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Ault, JohnWilliam

John William Ault

John William Ault born on May 2, 1911.

From his son:

"An ex-London taxi driver for some 25 years, who got a lucky break at the age of 66 with his own home grown handlebar moustache, to become a film extra and was picked out of hundreds in a line-up to be in the original 1977 Star wars film..."

Ault died in April of 1990 in Newham, England, UK.

Victor/Victoria~1982 -
The French Lieutenants Woman~1981
Sweet William~1980 -
The Shining~1980 -
The Elephant Man~1980 -
Murder by Decree~1979 -
A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square~ -
The Bitch~1979 -
Thief of Bagdad~1978 -
The Thirty-nine Steps~1978 -
Silver Bears~1978 -
Star Wars~1977 - Commander Bob Hudsol (seen to the left of C3PO in the War Room and on the right in the Great Hall/Medal scene)

Charlston~1977 -
Julia~1977 -
Candleshoe~1977  -
Jabberwocky~1977 -
Player's~1976 -
The Pink Panther Strikes Again~1976 -
The Message~1976 -

A HUGE thank you goes out to Mr. Ault (John William Ault's son), whom I met at Celebration IV, and who was kind enough to pass along all this information on his father.

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