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Babatunde, Obba

Obba Babatundé

Obba Babatundé was born in Jamaica, Queens, New York, US.  It was at age six that Babatundé began performing, mostly shows for his family but, he made his professional debut as a member of the Metropolitan Brass Ensemble on tour in the West Indies.  He attended and graduated from Brooklyn College then he and his brother, actor Akin Babatundé, worked as teachers at Harriet Tubman School.

Babatundé's acting career started on and off Broadway in the late 70's and he is also an accomplished dancer and singer.  Around 1978, when his teaching and acting were becoming too much of two careers, he headed into acting full time.

Babatundé lives in Los Angeles, CA with his family.

Death's Door~2016 - Mesmer
Revival!~2015 - Nicodemus
The Choir Director~2016 - Mr. Wilcox
American Bad Boy~2015 - Pastor Lovely
Lap Dance~2014 - Roscoe
The Dead Sea~2014 - Mayor
Dolls of Voodoo~2013 - Ikliff
Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups~2012 - Mayor Denny
The Last Fall~2012 - Larry Armstrong
Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire - Vampire Actor #4
If I Tell You I Have to Kill You~2011 - Jonathan Black
The Trap Door~2011 - (V) Mesmer
Go Beyond the Lens~2011 - Host
All-Star Superman~2011 - voice of Judge/Bibliobot
Trapped: Haitian Nights~2010 - Ikliff
The Fallen Faithful~2010 - Rev. Emannuel
I Do...I Did!~2009 - Mr. Johnson
Why Am I Doing This?~2009 - Cliff
Black Dynamite~2009 - Osiris
Hollywood Singing & Dancing: A Musical History - 1980s, 1990s and 2000s~2009 - (V Doc) Himself
Hollywood Singing & Dancing: A Musical History - 1970s~2009 (V Doc) Himself
Hollywood Singing & Dancing: A Musical History - 1950s: the Golden Era of the Musical~2009 (V Doc) Himself
Straight from the Horses Mouth~2009 - (V) Himself
The Eye~2008 - Dr. Haskins
April Fools~2007 - Detective Combs
Cover~2007 - Attorney Miller
Material Girls~2006 - Craig, company CFO
The Black Man's Guide to Understanding Black Women~2006 -  Prof. Morrison
The Celestine Prophecy~2006 -  Miguel
Cast of Characters: The Making of 'Material Girls'~2006 - (V Short)
Kangaroo Jack G'Day U.S.A.!~2004 - Chief Ankamuti
After the Sunset~2004 -  Police Chief
The Manchurian Candidate~2004 -  Senator Wells
The Notebook~2004 -  Band Leader
The Great Commission~2003 -  Rev. Jesse
MVP~2003 -  Dr. Howard Perkins
The Wild Thornberrys Movie~2002 (voice) -  Boko (see Actor Connections - Film)
John Q~2002 (as Obba Babatunde) -  Sgt. Moody Chicago PD
How High~2001 -  Dean Philip Cain
The Visit~2000 -  Tony Waters (see Actor Connections - Film)
Life~1999 -  Willie Long
Fatal Pursuit~1998 -  Trinidad
That Thing You Do!~1996 -  Lamarr
Multiplicity~1996 -  Paul
Carpool~1996 -  Jeffery, Miller's Boss at Bauer & Cole
A Reason to Believe~1995 -  Prof. Thurman
Born to Be Wild~1995 -  Interpreter
Necronomicon~1994 -  Paul (part 3)
Philadelphia~1993 -  Jerome Green
Undercover Blues~1993 -  Lt. Theodore 'Ted' Sawyer
The Importance of Being Earnest~1992 -  Lane
Dead Again~1991 (as Obba Babatunde) -  Syd
The Silence of the Lambs~1991 (as Obba Babatunde) -  TV anchorman
Miami Blues~1990 -  Blink Willie, Informant
Married to the Mob~1988 (as Obba Babatunde) -  The Face of Justice
Leonard Part 6~1987 - Bongo Drummer
MysteryDisc: Many Roads to Murder~1983 - Marcus Sandor
Short Eyes~1977 -

Film Writer
Woman Ta Woman~2006/7

Kingdom~2014 -
    Eat Your Own Cooking
    Glass Eye
Enlisted~2014 - General Murray in The general Inspection
Winx Club: Beyond Believix~2011-2013 - King Teredor in:
    Saving Paradise Bay
    The End of Tritannus
    The Devourer
    The Pillar of Light
    The Eclipse
    The Singing Whales
    The Selkies Devourer
    The Sun Shines Again
    Nabu's Return
    The Wizard"s Challenge
LA Live the Show~2014 - Honoree at LA Nollywood Hollywood Film Ceremony
Cult~2013 - Quentin Yarrow in:
    Executive Producer Steven Rae
    The Good Fight
Love That Girl!~2011 - Jim in Happy Birthday, Bro
Private Practice~2011 - Dr. Larry Cannon in Heaven Can Wait
1st Look~2011 -
Criminal Minds~2010 - Sheriff Sanders in Solitary Man
Grey's Anatomy~2009 - David Gates in Sweet Surrender
NCIS~2009 - Joe Banks in Knockout
Saving Grace~2008 - Doc n Do You Love Him?
Psych~2008 - David Gaffney in There's Something About Mira
Hollywood Singing & Dancing: A Musical History~2008 - Himself
Hollywood Singing & Dancing: A Musical Treasure~2008 - Himself
Girlfriends~2007 - Attendant in Save the Last Dance
Boston Legal~2007 -
    Dr. Stanley Rivers in The Innocent Man
    Dr. Victor Rivers in Beauty and the Beast
The Young and the Restless~2007 - Carter Campbell in episodes #1.87 - 20, 22,23,26,36
Cold Case~2007 - Dr. Octavius Leroy in Shuffle, Ball Change
King: man of Peace in a Time of War~2007 - Narrator
One Life to Live~2005 - Clay
Before, During, and 'Aftter the Sunset'~2005 - Himself
9th Annual Prism Awards~2005 - Presenter
Everwood~2002 -  Jason in  Giving Up the Girl
TV in Black: The First Fifty Years~2004 - Himself
Soap Talk~2004 - Himself
Karen Sisco~2003 in  Dog Day Sisco
Dorothy Dandridge: An American Beauty~2003  -  Host
Behind the Scenes: The Great Commission~2003  -  Himself
Karen Sisco~2003 -  Daniel Burden in  The One That Got Away
Karen Sisco~2003 -  Burden in  Dumb Bunnies
Behind the Scenes: The Great Commission~2003 - Himself
Half & Half~2002  -  Charles Thorne
Redeemer~2002  -  Charles Henderson
One Special Moment~2001 - Ed
The Beast~ 2001 -  Mr. Lowry in  The Price
Static Shock~2000 -  Scientist (voice) in  Trouble Squared
Soul Food~2000  -  Benjamin Chadway
The Invisible Man~2000 -  Allardyce in  The Value of Secrets
The Outer Limits~2000 -  Dr. Joseph Lennox in  The Beholder
Static Shock~2000 -  Singer (voice) in  Brother-Sister Act
Family Law~1999 -  Phillip Hamilton in  Planting Seeds
Any Day Now~1998 -  Judge Richards in  It's Not Just a Word: Parts 1 and 2
Dawson's Creek~1998 -  Principal Howard Green in:
    Escape From Witch Island
    To Green, with Love
    Crime & Punishment
    Barefoot at Capefest
    Home Movies
    None of the Above
    Like a Virgin
Xyber 9: New Dawn~1999
The Apartment Complex~1999  -  Chett
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge~1999  -  Harold Nicholas
Linc's~1998 -  Army Vet in  Dog Day Afternoon
The Temptations~1998  -  Berry Gordy
Spy Game~1997 -  Lieutenant Wardell in  Lorne and Max Drop the Ball
Sparks~1996 -  Mr. Kirby in  A Day in the Life II
The Burning Zone~1996  -  in  The Last Endless Summer
Friends~1994 -  The Director in  The One with All the Jealousy
19th Annual CableACE Awards~1997 - Himself
49th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards~1997 - Himself
Miss Evers' Boys~1997  -  Willie Johnson
The Tomorrow Man~1996  -  Brian Parish
The Cherokee Kid~1996  -  Isom Dart
Soul of the Game~1996  -  Cum Posey
Chicago Hope~1994 -  Charles Ellis in  Full Moon
Sliders~1995 -  Cezanne Brown in  Summer of Love
Under One Roof~1995 -  in  Pilot
Chicago Hope~1994 -  Charles Ellis in  Freeze Outs
M.A.N.T.I.S.~1994  -  Cornell
Touched by an Angel~1994 -  Carter Evans in  Fallen Angela
NYPD Blue~1993 -  Kevin Dupree in  Maya Con Dios
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air~1990 -  Gordy Berry in:
    What's Will Got to Do with It?
    The Client
Thunder in Paradise~1994 -  in  Identity Crisis
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper~1992 -  Jameson Parker in  Trading Places
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.~1993 -  Mongoose in  A.K.A. Kansas
Sisters~1991 -  Ben in  Crash and Born
Tales from the Crypt~1989 - in  Maniac at Large
A Different World~1987 -  Frank Benning in  Soldier Boy
Heart and Soul~1989  -  Al Taylor
Matlock ~1986-  Backstage Man in  The Magician
God Bless the Child~1988  -  Raymond
All My Children~1970  -  Rusty Bennett (1987)
America's Musical Theater~1986 - Zodzetrick in Treemonisha
36th Annual Tony Awards~1982 - Performer & Nominee: Best Featured Actor in a Musical
Barishnikov on Broadway~1980 - dancer

TV Commercials
Budweiser Beer~1980's

TV  Director
The Health Care Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together for a Picture of Wellness~205
American Bad Boy~2015
Clarissa"s Gift~2014 - (Short)
Dorothy Dandridge: Singing at Her Best~2003
Oscar's Black Odyssey: From Hattie to Haley~2003 (V Doc)

TV Writer
Clarissa"s Gift~2014
Dolls of Voodoo~2013
Angels Around Me~2013
Go Beyond the Lens~2011
Oscar's Black Odyssey: From Hattie to Haley~2003 (V Doc)

Everything's Coming Up Roses: The Jule Styne Centennial~2006 - Himself (Luckman Fine Arts Complex, Los Angeles, CA)
Chicago~2006 - Billy Flynn (Ambassador Theatre on Broadway, New York, NY)
Woodie King, Jr.'s New Federal Theatre's  35th Anniversary Celebration and Dinner (AKA Catch the Spirit of Black Theatre) (Town Hall, New York, NY)
Chicago~1997-98 - Billy Flynn (Schubert Theatre, ; The National Theatre, Washington, DC)
Jelly's Last Jam~1991 - Jelly Roll Morton (Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, CA)
Blues in the Night~1990-91 - Saloon Singer (Los Angeles Theatre Center, Los Angeles, CA)
Golden Boy~1989 - Golden Boy (Coconut Grove Playhouse, Miami, FL)
Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd~1989 - (Coconut Grove Playhouse, Miami, FL)
Little Ham~1987 - Hamlet Hitchcock "Little Ham" Jones (Westport Country Playhouse, Westport, CT)
Grind~1985 - Leroy (Mark Hellinger Theatre, New York, NY)
Dreamgirls~1981-1985 - C.C. White (Imperial Theatre, New York, NY)
Golden Boy~1984 -
King~ - Dr. Martin Luther King (Prince Edward Theatre, London, UK)
Treemonisha: An Opera in Three Acts~1982 - Zodzetrick (Houston Grand Opera, Houston, TX)
Reggae: A Musical Revelation~1980 - Rockets (Biltmore Theatre, New York, NY)
It's So Nice to be Civilized~1980 - Sharkey (Martin Beck Theatre, New York, NY)
Sing Happy!~1978
Liza Minelli's Concert Tour~1978 - Performer (tour)
Obba In Concert~1978 - Himself (US/Asia tour)
Timbuktu!~1977/78 -  Chakaba - Stiltwalker/Orange Merchant/Antelope/Citizen of Timbuktu (Mark Hellinger Theatre, New York, NY)
Guys and Dolls~1976 - (US tour)
The Secret Place~1970 -
The Breakout~? -
Dream on Monkey Mountain~? -
On Toby Time~? -
Scottsboro Boys~? -
Sheba~? -
Showdown Time~? -

Live Performances
S.T.A.G.E.~2014 - Performer (video: singing Mr. Bojangles)

Everything's Coming Up Roses: The Jule Styne Centennial~2006 - Himself (Luckman Fine Arts Complex, Los Angeles, CA)
35th anniversary salute to Woodie King, Jr.'s New Federal Theatre~2005 - Performer (see Actor Connections - Live Performances)
Metropolitan Brass Ensemble~ - Performer (West Indies tour)

Sack Full of Dreams~2007 - guest vocalist
Dreamgirls~1990 - part of original cast
Throw Down~1985 - singing songs which have appeared in films

Video Games
Kinect Star Wars~2012 - voice of Lando Calrissian

Splinter Cell: Double Agent~2006 - voice of ?
Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike~2003 - voice of Lando Calrissian
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds~2001 - voice of  Lando Calrissian

Awards, Honors and Nominations
Barrymore Awards:
Nom 1995 Best Leading Actor in a Musical for Jelly Roll in Jelly's Last Jam
Black Reel Awards:
Nom 2002 - Theatrical - Best Supporting Actor for The Visit
Nom 2000 Network/Cable - Best Supporting Actor for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
Cable ACE Awards:
Nom 1997 Supporting Actor in a Movie or Miniseries for Miss Evers' Boys
Carbonell Awards:
Nom 1990 Best Actor for Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd
Dramalogue Award:
Rec'd 1991 Best Actor for Blues in the Night
Emmy Awards:
Nom 1997 Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Special for Miss Evers' Boys
NAACP Image Awards:
Nom 2000 Outstanding Actor in a Television Movie/Miniseries/Dramatic Special for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
Rec'd 1991 Best Actor for Blues in the Night
Tony Awards:
Nom 1982 Best Actor - Featured Role for Dreamgirls

Bill Picket All Black Rodeo - Participant

Self taught musician

Formed his own dance company, the International African American Ballet

Loves horses

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