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Ashley, Graham

Graham Ashley

Graham Ashley was born on April 26, 1927 in Northampton, England, UK.

Graham died October 30, 1979 in Islington, Greater London, England, UK. He died before his part in Grange Hill was aired.

The Man from S.E.X.~1979 - Commander
Adventures of a Plumber's Mate~1978 - 1st Thief
Adventures of a Private Eye~1977 - Mr. Prentiss
Star Wars~1977 - Gold Five Davish "Pops" Krail

Black Panther, The~1977 - Actor
Adventures of a Taxi Driver~1976 - Gerry
Mr. Smith~1976 - (short)
Deadly Females, The~1976 - Benny
It Could Happen to You~1975 - 2nd Workman
Alfie Darling~1975 - British Customs Official
Hennessy~1975 - Police Commissioner
Eskimo Nell~1975 - Projectionist
Swordsman, The~1974 - Bar-fly
Our Cissy~1974 - Menges
Big Zapper~1973 - Mr. Cortina (see Actor Connections - Film)
Fast Kill, The~1972 - Miller
Tell-Tale Heart, The~1960 - Neston
Man Accused~1959 - (uncredited role)
Track the Man Down~1955 - (uncredited) Roger Nagy

Dick Barton: Special Agent~1979 - Barman in Adventure Four Part 1
Heartland~1979 - Sgt. Lockton in Repent at Leisure
Grange Hill~1978 - Mr. Garfield (1978-79 - 18 eps) (see Actor Connections - TV)
Somebody's Daughter~1978 - Detective Sergeant Maxwell in Proof Positive
A Most Public Affair~1978 -
Scorpion Tales~1978 - Captain Sutton in Truth or Consequence
Z-Cars~1971 - 1978
    Divisional Fire Officer in Debris
    Timms in Turnabout
    Denis Vickery in Pat
    Gillan in Not Often We have visitors: Parts 1 and 2
    Eddy Binns in Prevention is Better: Parts 1 and 2
    2nd PC in With a Pin
    Hotel Clerk in The Whizzers
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em~1978 - Mr. Stewart in Motorbike
Holding On~1977 - Coroner's Clerk in episode 1
Hunter's Walk~1973 and 1976
    Don Beatty in Missing
    Shepherd in Local Knowledge
Going to Work~1976 - in Trade Unions, Seven Days that Shook Young Jim
Angels~1976 - Geoff Fenton in Accident
Porridge~1974/1975 - Mr. Appleton in:
    Just Desserts
    The Hustler
Six Days of Justice~1973 and 1975
    Jailer in The Brief Facts
    Prosecuting Sergeant in We'll Support You Evermore
Churchill's People~1975 - Alderman Tomkins in The Derry Boys
The Carnforth Practice~1974 - Chief Inspector Haldon in Carnforth Practice
Bedtime Stories~1974 - Councillor Phillips in The Water Maiden
The Protectors~1974 - Police Inspector in Trial
Porridge~1974 - Mr. Appleton in The Hustler
Billy Liar~1974 - Clerk in Billy and the Key of the Door
Second City Firsts~1973 - John in The Movers
A Play for Today~1973 - 1978
    Jim Platt in Destiny
    Barman in A Photograph
    Mr. Hutton in A Story to Frighten the Children
    Arthur in Highway Robbery
Softly, Softly: Task Force - Roy in New Broom
Colditz~1972 - Military Policeman in Name, Rank and Number
Steptoe and Son~1970 - Assistant Detective (middle) in Robbery with Violence

Manhunt~1970 - Legouve in One More River
Strange Report~1969 - Airport Attendant in A Most Dangerous Porposal
A Doctor in the House~1969 - First Police Sergeant in The Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Casino
The Power Game~1969 - Commissionaire in The Outsider
The Avengers~1962 and 1968 -
    Markin in All Done with Mirrors
    Gendarme in Propellant 23
Doctor Who~1967 - Overseer in The Underwater Menace: episodes 1, 2, and 4
No Hiding Place~1966 - First Policeman in A Bottle Full of Sixpences
Secret Agent~1966 - Police Sergeant in I Am Afraid You Have the Wrong Number
The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre~1965 - Constable in Change Partners
The Sullavan Brothers~1965 - Archie Newlyn in Put them Away for Keeps
Crossroads~1964  Horace Nelson
Dr. Finlay's Casebook~1963/1964 -
    Mr. Cochrane in A Man May Drink
    Barman in Odds on Johnny
The Plane Makers~1963 - Security Man in Costigan's Rocket
Taxi!~1973 - Policeman in The Villain
ITV Play of the Week~1955-1964 -
    PC Jackson in The Offence
    Guest star in The Terror
    Jennings in No Other Verdict
Suspense~1963 - Sergeant in The Honest Man
The Young Detectives~1963 - Chuck in:
    When Thieves Fall Out
    The Searchers
    The Runaway Cart
    The Last Round
    The Hostage
    In Deep Water
The Last Man Out~1962 - Corporal in The Striking Force
BBC Sunday-Night Play~1962 - First Mate in Six Men of Dorset
The Cheaters~1962 - in A Hood from Canada
Stryker of the Yard~1962 - in The Case of Diamond Annie  
Doctor in the House~1969 - 1st Police Sergeant in The Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Casino
Avengers, The~1961 - Markin in All Done with Mirrors
Doctor Who~1963 - Overseer in The Underwater Menace
Francis Durbridge Presents...~1965 - in A Man Called Harry Brent, 6: The Third Person
The Count of Monte Cristo~1964 - in 2, The Chateau D'If
Taxi!~1963 - in The Villain 8/7/63
Avengers, The~1961 - Gendarme in Propellant 23
The Night of the Match~1961 - Larry
Bonehead~1960 - in Let's Pretend
The Infamous John Friend~1959 - Carter in episode 1.6
Christmas Night with the Stars~1958 - Detective constable Tommy Hughes
The Diary of Samuel Pepys~1958 - Anthony Deane in episode 1.6
Kenilworth~1957 - Jailer in episode 1.6
Dixon of Dock Green~1955 - PC/DS Tommy Hughes (79 episodes) (see Actor Connections - TV)

London Playhouse~1955 - Scott in The Inward Eye
The Pickwick Papers~1952 - Waiter at "The Bull" in The First Paper
BBC Sunday-Night Theatre~1952 - A Hundred Years Old

The Revenge~1978 - 6/1/78

Angelina Pantaloon~1974 - Scheming footman (Q Theatre, )
Theatre Un-Royal~1974 - (New Theatre, Northampton)
1956 - was with the Whatmore Players
The Threepenny Opera~1955 - Drawer/Jailer
The Living Room~1953 - Corporal Noakes/Russian Officer (Wyndham)
Lion's Corner~1952 - Russian Officer (Bedford, Camden)
?~1953 - George Crabbe

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