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Anderson, Franki

Franki Anderson

Franki Anderson was born in Bristol, England.  Franki Anderson is a Fool, she's been Fooling for more than 20 years though she's been performing since she was a child.
Franki has explored Laban Movement, Commedia dell'Arte, Circus Skills, Mime, Clowning, Acrobatics, Storytelling, Improvisation, Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis Movement, Tai Chi, Reiki and Movement-Therapy...Fooling incorporates them all.  She works all over Europe.
She worked on Return of the Jedi while pregnant with her second child, a daughter, and found the costume hot and cramped.  Her son is a lifelong Star Wars fan...but considers her profession as a clown rather embarrassing.
Anderson is a director and a consultant for performing groups and shows.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 (uncredited) - Bubo the Frog-Dog

Film Crew
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 (mime artist: Bubo the Frog-Dog)

Shakespeare's Messenger~1999

Social Media

Fooltime (Britain) - founder and artistic director of Britain's first circus theatre school.  

1995 - Empty Space Theatre  - creator 

Director of The Troubadours traveling "fools" 

Ran an Italian Fooling Summer Camp

Small World Theater 

She's worked with Toby Philpott.
International Old Fools Young Fools Fest 2011

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