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Anderson, Vass

Vass Anderson

Vass Anderson was born on September 16, 1933 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Anderson died on April 4, 2015 in London, England, UK.

When the Devil Rides Out~2014
GrindHouse 2wo~2014 - Boss Hogan
Decline of an Empire~2014 - Barbatus
Quartet~2012 - Joe (resident)
Eldorado (Highway to Hell)~2012 (V) - The Mayor (interview with Vass)
Evil Calls~2011 (V) - Professor Jackson
The Legend of Harrow Woods~2008
Night Junkies~2007 - The Grey Man
Kannibal~2001 (V) - Wallace White
Going Back~2001 - Uncle Dennis
The Low Down~2000 - Landlord
The Miracle Maker~2000 (V) (voice)
Korea~1995 - Ben Moran
Where Angels Fear to Tread (Masterpiece Theatre)~1991 - Mr. Abbott
Hidden City~1988 - Undertaker (in B&W film)
The Comic~1985 - George Ellington
Defence of the Realm~1985 - Strick
Made in Britain~1982 - Canteen Manager Madelenine Athansi
Superman II~1980 - 
Breaking Glass~1980 - Doctor
Superman~1978 - 3rd Elder (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars~1977 - Rebel Escort; Tech/Controller in War Room

The Casual Vacancy~2015 - Bill in episodes 1.1 and 1.3
New Tricks~2013 - Bob Farley in Into the Woods
Time Trumpet~2011 - Charles Clarke
Doctors~2000 - Mr. Huffbert in Hide and Seek
A Touch of Frost~1992 - Mr. Brandon in Benefit of the Doubt: Part 2 (see Actor Connections - TV)
Father Ted~1995 - Doctor Sinnott in New Jack City
Between the Lines~1992 - Hotel Manager in Manslaughter 
Peak Practice~1993 - Vicar in Sharp Practice
Poirot~1989 - Frampton in The King of Clubs
Shoot to Kill~1990 - Magistrate
Lucky Sunil~1988 - Stipendiary Magistrate
Inspector Morse~1987 - Mr. Bentley  in Last Bus to Woodstock
Piece of Cake~1988 (mini) - Mr. Burnett
Casualty~1986 - Police Divisional Commander  in Seeking Heat
Life Story~1987 - Alex Stokes
Hold the Dream~1986 - Coroner
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet~1983 - Clarkson in A Law for the Rich
The Tripods~1984 - Black Guard in France: October, 2089 AD, Parts 1 & 2 
The Aerodrome~1983 - R.W.
Smiley's People~1982 (mini) - Mr. Carson (see Actor Connections - TV)
Juliet Bravo~1980 - Mr. Garland in Journeys
The Professionals~1977 - Doctor  in Cry Wolf 
Tales of the Unexpected~1979 - Huntsman in Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat 
Murphy's Stroke~1979 - Bank Manager
2nd House~1975 - "Games" (with Julian Glover)
Armchair Thriller~1967 - Soames in The Limbo Connection
Pennies from Heaven~1978 (mini) - Doctor
Play for Today~ 1970- Malachy in Fugitive
Play of the Month~1965 - Pososhkov  in The Love Girl and the Innocent

Da~1979 - Drumm
Year One~1974 - 
The Art and Craft of Pornography~1973 - 
The Trick~1973/4? - 
Do It Yourself~1973 - Ronald
Hoagy, Bix, and WolfgangBeethoven Bunkhaus~1979 - Brezhnev/Lackey
Look Out, It's Behind You~1968 - Professor Bartholomew Pretorious
The Merchant's Tale~1968 - Cain
?~1968 - Commandant Clancy (Little Theatre Club, London, England, UK)
Modes for Morons~1940s? - 

Big thanks to Tom MacNeil for the heads up on Mr. Anderson!

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