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Akindoyeni, Tux

Tux Akindoyeni

Tux Akindoyeni was born in Sydney, Australia is of Anglo-Australian (his mother) and Nigerian (his father) decent and was raised mostly in Australia where he attended Bulae Primary School in the mid to late 70's and then attended Lae High School in Papua New Guinea and spent 4 years in Lae PNG on the University Campus, where his father was a lecturer.
Tux went on to attend St. Joseph's College at Hunters Hill in Sydney, Australia where he also became a rower and a rugby player.
In 1988, Akindoyeni began studying Liu He Ba Fa under Mr. Coelho in Sydney. During this time, Mr. Akindoyeni held for 8 years, undefeated, the title of Chinese Martial Arts Heavyweight Champion.
Over the last years, after Mr. Coelhos retirement, Mr. Akindoyeni has taken on the teaching of the Tradition of Liu He Ba Fa in Sydney. His classes are characterized in their emphasis on strength and aerobic training based in the traditional Liu He Ba Fa Style.
Akindoyeni spent some time modeling and even appeared in poster form (pin-ups) and has turned up in Dolly or Cosmo magazines. 
Akindoyeni currently lives and works in Australia. He is a personal trainer with his own gym in Bondi Junction. His clients include international models, Australian senior judges and regular students wanting to get fit with a 'spiritual' emphasis on harmony and balance.
Thanks to Feyi for some biographical information.

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