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Anderson, Sam

Sam Anderson
  Photo from WCHS TV

Sam Anderson was born on May 13, 1945 in Wahpeton, North Dakota, US.
Anderson has degrees in American Literature, Creative Writing and Theatre, after graduating he taught drama at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California, US.
Anderson has been married since 1985 and has two children (twins), he and his family currently live in Clark, South Dakota, US.

Captain America: Civil War~2015 -
Maybe Someday~2014 - Douglas Donnelly
Devil's Due~2014 - Father Thomas
Breaking the Girls~2013 - Professor Nolan
3, 2, 1...Frankie Go Boom~2012 - Chris (Dad)
Water for Elephants~2012 - Mr. Hyde
Dirty Habit~2006 - Bishop
Touched~2005 -  Dr. Reynolds
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover~2004 - 
Married to the Kellys~2003 -  Bill Kelly
Slackers~2002 -  Charles Patton
Distance, The~2000 -  John Harrison
Shangri-la Café, The~2000 -  The Man
Perfect Game~2000 (V) -  Steven
Independent, The~2000-  Ed
Sonic Impact~1999-  Alex Holmes
Permanent Midnight~1998-  Dr. Olsen
After the Game~1997-  Jimmy Walsh
Sleepwalker Killing, The~1997-  Roth Lane
Puppet Masters, The~1994-  Culbertson
Forrest Gump~1994-  Principal
Stand, The~1994 (mini) -  Whitney Horgan
Memoirs of an Invisible Man~1992-  Chairman of the House Committee
I Come in Peace~1990-  Warren
Critters 2: The Main Course~1988-  Mr. Morgan
La Bamba~1987-  Mr. Ludwig
Movers and Shakers~1985-  Ray Berg
Airplane II: The Sequel~1982-  Man in White

Once Upon A Time~2015 -
Bones~2014 - Hugo Sanderson in:
     The Lance to the Heart
     The Conspiracy in the Corpse
Chasing Life~2014 - Gerald Rayburn in:
     Finding Chemo
     Blood Cancer Sex Carrots
Grimm~2014 - Rolek Porter/Old Man in:
     The Inheritance - Rolek Porter
     My Fair Wesen - Old Man
Castle~2014 - Principal Duncan in Smells Like Teen Spirit
Justified~2013-2014 - Lee Paxton (9 eps)
Dallas~2013 - Dr. David Gordon in:
     Guilt by Association
Scandal~2012 - Melvin Feen in Spies Like Us
NCIS: Los Angeles~2012 - Senator Dick Osborne in Dead Body Politic
Men at Work~2012 - James Wilson
Harry's Law~2012 - Judge William Rothman in Les Horribles
Work It~2012 - Dr. Keith Sorenson in Shake Your Moneymaker
NCIS~2010 - Walter Carmichael in Worst Nightmare
Memphis Beat~2010 - Councilman Orland in Don't Be So Cruel
Hawaii Five-0 - Owen Sutherland in Ka Ho' Oponopono
LOST~2005-2010 - Bernard Nadler (21 eps)
The Forgotten~2010 - Train Driver in Train Jane
Criminal Minds~2009 - Dr. Rawlings in House on Fire
Grey's Anatomy~2009 - Michael Whitman in Before and After
Leverage~2009 - Henry Retzing in The Snow Job
Conspiracy~2007 - (pilot)
ER~1994 -  Dr. Jack Kayson (20 eps 1994 - 2007)
K-Ville~2007 - Mr. Dubois in Pilot
Cold Case~2006 - Ted Robinson in Joseph
Medium~2005 - Dr. Eliot Peterson in Time Out of Mind
Malcolm in the Middle~2005 - Police commissioner in Billboard
Boston Legal~2005 - Walter Fife in From Whence We Came
Married to the Kellys~2003 - Bill Kelly (21 eps)
CSI: NY~2004 - Dr. Richards in And Here's to You, Mrs. Azrael

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation~2004 - Dr. Mercer in Ch-Ch-Changes
Secret Santa~2003 -  Mr. Gibson
Miracles~2003 -  Cinda's Father in  Mother's Daughter 
Boomtown~2002 -  Scott Dawson in  Blackout 
Without a Trace~2002 - Congressman Whitehurst in Kam Li 
Judging Amy~1999 - Gordon Kirby in  The Best Interests of the Child
Boomtown~2002 -  Scott Dawson in  Monster's Brawl 
Presidio Med~2002 in  Pick Your Battles 
CSI: Miami~2002 -  Scott Summer in Golden Parachute 
Wolf Lake~2001 -  Arthur Van Halen in If These Wolves Could Talk 
Family Law -  Carlisle Tucker in Admissions 
Court, The~1999 - White House Counsel Reinhart in Life Sentence
Everybody Loves Raymond~1996 -  Agent Garfield in Lucky Suit 
Chronicle, The~2001 -  Dr. Emmanuel Fickas in I See Dead Fat People2
First Monday~2002 - in  Age of Consent (see Actor Connections)
JAG~1995 -  Raymond Dart in  Guilt
Fighting Fitzgeralds, The~2001 - Judge Flanagan in  One Angry Man
Growing Pains: The E! True Hollywood Story~2001-  Himself
Pasadena~2001 -  Dr. Paul Darwell in:
    Someone to Talk To
    The Truth Hurts
    A River in Egypt
Angel~1999 -  Holland Manners in 
     Blood Money
     The Trial
     To Shanshu in L.A.
     Blind Date
West Wing, The~1999 -  John LaSalle in  Shibboleth 
Diagnosis Murder~1993 -  Dr. Yordsberg in  Out of the Past (I) 
Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place~1998 -  Dr. Harvey in  Love Shack 
NetForce~1999 -  Fox
Any Day Now~1998 in  Say Something
Profiler~1996 -  Ken Harker in  Seduction
Ally McBeal~1997 -  Mark Harrison in  In Dreams
From the Earth to the Moon~1998 (mini) -  Thomas Paine
Pentagon Wars, The~1998 -  Congressman #2
Fantasy Island~1998 -  Mr. Gable in  Wishboned
Friends~1994 -  Dr. Harad in  The One Hundredth
Prey~1998 -  Dr. Ian Copeland in:
X Files, The~1993 -  Leamus in  The Pine Bluff Variant
Chicago Hope~1994 -  Howard Sherwood in  Liver, Hold the Mushrooms
Pretender, The~1996 -  Dr. Curtis in  Over the Edge
Visitor, The~1997 in  The Devil's Rainbow
Cape, The~1996 -  Kevin Davis/ Capcom
Millennium~1996 -  Agent Jack Pierson in 522666
Nowhere Man~1995 -  The Man in  Through a Lens Darkly
Murder, She Wrote~1984 -  Dan the Electrician in  Murder in Tempo
Boston Common~1996 -  President Wesley Butterfield (1996)
Norma Jean & Marilyn~1996  (uncredited) -  Doctor
Man Next Door, The~1996 -  Dwight Cooley
Live Shot~1995 -  Marvin Seaborne
Pointman~1995 -  Phil Lettamar in  Trading Up in the Pale Moonlight 
Picket Fences~1992 -  FBI Agent Donald Morrell in:
     Heroes and Villains
     Away in the Manger
     Terms of Estrangement
     Blue Christmas
     the Dancing Bandit
     Be My Valentine
Murder, She Wrote~1984 -  Stuart Himes in  Twice Dead 
Thunder Alley~1994 -  Mr. Riley in  Speak No Evil
Diagnosis Murder~1993 -  Ernie Pitt in  Many Happy Returns
Adventures of Brisco County Jr., The~1993 -  Simon Wolfe in  Brooklyn Dodgers
In the Heat of the Night~1988 -  Drew Ward in  Maybelle's Return
Confessions: Two Faces of Evil~1994 
Place to Be Loved, A~1993-  Judge Thomas S. Kirk
Melrose Place~1992 - Agent Hill in:
     Strange Bedfellows
     Cold Turkey
Murder, She Wrote~1984 -  
     Neil Fraser in  Murder at a Discount
     Ethan Stevens in Dead to Rights
Danger Theatre~1993 -  Andre the Gourmet in  An Old Friend for Dinner
L.A. Law~1986  - D.D.A. Bill Graphia in:
     Spanky and the Art Gang
     TV or Not TV
     Something Old, Something Nude
     Dances with Sharks
Picket Fences~1992 -  FBI Agent Donald Morrell in  The Green Bay Chopper
Jake and the Fatman~1987 in  Nightmare
Uncle Buck~1990 -  Kroger in:
     The People's Half Court
     A Day at the Races
Alien Nation~1989 - Thomas Edison in The Game
Hooperman~1987 - in Dog Day Afternoon, Morning and Night
Star Trek: The Next Generation~1987 - Asst. Manager in  The Royale
21 Jump Street~1987 - Dan Finger in  School's Out
Perfect Strangers~1986 -  Sam Gorpley (1987-1992)
Charmings, The~1987 -  Dr. Peters in  Pilot (# 1.1) 3/20/87
Golden Girls, The~1985 -  Mr. Meyer in  'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas
Perfect Strangers~1986 -  Harrison Harper in  Check This
Valerie~1986 - Customer in This Son for Hire
Hardcastle and McCormick~1983 -  Teddy Peters in  McCormick's Bar and Grill
Newhart~1982 -  Larry Supporter in  Candidate Larry
Hunter~1984 -  in  Case X
Tales from the Darkside~1984 -  Dr. Synapsis in  Bigalow's Last Smoke
Dallas~1978-  Inspector Frank Howard in:
     Dead Ends
Magnum, P.I.~1980 -  Ray Jones in  Ms. Jones
Hotel~1983 -  Lon Schaeffer in  Fallen Idols
Mama Malone~1984-  Stanley, the announcer
Hill Street Blues~1981 -  Kenny Sterling in  Last Chance Salon
E/R~1984 -  Mr. Dobbs in  All's Well That Ends
T.J. Hooker~1982 -  Leo Santee in  Death Strip
Blue Thunder~1984 -  Benjamin Kelty in  Arms Race
Policewoman Centerfold~1983-  Druggist
Murder One, Dancer 0~1983-  Paul Iberville
Remington Steele~1982 -  Store Manager in  Altared Steele
Gloria~1982 -  Mr. Copley in  An Uncredited Woman 
St. Elsewhere~1982 -  Mr. McGrath in  Dog Day Hospital
Joe Dancer: The Big Trade~1981 
WKRP in Cincinnati~1978 -  
    Rex Erhardt in  Rumors
    Agent Berwick in  Secrets of Dayton Heights
    Mr. Anderson in  The Americanization of Ivan 
    Mason Nobel in  Johnny Comes Back 

Discover Card~1999

The Bird and Mr. Banks~2009 - Seymour Banks (Road Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Blackbird~2011 - Ray (Rogue Machine in Theatre Theater, Los Angeles, CA)
Taking Sides~2000 - Steve Arnold (Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA)
Napoli Milionaria~2002 - Gennaro Jovine (Road Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Mother's Day~1999 - Frank (Fountain Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Balm in Gilead~1998 - Narrator (Playhouse Theatre,  , Washington)

Theatre Director
The Water's Edge~2014 - (director) (Lankershim Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA)
The Detective's Wife~2012 - (artistic director) (Landershim Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA)
As White As O~2009 - (director) (Lankershim Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA)
Shove~2005 - (directed and produced) (Road Theater, Los Angeles, CA)

Video Games
Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter~1996 - voice of Imperial Officer #6

Awards, Honors and Nominations
Dramalogue Award:
L.A. Times Critics Choice:
Rec'd 2014 The Water's Edge
L. A. Weekly Awards:
Rec'd Best Production for Shove (as director)
Nom 2002  Best Actor in a Play for Napoli Milionaria
Les Spindle's Critics List:
2002 Performance in Napoli Milionaria
Ovation Awards:
Rec'd 2002 Best Actor in a Leading Role for Napoli Milionaria
Screen Actors Guild Awards:
Rec'd  Outstanding Ensemble for ER

Social Media
Twitter - @samanderson1945

Taught at CalArts - class: One Act to Cinematic Events

Is a member of the Mystery Writers of America.

President of Samba Productions, Inc. 1992 - 2011

Artistic director of the Road Theatre since 2009

Member of the Road Theatre since 2005

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