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Alcroft, Jamie

Jamie Alcroft

Jamie Alcroft started in performing as a DJ in Florida when he received a note from someone saying, 'You're one of the funniest men in town, I'm the other one' the note turned out to be from his future comedic partner Mack Dryden. Together they formed Mack and Jamie and performed all over the country and abroad.  They have built a reputation on being a corporate comedy team with a very clean, but funny act.
Alcroft has done much on his own and continues to do voice work whenever he can between shows and gigs in Las Vegas and Atlantic City in the US or abroad in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia or out of London, UK on the QE2.

The Buffalo Son~2009 - Yusuf Islam
Corpus Callosum~2007 - Randy
Shrink Rap~2003 - Party Guest
Eight Crazy Nights~2002 - voice of Eli Wolstan
Million Dollar Mystery~1987 - Bob

Avatar: The Last Airbender~2005 - voice talent in The Blue Spirit
Justice League Unlimited~2004 - voices of:
     Vance/Esposito in Task force X
     Larry/Scalper  in  The Cat and the Canary 
Most Extreme Elimination Challenge~2003 - Announcer (all)
Primetime Glick~2001 - Reporter in Chris Elliot
As Told By Ginger~2000 - Blake Bradley in New House
Katie Joplin~1999 -  Mr. Kosloff in Parent Trap
Rocket Power~1999 - voice of Rhino in Big Thursday 
Edith Ann's Christmas (Just Say Noel)~1996 - voice of Loutrek
Rugrats~1991 - voices of Timmy the Toy/Toby Turtle/Customer #2 in Cynthia Comes alive/Trading Phil
Simpsons, The~1989 - voice of Ed Begly Jr. and Alec Baldwin in Homer to the Max
Studio 59(formerly Into the Night)~1991 - Himself
Children's Miracle Network~1990 - Himself
The Last Laugh~1990 - Himself in episode 1.3
The Tommy Chong Roast (Playboy)~1986 -  "Mack & Jamie"

Comedy Break (Mack and Jamie)~1982 - "Mack & Jamie" (125 shows)
Solid Gold~1980 - Himself (regular performer, 1982)
All Night Radio~1982 - Jamie
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson~19?? - as "Mack & Jamie"
Des O'Connor Show~1970 - as "Mack & Jamie"

TV Writer
All Night Radio~1982

Boomers on a Bench~2014-2015 - (see Actor Connections - Internet)

Whiskas - Green Parrot

Two For All~1996 - Himself (Acme Comedy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Mack & Jamie's Two-Man One-Man Show~1995 - Himself (Ice House, Pasadena, CA)

Mack & Jamie: Extreme Channel Surfing~2002

Live Performances
Dr. Pepper
General Motors
State Farm
Marconi Awards
Two For All
Corporate Videos
Gartner Group
Embassy Suites
Kraft Foods

Remember When...~1999

Video Games
Ninja Gaiden 3~2012 - voice of LOA Chairman
Star Wars: The Old Republic~2011 - character voices
Gears of War 3~2011 - voice of Victor Hoffman
Transformers: Dark of the Moon~2011 - voice of Wheeljack and other characters
Gears of War~2006 - voice of Victor Hoffman
EverQuest II~2004 - voices of Cargan Bloodbender/Commandant Tychus/Dorak Everstock/Frum Zoomly/Gharvesz Throsz/Hlox Kezhvik/Ilph Il Klorn/Jafari Kesi/Mol Klorn/Sir Laughlin/Tarasios Xiorkambi/Torlig the Alchemist/Vishra
Call of Duty: United Offensive~2004 - voices of  Lt. Lemhkul/Sgt. Ramirez and other characters
Alter Echo~2003  - voice of  Stome
Quest for Saddam~2003 - voices of Saddam's doubles/Tom Brokaw/Popeye
Return to Castle Wolfenstein~2001 - Jack/British Officer
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds~2001 - voices of AT-PT driver/Javelin submarine captain/Sio Bibble
Star Trek: Klingon Academy~2000 (voice) -  Civil War Weapons Officer, Freighter Captain 2, Altair Star Captain, Soorex
Spyro the Dragon~1998 - voice of dragons: Alvar/Cosmos/Kosoko/Lateef/Oswin/Tomas/Trondo/Zane and voice of Interviewer

Awards, Honors and Nominations
LA Times Critics Choice: 
Rec'd for Two For All
Razzie Awards:
Nom 1988 Worst Supporting Actor for Million Dollar Mystery (shared with his comedic partner, Mack Dryden)

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Alcroft is part of a two man comedy team, Mack and Jamie

Mack and Jamie specialize in hosting awards shows

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