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Ali-Yebuah, Shaquille

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah

Deep Clean~2018 (short) - Bungle
Solo: A Star Wars Story~2018 - Imperial Mudtrooper (left)
The Children Act~2017 - Jake
iBoy~2017 - Cass
What Comes After~2015 - Ali
Social Suicide~2015 - Marc
Legacy~2015 - Kid 2
Tag~2014 (short) - Spike
I Only Have Eyes For You~2014 (short) - Timo
Year 7~2014 (short) - Jason

The Feed~2019 - Danny in 1.1-1.10
Save Me~2018 - Dominic in 1.2, 1.4
Dixi~2016 - Perry (40 episodes)
You, me and the Apocalypse~2015 - Gavin in Who Are These People?
In and Out of the Kitchen~2015 - Scotty in:
     The Lodger
     Valentine's Day
Casualty~2013 - Scott Lambert in Isolated Incident

Wish List~2015-2017 - Luke (Royal Exchange Theatre, Royal Court,  Manchester, England, UK)

What Does the K Stand For?~2013 - young Steven K. Amos

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