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Allen, Tony

Tony Allen

Tony Allen

Star Wars: Episode IV - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 - Snowtrooper


Sweeney 2~1978 - Bill the Driver
Sweeney!~1977 - Bill the Driver
Carry On Abroad~1972 - Monk
Please, Sir!~1972 - uncredited Irate Driver
The Devils~1971 - Spectator
Theatre of Death~1967 - uncredited Micheaud's Driver
Island of Terror~1966 - Villager
Operation Crossbow~1965 - SS Officer
Repulsion~1965 - Neighbor
Carry On Jack~1964 - Pirate
Hard Day's Night~1964 - Stagehand

Prime Suspect~1992 - Fraser James in Prime Suspect 2
Minder~1979 - Man in Van in Bury My Half at Waltham Green
The Sweeney~1970-1978 - Bill the Driver (41 episodes)
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) (My Partner the Ghost)~1970 - Ghost in The Trouble with Women
Champions~1969 - Cowboy in Nutcracker
The Saint~1964 - Digger in The Loving Brothers

TV Stand-in
The Sweeney~1970-1978 - (stand-in: John Thaw)

Part of The North Sea Scrolls (comedy album) - comedy performers Luke Haines, Cathal Coughlan, and Andrew Mueller used Tony Allen as the start of the alternate history. They say that Mr. Allen gave them the North Sea Scrolls and was also the central figure in that alternate history. "It's a Tony Allen world and we just live in it..."

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