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Angel, Jack

Jack Angel

Jack Angel was born on October 24, 1930 in Modesto, California, US.

Angel started his career as a D.J. in California before becoming a voice actor in the 80's.  Most people wouldn't recognize his small work on Star Wars: Dark Forces (video game) but might recognize him once they heard "Teddy" in  Artificial Intelligence.  Angel has had a long and varied career in the voice arts and continues working strong. 

Angel lives in San Francisco, CA.

Noah~2014 - voice of Rock
Recruited~2013 - Principal
Despicable Me 2~2013 - voice work
Monsters University~2013 - voice work
The Lorax~2012 - voice work
Brad & Gary~2011 - voice of Gary
The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol~2011 - voice of Papa Smurf
Sex Tax: Based on a True Story~2010 - Trailer voice over
Toy Story 3~2010 - voice of Chunk
Horton Hears a Who!~2008 - voice of Old time Who and others
Cars~2006 - voice
Ice Age: The Meltdown~2006 - voice work
I Am My Resume~2003 - Stan Angeles
Finding Nemo~2002 - voice work
Treasure Planet~2002 (uncredited)  Extra Pirate
Lilo & Stitch~2002   voice work
Atlantis~2001 - voice work
Monsters, Inc.~2001 - voice work
Artificial Intelligence: AI~2001 -  Teddy, Martin's Toy Bear
Spirited Away~2001 - voice characterizations (see Actor Connections)
Crime and Punishment in Suburbia~2000  Russ
Toy Story 2~1999  - voice work (see Actor Connections)
Deterrence~1999  Secretary of Defense
Iron Giant, The~1999  - voice work (see Actor Connections)
Tarzan~1999  - voice work
Quest For Camelot~1998 - voice work
Prince of Egypt, The~1998 -  voice work
Bug's Life, A~1998  - voice work
Fifth Element, the~1997 - Alien Commander (see Actor Connections)
Hercules~1997 -  voice work (see Actor Connections)
Hunchback of Notre Dame~1996 - voice work
Arabian Knight~1995 - voice work
Balto~1995 (voice) - voice of Nikki
Toy Story~1995 -  voice work
King B~1993 - Talent Agent
Amazing Stories: Book Two~1992 (V) (voice) - (segment "Family Dog")
Aladdin~1992 -  voice work
Mom and Dad Save the World~1992 (uncredited) -   voice work
Hook~1991 - voice of Pirates
Beauty and the Beast~1991 - Villager/ voice work
Rescuers Down Under~1990 -  voice work
Land of Enchantment~1990 -  voice work
DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp~1990 -  voice work
Little Mermaid, The~1989 -   voice work (see Actor Connections)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit~1988 (uncredited) -  voice work
Beetlejuice~1988 - Preacher
G.I. Joe: The Movie~1987 (V) (voice) - Wetsuit/E5 Brian M. Forrestt of the Navy SEALS
Vendetta~1986 - Old Gaspare
Transformers: The Movie, The~1986 - voice of Astrotrain
Deal of the Century~1983 - Announcer
Trenchcoat~1983 - Head Kidnapper
Legend of Paul Bunyan, The~1983 - Narrator
J-Men Forever~1979 (voice)
Nutcracker Fantasy~1979 - Chinese Wiseman (see Actor Connections)
World's Greatest Lover, The~1977 - The Voice of the Record
Funny Lady~1975 - Radio Announcer

TV (voice)
The Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow~2013 - voice of Papa Smurf
Mater's Tall Tales~2010 - voices in:
     Monster Truck Mater
     Heavy Metal Mater
Scrubs~2008 - PA System Announcer in My Waste of Time
Ben 10~2006 - voice of Technorg in Grudge Match
Avatar: The Last Airbender~2005 - voice of Pirate Captain, and others, in The Waterbending Scroll
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy~2001 - Master Control in:
     The Bad News Ghouls
     House of No Tomorrow
The Wild Thornberrys~2003 - voice of MacTavish in Sir Nigel: Part 2
Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe In Santa~2002 -  Bob
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law~2001 -
Hey Arnold!~1996 - Superintendent Chaplin in Bag of Money/Principal Simmons
Spider-Man~1994 -
Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 5: The Price of Heroism
Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 1 
Nick Fury: Leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Partners in Danger: Part 3: The Black Cat 
Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Partners in Danger: Part 2: The Cat
All-New Dennis the Menace~1996 - voice work
Casper~1996 - voice work
Hey Arnold!~1996 - Superintendent Chaplin in Principal Simmons
John Larroquette~1993-96 - TV Spot Announcers
Mask, The~1995 - voice work
Bonkers~1993 - Flanigan in Stay Tuned
Bonkers~1993 -  Scribble/Max Coody
Denver, the Last Dinosaur~1992  (voice)  Professor Chin
Darkwing Duck~1991-  Moloculo Mccawber in Monsters R Us
Babes~1990-91 - Baseball Play-by-play Announcer
Prince Valiant~1991  -  voice work
Where's Waldo?~1991  -  voice work
ProStars~1991  -  voice work
Space Cats~1991  -  voice work
Darkwing Duck~1991  - Liquidator
Tale Spin~1990 -  voice of:
     Clopstokia Finance Minister in Whistlestop Jackson, Legend
     Slush Parade Announcer in A Spy in the Ointment
     Monkey Chauffeur  in A Star Is Torn
     Detective Thursday in  Vowel Play
     Hog Salesman in The Bigger They Are, The Louder They Oink
     Barney in Jumping the Gun
     Announcer in Flight of the Snow Duck 
     Usher in For Whom the Bell Klangs: Parts 1 & 2 
Peter Pan and the Pirates~1990  (voice) - Cookson/Mullins
Wizard of Oz, The~1990  (voice) (see Actor Connections)
Ring Raiders~1989   Make
Dino-Riders~1988  -  voice work
Harry and the Hendersons~1987 - TV Wrestler
Super Dave~1987   -  voice work
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~1987  -  voice work
Growing Pains~1985-92 - TV Evangelist
Amazing Stories~1985  - in Family Dog 
DuckTales~1987 - in Mert-time Adventure 
Transformers~1987 - Stunticon Breakdown (one episode only) The Key To Vector Sigma
Blondie and Dagwood~1986  - Mr. Beasley/Herb Woodley
Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs~1986 
Crime Story~1986 (uncredited) - Narrator
Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, The~1985 - voice of Hawkman (Carter Hall)
Jem!~1985  (uncredited) - Emmett Benton
Voltron: Defender of the Universe~1984 - voice of Zarkon/Cossack
SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show~1984 - voice of  The Flash (Wally West)/Samurai (Prof. Toshio Eto)
Transformers~1984 - voice of Astrotrain/Breakdown #1/Cyclonus #2/Omega Supreme/Ramjet/Smokescreen/Ultra Magnus - Arcana/Quintesson Judge/Additional Voices
Pole Position~1984 - Dr. Zachary
All-New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show, The~1983 
G.I. Joe~1983 - voice of Wet Suit/E5 Brian M. Forrest of the Navy SEALS
Monchichis~1983 - voice work
Meatballs and Spaghetti~1982 - voice work
Silver Spoons~1982-87 - Chess Player
Smurfs, The~1981  - voice work
Spider-Man~1981 - voice work
Peter Pan and the Pirates~1980 - Mullins & Cookson
Scooby and Scrappy-Doo~1979 - voice of:
     Jack Sloane in The Scarab Lives! 
     Dragon Beast in The Demon of the Dugout
Challenge of the SuperFriends, The~1978 -  voice of The Flash/Hawkman/Samurai
Step By Step~1978 - TV Announcers
All-New SuperFriends Hour, The~1977 - The Flash (Wally West)/Hawkman (Carter Hall)/Samurai (Prof. Toshio Eto)
Six Million Dollar Man~1974 - Tower Operator
Young and the Restless, The~1973  - Judge Kline
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!~1969  - voice work
Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson~19 - voice work for Johnny Carson promos

Video Games/ Interactive Videos
The Smurfs 2~2013 - voice of Papa Smurf
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City~2012 - voice of Spec Ops Command
The Darkness II~2012 - voices
Toy Story 3: The Video Game~2010 - voice of Chunk
Wolfenstein~2009 - voice of General Zetta
Aion~2008 - voice
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End~2007 - voice of Ammand the Corsair
Supreme Commander~2007 - voice
Gothic 3~2006 - voices
Titan Quest~2006 - voice
Auto Assault~2006 - voice
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey~2006 - Zoƫ's Robotic Stuffed Gorilla - Wonkers the Watilla
Call of Duty 2 - voice
Killer 7~2005 - Narrator
Shadow of Rome~2005 - Vibius Pansa Caetronianus
EverQuest II~2004 -  voices of: Tunarian Alliance (Human)/Stalker Pulsarian/Eldin/The Glademaster/Rulinthus the Treant/Cannix Silverflame/Barwyn Sympronian/Generic Male Barbarian/Generic Male Dwarf Merchant/Generic Male Human Merchant/Generic Male Kerran Merchant
Ratchet and Clank~2002 - Mayor
Throne of Darkness~2001
Grim Fandango1998 - voice of Bruno Martinez
Outlaws~1997 -  Henry George Bowers, Spit'n Jack Sanchez, Cowboy 2
Dark Eye, The~1995 - voice work
Full Throttle~1995 - voice of Bolus, Corley's Bodyguard/Factory Door Guard
Star Wars: Dark Forces~1994 - voice of Rom Mohc

Magic of Shannara~1996 - 

Commercials and Promos
Voice work for: 
NBC Promos
WB Promos
ABC Promos
CBS Promos
EXTRA Promos
The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies
Smokey the Bear
Mattel's Judge Dread Action Figures
Mattel's Mad Scientist
New Tabasco Steak Sauce
Bram Stoker's Dracula Trailers
McDonald's/Jurassic Park Promos
Nationwide Insurance
Voice of Johnny Carson Tonight Show Promos
E! Channel Promos
Amoco Gasoline
Honda Motorcycles
Sunkist Oranges
AM/PM Mini-Marts/Arco
United Health Plan
Kodak (as Scrooge)
Burger Chef (as Scrooge)
Universal Studios (***as Dracula)
K.F.C (as Lincoln)
Narrator for IMAX's "I Fly" film

Black Jack Animation

How to Succeed in Voice-Overs without Ever Losing
The Book of Jack: The Autobiography of Jack Angel

Awards, Honors and Nominations
Fennecus Awards
Nom 2001 Vocal Performance for A. I. - Artificial Intelligence

Social Media
Twitter - @MrJackAngel
Jack Angel - website

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