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Austin, Mark

Mark Austin
Mark Anthony Austin

When George Lucas was reworking Star Wars for the re-releases in 1997, the scenes with Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt, he wanted to add Boba Fett.  Mark Austin, who worked at ILM at the time, was in close proximity and was asked to try on the Fett helmet, it fit. They used Austin instead of making Fett partially digitized.

Star Wars~1977 (uncredited) - Boba Fett* (special edition 1997)

Film Effects/Animation
The Smurfs~2011 - (previsualization artist)
Bolt~2008 - (supervising animator)
Meet the Robinsons~2007 - (animator)
Chicken Little~2005 - Foxy Loxy and Goosey Loosey (supervising animator)
Treasure Planet~2002 - Animator of B.E.N., Space Whales
Dinosaur~2000 - in charge of Aladar (supervising character animator)
Star Wars~1977 (computer graphics artist) (special edition - 1997)
Casper~1995 (Supervising Animator)

Books/Graphic Novels
Accursed One Lives, The~ - yet to be published (read the first 4 chapters HERE)

Teamed up with some other Star Wars actors and some wrestlers to help raise funds for Sloatsburg youth programs in Sloatsburg, New York.
*When Han goes to his ship, he is met by Jabba the Hutt. This scene was originally filmed in 1976 with Declan Mulholland in Jabba's place. Declan is replaced here by a CG Jabba who's younger and thinner than he is in ROTJ. The music used here is borrowed from Jabba's Palace in ROTJ.  Han convinces Jabba to give him an extension on his debt and Jabba and his henchmen leave, followed by Boba Fett who pauses to survey the scene. (from ANH annotations)

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