Not Enough~1999 (Vic Armstrong, Paul Bannon)

Yanks~1979 (Caroline Blakiston, John Ratzenberger, Harry Fielder)
Yellow Pages~1988 (Jim Dowdall, Tracy Eddon)
Young Adam~2003 (Ewan McGregor, Michael Carter)
You Only Live Twice~1967 (Shane Rimmer, Paul Weston, Robert Watts, Tim Condren, George Roubicek, Doug Robinson, Tony Smart, Nosher Powell, Pat Gorman)

2000x Tales of the Next Millenia~1999 Note: these actors just participated in this series, I do not know if any of the actors actually worked together (Stephen Markle, Erik Boauersfield, David Birney, Hamilton Camp, Peter Dennis, David Dukes, Alastair Duncan, Martin Jarvis, Phil Proctor, Kristoffer Tabori, David Warner)
2004: A Light Knight's Odyssey~2006 (James Earl Jones, Samuel L. Jackson and David Warner)

Music Videos
Christopher Lee's She'll Fall For Me~1995 (John Chapman, Christopher Lee)

Radio Plays/Radio Shows
Adventures in Odyssey~ (Nathan Carlson, Samantha Paris)
Adventures from the Book of Virtues~1996 (Kath Soucie, Mark Hamill, Kevin Michael Richardson, Frank Welker)
Adventures of Superman: Doomsday and Beyond~ (William Hootkins, Garick Hagon)
American Faith: Richard Milhous Nixon's Road to Watergate Parts 1& 2~1998 (Norman Chancer, William Hootkins, Garrick Hagon)
Americathon~197? (Terence McGovern, Phil Proctor)

Breaking the Code~2003 (Peter Dennis, Andre Sogliuzzo, Simon Templeman, William Morgan Shepard)
Brothers Karamazov~ (Edward Asner, Arye Gross)

Cakewalker~2001 (Samantha Bennett, Raphael Sbarge)
Carmilla~200? (David Warner, Celia Imrie)

General From America, The~2001 (Samantha Bennett, Keene Curtis)

Henry IV~19?? (Julian Glover, Jamie Glover)

I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus~1971 (Terence McGovern, Phil Proctor)

J-Men Forever~1979 (Jack Angel, Terence McGovern, Phil Proctor)

Kit Carson Radio Show~1984 (Denis Lawson, Paul Brooke)

Mastergate~ - (Edward Asner, Arye Gross)
M. Butterfly~ (John Lithgow, Arye Gross)
Murder in the First~ (Edward Asner, Arye Gross)

Oedipus the King~2003 (Caroylyn Seymore, William Morgan Shepard)

Planet Pootwaddle (Online) (Donny Burns, Wally Wingert)

Radio Aotearoa (Jay Laga'aia, Temuera Morrison)

Sherlock Holmes Theatre~ (Kristoffer Tabori, William Morgan Sheppard, André Sogliuzzo)

Tavis Smiley~2003 (Edward Asner, Brock Peters)
Tom Jones~1997 (Andrew Secombe, Martin Jarvis)
Troilus and Cressida~1980 (Sebastian Shaw, Michael Pennington)
Twilight Zone~2003 (John Ratzenberger, Ed Begley, Jr)

Agnes of God~1982/3 (Carrie Fisher, Diahann Carroll)
Alchemist, The~1977 (Paul Brooke, Hilton McRae, Jacob Witkin)
American Rhapsody~ (Edward Asner, David Dukes)
Anna Christie~1977 (John Lithgow, Vic Polizos)
Ass-Whole, The~1973 (John Ratzenberger, Ray Hassett)
Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been~ (James Earl Jones, Edward Asner)
Aunt Sally or The Triumph Over Death~1973 (Oliver Ford-Davies, Denis Lawson)

Babbitt~ (Ed Begley Jr., Edward Asner, Fionnula Flannigan, John Lithgow)
Babbitt~ (James Earl Jones, Ed Begley, Jr.)
The Ballad of Soapy Smith~1984 (Stephen Markle, Jimmy Smits)
Beck~2003 (Stephen Markle, J. Karen Thomas)
Berenice~1990 (Michael Carter, Lindsay Duncan)
Breaking the Code~2003 (André Sogliuzzo, Peter Dennis)
Broadway Goes to the Movies~2003 (Adrian Zmed, Brock Peters)
Brooklyn Boy~2005 (Adam Arkin, Arye Gross)
Brothers Karamazov~ (Edward Asner, Arye Gross)
Burning Issues~ (Kenneth Colley, Dennis Lawson)

Cats~1981 (Brian Blessed, Femi Taylor, Seeta Indrani)
Christmas Ballet, The~1995 (Jennifer Jaffe, Celia Fushille-Burke, Dalyn Chew)
Colour of Justice~1998 (Michael Culver, David Robb)
Committee, The~1960's (Scott Beach, Hamilton Camp, Morgan Upton )
Cosmonaut's Last Message to the Woman He Once Loved in the Former Soviet Union,The~2002 (Ian Watkin, Leanna Walsman)
Country Girl, The~1982 (David Clennon, Vic Polizos)

Don Juan~1972 (David Dukes, Paul Hecht)

Edge of Allegiance~2003 (Michael Oosterom, Zachary Barton)
Emperor Henry IV~1972 (Paul Hecht, Stephen D. Newman)

Faith Machine, The (Alexi Kaye Campbell - director, Ian McDiarmid)
Frankie and Johnny~ (Jennifer Jaffe, Celia Fushille-Burke, Dalyn Chew)

Great God Brown~1972 (David Dukes, Paul Hecht)
Great Tennessee Monkey Trial, The~2006 (Edward Asner, Jerry Hardin)
Greenish Man, The~1979 (Richard LeParmentier, Denis Lawson)

Habeas Corpus~1975 (Kristoffer Tabori, Stephen D. Newman)
Half the Picture~1994 (Michael Culver, William Hoyland, David Robb)
Henry IV~1981 (Stephen Markle, Raphael Sbarge)
Henry VI~1977 (Julian Glover, Oliver Ford Davies, John Rhys Davies, Jack Klaff)
Henry VI~1963 (Ronald Falk, Peter Geddis)

I'd Rather Eat Pants~ (Ed Begley, Jr., Edward Asner)
Idiot, The~ (Edward Asner, Arye Gross)

Julius Caesar~1980 (Lindsay Duncan, Jack Klaff)

King Lear~2002 (Oliver Ford Davies, David Robb)
King Lear~ (James Earl Jones, Frederick Coffin)

La Dispute~2000 (Rose Byrne, Leanna Walsman)
Les Liaisons Dangereuses~1985-7 (Hilton McRae, Lindsay Duncan)
Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunichs~1999 (Denis Lawson, Ewan McGregor)
Love For Love~1998 (Joel Edgerton, Ronald Falk)
A Love Letter to Dan: A Tribute to Dan Crawford (Celia Imrie, Denis Lawson, Ewan McGregor)

Macbeth~2000 (Stephen Markle, Peter Michael Goetz)
Macbeth~1964 (Ronald Falk, Oliver Maguire)
Man of the Moment~1993 (Anni Long, Jerion Monroe)
Mary Stuart~2006 (William Morgan Sheppard, Martin Jarvis, Simon Templeman)
The Master Builder (Sebastian Shaw, Ellison Kemp)
Mastergate~ (Edward Asner, Arye Gross)
McTeague~ (Ed Begley, Jr., Edward Asner)
Measure for Measure~1974 (Michael Pennington, Malcolm Tierney)
Merchant of Venice~1964 (Ronald Falk, Oliver Maguire)
Murder in the First~2006 (Arye Gross, Edward Asner, David Birney)

Once in a Lifetime~1979 (Treat Williams, John Lithgow)
On the Air~1998 (Jeremy Bulloch, Claire Davenport, Femi Taylor)
Othello~1981/2 (James Earl Jones, Graeme Campbell, Stephen Markle)

Pal Joey~1980 (Denis Lawson, Siân Philips)
Philanthropist, The~1985 (Celia Imrie, Jeremy Sinden)
Pillowman, The~2012 (Márton Csókás, Kyle Rowling)
Picasso at the Lapin Agile~1998 (Michael Oosterom, Zachary Barton)
Play Things~2003 (Michael Oosterom, Zachary Barton)

Real Thing, The~1984 (Alister Cameron, Michael Pennington)
Richard II~2005 (Julian Glover, Genevieve O'Reilly)
Richard II~1987 (Stephen Markle, Thomas Hill)
Richard III~1953 (Alec Guinness, Garrick Hagon)
Road~1997 (Joel Edgerton, Leanna Walsman)
Romeo and Juliet~1976 (Jacob Witkin, Michael Pennington)
Romeo and Juliet~1967 (Sebastian Shaw, Christopher Malcolm)
Royal National Theatre Repertoire Season~1994-1995 (Oliver Ford Davies, Daniel Craig, Tom Mannion, Jeremy Sinden)

Secret Service~1976 (Frederick Coffin, John Lithgow)
Seven Out~1998 (Nick Tate, Perry King)
Sex and Longing~1996 (Guy Boyd, Peter Michael Goetz)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs~2006 (Rusty Goffe, Ray Griffiths, Nick (Nicholas) Read)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs~1999 (Nicholas Read, John Ghavam)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs~1990/91 (Danny Blackner, Willie Coppen, John Ghavam, Gerald Stadden)
Spin of the Wheel, A~1987 (Jeremy Sinden, Stephen Hoyle)
Story Theatre~1969 (David Clennon, David Ackroyd)

Taming of the Shrew~1998 (Mark Capri, Alexandra Boyd)
Three Sisters~2001 (Rose Byrne, Anthony Phelan)
Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers~ (Ed Begley Jr., Edward Asner)
Twelfth Night~1973 (Oliver Ford-Davies, Denis Lawson)

Valpone~1989/90 (Ian McDiarmid, Denis Lawson)
The Voysey Inheritance (Milton Johns, Robert Machray)

Waldorf Conference, The~2003 (Ethan Phillips, Edward Asner)
A Woman of No Importance (Robert Machray, Martin Jarvis)

You Can't Take It With You~2015 (Rose Byrne, James Earl Jones)

Zastrozzi~1977 (George Buza, Stephen Markle)

10th Kingdom, The~2000 (Malcolm Dixon, Warwick Davis, Ailsa Berk, Mike Edmonds, Gerald Staddon, Peter Mandell, Peter Burroughs, Tim Dry, Andrew Herd)
18 Wheels of Justice~2000 (Billy Dee Williams, Fred Coffin)
63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards~2005 (Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman - both presenters)

The Adams Chronicles~1976 (Paul Hecht, Stephen D. Newman, David Birney)
Adderly~1986 (Ron James, Winston Rekert)
Adventurer~1972 (Milton Johns, Garrick Hagon)
Alf: the Animated Series~1987 (Michael Fantini, Marvin Goldhar, Don Francks, Rob Cowan, Dan Hennessey, Paulina Gillis)
Apocalypse Watch, The~1997 (Malcolm Tierney, Harry Fielder)
New Avengers, The~1976 (Michael Sheard, *Deep Roy, Clive Revill, *Marc Boyle, *Alf Joint, * * *Peter Brace, Lindsay Duncan, Harry Fielder, Nosher Powell, Mark Jones, Arthur Howell, Richard Graydon) *Italics = Not yet added to the SWAD.
Auf Wiedersehen Pet~1983 (Michael Sheard, Brigitte Kahn)
Avengers, The~1961 This collection is made up of Star Wars people that have been in The Avengers at one time or another, not necessarily together (unless noted) (George Roubicek, , *Declan Mulholland, *Christopher Lee, *John Hollis, Drewe Henley, Julian Glover, Peter Diamond, David Davies, Peter Cushing, Michael Culver, Tim Condron, Kenneth Colley, Bruce Boa, *Brian Blessed, Caroline Blakiston, Graham Ashley, Colin Skeaping, Harry Fielder, Peter Dennis) *Target! *Homicide and Old Lace *The Correct Way to Kill *The Superlative Seven

The Batman~2004 (Kevin Michael Richardson, Rino Romano)
Batman/Superman Movie~1998 (Mark Hamill, Clancy Brown)
Batman: The Animated Series~1992 (Mark Hamill, Aron Kincaid)
Beetlejuice~1988 (Dan Hennessey, Alyson Court)
Bergerac~1981 (Harry Fielder, Celia Imrie)
Big Comfy Couch, The~1992 (Taborah Johnson, Alyson Court)
Big Deal, The~1984 (Harry Fielder, Isaac Grand)
Blake's 7~1977
The Keeper (Stuart Fell, Paul Weston, Nosher Powell)
Volcano (Barry Summerford, Rodney Cardiff)
Gambit (1979) (Mike Mungarven, Barry Summerford)
The Way Back Voice From the Past (Harry Fielder, Barry Summerford, Mike Mungarven)
Bleak House~2005 (Denis Lawson, Dermot Crowley, Paul Bannon)
Body Bags~1993 (Mark Hamill, David Warner)
Honourable Service (1988) (Alexandra Boyd, Sandy Thompson, Colin Higgins)
Bourne Identity~1988 (Bruce Boa, Shane Rimmer, Harry Fielder)
Brush Strokes~1986 (Adam Bareham, Harry Fielder)
The Buzz on Maggie~2005 (Dee Bradley Baker, Jeff Glen Bennett, Jess Harnell, Tom Kenny, Kevin Michael Richardson, Daran Norris, Cree Summer)
By the Sword Divided~1983 (Julian Glover, Claire Davenport, Harry Fielder)

Cadfael~1997 - The Rose Rent (Michael Culver, Tom Mannion)
Campion~1989 (Barry Summerford, Paul Brooke)
Captain Planet and the Planeteers~1990 (Ed Begley, Jr., John Ratzenberger)
Cause Célèbre~1987 (Oliver Ford Davies, Harry Fielder)
Chelworth~1979 (Sebastian Shaw, Martin Jarvis)
Chief, the~1990 (Julian Glover, Michael Carter)
Churchill's People~1974 (Brian Blessed, Harry Fielder)
Citadel, The~1983 (Oliver Ford Davies, Harry Fielder)
Class of 3000~2006 (Jeff Glen Bennett, Jennifer Hale, Tom Kenny)
Cold Warrior~1984 (Bruce Boa, Harry Fielder)
Columbo: The Conspiritors~1978 (Clive Revill, Bernard Behrens)
Conspiracy~2001 (Terry Mustoo, Paul Bannon)
Crime and Punishment (Malcolm Tierny, Harry Fielder, Sîan Phillips)

Dance to the Music of Time, A~1997 (Oliver Ford Davies, Harry Fielder, Paul Brooke)
Danny Phantom~2004
The Fright Before Christmas (Dee Bradley Baker, Kevin Michael Richardson, Rob Paulsen, Tom Kenny, Rob Paulsen, Kath Soucie, Grey DeLisle)
Dead Head~1985 (Denis Lawson, James Warwick, Lindsay Duncan, Don Henderson, Donald Austen)
Dead of Night~1977 (Ed Begley, Jr., Lars Green) Note: They were not in the same segment.
Destination Moonbase Alpha~1976 (Drewe Henley, Al Lampert, Nick Tate)
Dinah!~1974 (Anthony Daniels, Edward Asner)
Dinotopia~2002 (Catherine Ernster, Michael Savva, Christian Simpson)
Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission~1985 (Harry Fielder, Michael Sheard, Bruce Boa, John Morgan Shepard, Jay Benedict)
Dixon of Dock Green~1955-1976 (Harry Fielder, Graham Ashley; Michael Sheard, John Hollis)
Doctor Who~1963
     The Curse of Fenric 1989 (Cy Town, Stephen Fitzalan)
     Frontios 1984 (Salo Gardner, Laurie Goode)
     The Armageddon Factor 1979 (Stephen Calcutt, Ian Liston, Harry Fielder, Peter Roy, Barry Summerford)
     The Androids of Tara 1979 (Declan Mulholland, Rodney Cardiff)
     Face of Evil 1977 (Leslie Schofield, Harry Fielder, Mike Mungarvan, Alan Harris)
     Android Invasion 1975 (Milton Johns, Stuart Fell)
     Invasion of the Dinosaurs 1973 (Barry Summerford, Martin Jarvis, Steve Ismay, Cy Town, Pat Gorman)
     Planet of the Daleks 1973 (Cy Town, Tony Star)
     The Mutants 1972 (Mike Mungarvan, Laurie Goode, Garrick Hagon, John Hollis)
     Double Vision~1992 (Christopher Lee, Shane Rimmer)
     Guard in The Armageddon Factor (six parts) (#16.1) 1/20/79 - 2/24/79 (Ian Liston, Harry Fielder, Stephen Calcutt, Peter Roy)
Duel Masters~2004 (Cam Clarke, David Jeremiah)

Ellis Island~1984 (Liam Neeson, Harry Fielder, Shane Rimmer)
Enemy at the Door~1978 (Harry Fielder, Nick Chilvers)
Everwood~2002 (Treat Williams, James Earl Jones)

Fanny by Gaslight~1981 (Michael Culver, David Robb, Harry Fielder)
Far Out Space Nuts~ (Patty Maloney, Mickey Morton)
Far Pavilions, The~1984 (Christopher Lee, Adam Bareham)
Fear of God~1980 (Michael Sheard, Harry Fielder, Garrick Hagon)
First Frontier~1999 (Michael Sheard, Jeremy Bulloch)
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends~2004 (Tom Kenny, Grey Delisle, Phil LaMarr)
Frankie Howerd Strikes Again~1981 (Claire Davenport, Harry Fielder)
Friends in Space~1990 (Ray Hassett, John Ratzenberger)
Fry and Laurie Host a Christmas Night with the Stars~1994 (William Hootkins, Graham Ashley)

G.B.H.~1991 (Lindsay Duncan, Stephen Hoyle)
Glass House, The~1972 (Billy Dee Williams, Kristoffer Tabori)
Gloss~1988 (Jay Laga'aia, Temuera Morrison)
Goliath Awaits~1981 (Christopher Lee, John Ratzenberger)
Grange Hill~1978 (Graham Ashley, Harry Fielder, Michael Sheard)
Guardians of Luna~2006 (Rino Romano, Phil LaMarr)

Hitler's SS: A Portrait in Evil~1985 (David Warner, Harry Fielder, Paul Brooke)
Holby City~1999 (Hugh Quarshie, Dean Mitchell)
Hornblower: Retribution~2001 (David Warner, Hugh Quarshie)
Hornblower: Mutiny~2001 (David Warner, Hugh Quarshie)
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The~1982 (Kenny Baker, Jack Klaff, Harry Fielder)

I, Claudius~1976 (Brian Blessed, David Robb, Harry Fielder)
If Tomorrow Comes~1986 (Liam Neeson, Harry Fielder, Terry Sach, Jerry Baker)
Into Infinity~1976 (Brian Blessed, Nick Tate)
Ivanhoe~1997 (Christopher Lee, Ralph Brown, Jack Klaff, Sîan Phillips, Harry Fielder)
Ivanhoe~1982 (Julian Glover, David Robb, Harry Fielder, Olivia Hussey)

James Bond Jr.~1981 (Julian Glover, John Hollis)
Jennie: Lady Randolph Churchill~1974 (Sîan Phillips, Harry Fielder)
Jessica~2004 (Leeanna Walsman, Peter Sumner)
Jim Henson's The Storyteller~1988 (David Alan Barclay, Mike Quinn)
Journal of Bridget Hitler~1980 (Julian Glover, Harry Fielder)
Julius Caesar~1979 (Garrick Hagon, Harry Fielder)

Kavanagh Q. C.~1994 (Oliver Ford Davies, Harry Fielder)
Kit Curran~1986 (Paul Brooke, Dennis Lawson)

Larry Grayson~1975 (Ted Burnett, Alfie Curtis)
Law and Order~1969 A Villain's Tale (#1.2) 4/13/78 (Barry Summerford, Steve Ismay)
Lillie~1978 (Harry Fielder, Norwich Duff, Adam Bareham, Garrick Hagon, Herry Harte, William Hootkins, Richard LeParmentier, George Roubicek, Michael Sheard, Malcolm Tierney)
Lipstick On Your Collar~1993 (Ewan McGregor, Shane Rimmer)
Loonatics Unleashed~2005 (Jason Marsden, Kevin Michael Richardson, Rob Paulsen, Tom Kenny, Dee Bradley Baker)
Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy~1986 (Harry Fielder, Jeremy Sinden)
Exposi (#3.14) 3/28/07 (Jacob Witkin, Billy Dee Williams)

Made in Canada~1998 (Peter Blais, Jackie Burroughs)
Master of the Game~1984 (Norman Chancer, harry Fielder, David Birney, Shane Rimmer)
Me & Mrs. C~1984 (Terence McGovern, Phil Proctor)
Melissa~1997 (Paul Blake, Hugh Quarshie)
A Midsummer Night's Dream~1968 (Sebastian Shaw, David Warner)
Mina and the Count~ (Jeff Glen Bennett, Mark Hamill)
Minder~2009 (Paul Brooke, Nick Gillard)
Moby Dick~1998 (Kee Chan, Bruce Spence, Peter Sumner)
Monty Python's Flying Circus: episode: Hamlet (Stuart Myers, Tony Snell, Reg Thomason)
Muppets, The~2015 (Michael Oosterom, Mike Quinn, Julianne Buescher)
Muppets Wizard of Oz~2005 (David Alan Grier, Julianne Buescher, Mike Quinn)
Murder Not Proven~19?? (Michael Sheard, Leslie Schofield)

The Nation's Health~1983 (Sebastian Shaw, Ian McDiarmid)
Nature's Guard~2004 (Jeremy Bulloch, Peter Mayhew, Alan Harris, Nalini Krishan, Jerome Blake, Michael Sheard, Aron Kincaid, and Warwick Davis)
Nelson~ (Laurie Goode, Mark Kirby)
New Archies, The~1987 (Alyson Court, Marvin Goldhar)
The Nightmare Man~1981 (Celia Imrie, James Warwick)
Norman Wisdom Show, The~1976 (Don Henderson, Harry Fielder)
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less~1990 (Edward Asner, Ed Begley, Jr., Harry Fielder)
Nutcracker Fantasy~1979 (Jack Angel, Christopher Lee)

Old Curiosity Shop, The~1979 (Gilda Cohen, Stephen Calcutt)
Oliver Twist~1985 (Leslie Schofield, Harry Fielder)
Oppenheimer~1980 (Garrick Hagon, Phil Brown, Shane Rimmer, Harry Fielder, Christopher Malcolm)

Pennies From Heaven~1978 (Harry Fielder, Kenneth Colley)
Pickwick Papers~1985 (Harry Fielder, Jeremy Sinden)
Pigs Next Door~2000 (Ed Begley, Jr., John Ratzenberger, Charity James)
Play for Today: Murder Rap~1980 (Michael Sheard, Harry Fielder)
Poldark~1975 (Don Henderson, Harry Fielder)
Preston Episodes, The~1995 (David Alan Grier, Clive Revill)
Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader~1989 ( Warwick Davis, Ailsa Berk, Tim Rose, Jack Purvis and Kenny Baker)
Prince Regent~1979 (Caroline Blakiston, Harry Fielder)
Prince Valiant~1991 (Jack Angel, Tom Kane, Charles Dennis, Bob Bergen, Simon Templeman, Jeff Glen Bennett - these actors may or may not have been on at the same time)
Prisoner of Honor~1991 (Kenneth Colley, Brian Blessed)
The Protectors~1972
Petard (Milton Johns, Mark Jones)

Q.E.D.~1982 (Julian Glover, Harry Fielder)

Re-Animated~2006 (Tom Kenny, Paul Reubens)
Reilly Ace of Spies~1983 (Sebastian Shaw, Alex McCrindle, Lindsay Duncan, Harry Fielder)
Replacements, The~2006 (Kath Soucie, Grey Delisle, Daran Norris)
Return to Treasure Island~1985 (Kenneth Colley, Brian Blessed)
Road to Avonlea~1989 (Bruce Boa, Jackie Burroughs)
Robin of Sherwood~1985 (Jeremy Bulloch, Harry Fielder)
Robotech~1985 (Edie Mirman, Cam Clark)
Rome~2005 (Lindsay Duncan, Richard Bonehill)

Saint, The~1965 (Jack Berg, Alan Bennett?, Nosher Powell, Paul Weston)
Samurai Jack~2001 (Note: some of these actors may have played in episodes together. This just points out that these actors have both Star Wars and Samurai Jack in common at some point: Brock Peters, Mark Hamill, Rob Paulsen, Rino Romano, Kath Soucie, Dee Bradley Baker, André Sogliuzzo, Joe Alaskey, Greg Burson, Lasrry Cedar, Clancy Brown, Patrick Pinney, Jess Harnell, Corey Burton, Michael Bell, Grey DeLisle, Peter Reneday, Kevin Michael Richardson, Tom Kenny, Brian George, Jennifer Hale, John DiMaggio, Jeff Glen Bennett, Phil LaMarr)
Saturday Showdown~2006 (Donald Austen, Tim Rose)
Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire~2003 (Frank Welker, Jeff Glen Bennett, Kimberly Brooks, Jennifer Hale, Phil LaMarr, Michael Bell, Kevin Michael Richardson)
Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School~1988 (Frank Welker, Patty Maloney)
Second Nature~2003 (Hasani Shapi, Garrick Hagon)
Secret Army~1977 (Michael Culver, Harry Fielder)
Selling Hitler~1991 (Jerry Harte, Norman Chancer)
Sensitive Skin~2006 (David Warner, Denis Lawson)
Shades of Green~ (Michael Sheard, Koo Stark)
Sign of Four, The~1987 (Alf Joint, Kiran Shah)
Silver Chair, The~1990 (Warwick Davis, Ailsa Berk, Mike Edmonds and Jack Purvis)
Slow Norris, The~1995 (Phil Eason, David Barclay)
Smiley's People~1982 (Sir Alec Guinness, Sîan Phillips, Vass Anderson)
Softly, Softly~ (Michael Sheard, Claire Davenport)
Solarnauts, The~1967 (Romo Gorrara, George Roubicek)
Space: 1999 (Note: sometimes the actors played together but not always. Most simply have this in common Nick Tate, Shane Rimmer, Jenny Cresswell, Vic Armstrong, Norwich Duff, Michael Sheard, Gerald Staddon, Michael Culver, Paul Weston, Christine Hewett, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Jack McKenzie, Jack Klaff, Brian Blessed, David Prowse, Drewe Henley, Richard LeParmentier, Angus MacInnes, Julian Glover, Pam Rose, Al Lampert)
Here are some true connections:
The Bringers of Wonder (#2.18-19) 8/4 & 8/11/77 (Drewe Henley, Al Lampert)
The Metamorph (Brian Blessed, Pam Rose, Nick Tate)
The Exiles (Pam Rose, Jenny Cresswell, Vic Armstrong, Quentin Pierre, Nick Tate)
Testament of Arkadia (#1.) 3/26/76 (Shane Rimmer, Quentin Pierre, Nick Tate)
Space Brain (#1.) 3/12/76 (Shane Rimmer, Quentin Pierre, Nick Tate)
Breakaway (#1.1) 10/17/75 (Quentin Pierre, Nick Tate)
Sparkhouse~2002 (Celia Imrie, Richard Armitage)
Special Effects: Anything Can Happen~1996 (Ben Burtt, John Lithgow, Kevin Chu)
Spitting Image~1984 (Phil Eason, Donald Austen, Gerald Home)
Spyforce~1971 (Peter Sumner, Jack Thompson)
Spyship~1983 (Malcolm Tierny, Harry Fielder)
Spy Trap~1971 (Julian Glover, Harry Fielder)
Squaring the Circle~1984 (Don Henderson, Harry Fielder)
Staircase Murders, The~2007 (Treat Williams, Kevin Pollak)
Stanley's Dragon~1994 (Milton Johns, Paul Venebles)
Static Shock!~2000 (Phil LaMarr, Chris Cox)
Strangers~1978 (Don Henderson, Leslie Schofield, Harry Fielder)
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!~2004 (Clancy Brown, Mark Hamill, Kevin Michael Richardson, Frank Welker, Tom Kenny)

Tales of the Unexpected~1981 (William Hootkins, Peter Dukes)
Task Force~ (Michael Sheard, Claire Davenport)
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy~1979 (Sir Alec Guinness, Harry Fielder)
Through the Dragon's Eyes~1989 (Willie Coppen, Ray Griffiths, Peter Mandell, Katie Purvis, Nicky Read)
Titus Andronicus~1985 (Harry Fielder, Hugh Quarshie)
Tomorrow People, The~1992 (Christopher Lee, William Hootkins, John Hollis)
A Touch of Frost~1992 (Vass Anderson, Dermot Crowley)
Tough Love~2001 (Adrian Dunbar, Dean Mitchell)
Transformers~1984 (Ep Changing Gears: Peter Reneday, Clive Revill, Neil Ross, Frank Welker)
Treasure Island~1990 (Christopher Lee, Julian Glover)
Two Mrs. Grenvilles, The~1987 (Bruce Boa, Shane Rimmer)

Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson~2005 (James Earl Jones, Adam Arkin, Samuel L. Jackson)

Vanity Fair~1987 (mini) (Benedict Taylor, Jack Klaff, Sîan Phillips, Harry Fielder)

The War~2007 (Samuel L. Jackson, Adam Arkin)
War and Remembrance~1988 (Kenneth Colley, Brian Blessed)
Water Rats~1996 (1999 David Bowers, Susie Porter)
Wednesday Play~1961 (Last Train to Harecastle Tunnel 1969) (Shelagh Fraser, Claire Davenport)
We'll Meet Again~1981 (Christopher Malcolm, Harry Fielder)
What's With Andy?~2001 (Kath Soucie, Dee Bradley Baker)
Wildfire: King of the Horses~1986 (Pete Renaday, Frank Welker, David Ackroyd, Aron Kincaid)
Wildside~1997 (David Bowers, Susie Porter)
Winds of War~1983 (David Dukes, Harry Fielder)
Wizard of Oz, The~1990 (Frank Welker, Jack Angel, Hamilton Camp, Pat Fraley, Rob Paulsen)
A Woman of No Importance~2005 (Martin Jarvis, Jack Klaff)
Wombles (Wombling Free)~1977 (Kenny Baker, Eileen Baker, Sadie Corre, Tony Friel, Jack Purvis, John Lummiss and Marcus Powell)
The Wrong Coast~2003 (Mark Hamill, Nancy Giles, Jess Harnell)

X-Men~1992 (Dan Hennessey, Alyson Court, George Buza)

A Year in Provence~1991 (Lindsay Duncan, Barry Summerford)
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles~1992 *Note: These are just the names of people who are associated with Star Wars and YIJC, they have not necessarily starred/worked together (Ben Burtt, Rick McCallum, George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Paul Martin Smith, Carrie Fisher, Oliver Ford Davies, Anthony Daniels, Ian McDiarmid, Matthew Wood, Vic Armstrong, Peter Firth, Joe Johnston, Pernilla August, Christopher Lee, Benedict Taylor, Jamie Glover, William Hootkins, Peter Dennis)

Zatch Bell!~2005 (Steven J. Blum, Debi Mae West)
Z Cars~1962 (Brian Blessed; Claire Davenport, Michael Sheard)

Video Games
Doom³: Resurrection of Evil~2005 (Jennifer Hale, Daran Norris, Greey DeLisle, Michael Bel, Steven Jay Blum, Michael Gough, David Kaye, André Sogliuzzo, Scott Menville, Rino Romano)

Evil Dead: A Fist Full of Boomstick~2003 (Steven Jay Blum, William Hootkins, Phil LaMarr, Pat Fraley)

God of War~2005 (Courtenay Taylor, Terrence T.C. Carson, Steven Jay Blum, Rob Paulsen) (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this connection!)
Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure~2006 (Dee Bradley Baker, Michael Gough, Robin Atkin Downes)

Halo 2~2003 (Dee Bradley Baker, Hamilton Camp, Robin Atkin Downes, Kevin Michael Richardson) (Thanks to John at Obroa-Skai for this connection!)

JumpStart Kindergarten~???? (Carol Bach y Rita, Michael Gough, Kath Soucie)

Karaoke Revolution Volume 3~2004 (singers) 'Love Shack' (Susan Zelinsky, Andrew Chaikin)
Kingdom Hearts 2~2006 (Jeff Glen Bennett, Gregg Berger, Corey Burton, Cam Clarke, Grey DeLisle, John DiMaggio, Robin Atkin Downes, Brian George, Jess Harnell, James Earl Jones, Christopher Lee, Kevin Michael Richardson, Kath Soucie, James Arnold Taylor, David Warner, Frank Welker)

Of Light and Darkness~2006 (Jamison Jones, Natalija Nogulich, Heidi Shannon)
Onimusha 3~2004 (Robin Atkin Downes, Jennifer Hale, Neil Ross, Dee Bradley Baker, Daran Norris, Richard Doyle)
Outlaws~1997 (Jack Angel, Robert Pike Daniel, Peter Renaday, Glenn Quinn)

Saints Row~2006 (Andre Sogliuzzo, Clancy Brown, Terrence TC Carson)
Shrek 2~2004 (Andre Sogliuzzo, Jennifer Hale, James Arnold Taylor)
Splinter Cell Double Agent~2006 (Michael Sorich, Rachel Reenstra)
Soldiers of Fortune II~2002 (Mark Hamill, Dee Bradley Baker, Michael Gough, Neil Ross, Michael Bell, Cam Clarke, Nick Jameson)

Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams~2004 (Jeff Glen Bennett, Jennifer Hale, Rob Paulsen, Jason Marsden)
Tak and the Power of Juju~2003 (Jeff Glen Bennett, Jason Marsden, Jennifer Hale)

The Kellys (on (Kath Soucie, Jess Harnell, Rob Paulsen, Corey Burton)

Seeing Ear Theatre: Titanic Dreams~1997 (Debi Mae West, Clancy Brown)

Live Appearances/Performances
35th anniversary salute to Woodie King, Jr.'s New Federal Theatre~2005 (Obba Babatundé, Samuel L. Jackson)

Coming Out of Their Shells~1990 (Pete Renaday, Cam Clarke)

Stars Shine for Autism~2004 (Martin Jarvis, Siân Phillips)

Zoo Factory (comedy group)~1973 (Dan Hennessey, John Stocker)

Schools (not the same years)
Guildhall School of Music and Drama (Carrie Fisher, Stephen Hoye, Jacob Witkin, Peter Cushing, Dominic West, Adrian Dunbar)

NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art - Australia) (Genevieve O'Reilly, Masa Yamaguchi, Ian Roberts, Kyle Rowling, Susie Porter, Ronald Falk)

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