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Barclay, Dave

Dave Barclay
Special thanks to Derek Maki and Cool Waters Productions LLC

Dave Barclay (born David Allen Barclay) was born to actor parents Mike and Ann Barclay in England.
David started puppeteering while very young.  At four his parents formed Pex Puppet Theatre and David soon after that was performing marionettes, glove and rod puppets with his parents.  At age 7 David did a traditional Punch and Judy for documentary cameras.  Throughout his childhood he designed and built puppets. Including a marionette of Darth Vader! 
David still enjoys his work with the Henson Company and is a world class Puppeteer, Animatronic Designer and Supervisor, a CG key frame Animator, and Director and Producer of animatronic and puppet projects for film and television.

Film Actor/Puppeteer
Unbelievable!!!!!~2015 - Puppeteer
Muppets Most Wanted~2014 - LA Muppet Performer (voice)
The Muppets~2011 - Muppet Performer (voice)
Muppet Christmas Carol, The~1992 (as David Barclay) - Additional Muppet Performer
Labyrinth~1986 - Didymus/Firey 1/Goblins/Shaft of Hands/the Worm/ Fire Gang (performer of "Chilly Down") (see Actor Connections - Film)
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 (as David Barclay) - Jabba the Hutt
Dave Barclay, third from right. Photo from Muppet Wiki.
Crew Puppeteering/CG Animator
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore~2010 - (puppeteer/animatronic effects supervisor/opening title credit)
Where the Wild Things Are~2009 (puppeteer)
Are We There Yet?~2005 (puppeteer: "Satchel Paige")
Team America: World Police~2004 (puppeteer)
Cats & Dogs 2~2003
Looney Tunes: Back In Action~2003 - Bugs Bunny/Pepe Le Pew
Stuart Little 2~2002 (animatronic supervisor)
Snow Dogs~2002 (chief puppeteer)
Cats & Dogs~2001 (Supervised 19 animatronic puppets, performances, and puppeteers)
Flintstones: Viva Las Vegas~2000 (Puppy Dino, Alarm Bird, Vacuum Cleaner and others)
Lost in Space~1998 (CG animator: Jim Henson's Creature Shop: Blawp)
Muppets Treasure Island~1995 - various Muppets (see Actor Connections - Film)
Never Ending Story 3~1994 (chief animatronic puppeteer for Mr. Rockbiter and puppeteer of Unlucky Rabbit)
Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The~1988 - (chief puppeteer for King of the Moon/Cherubs & Death  (as David Barclay)
First Born~1988 - (puppeteer for Gorilla face)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit~1988 (chief puppeteer: UK)
Little Shop of Horrors, The~1986 (builder/puppeteer: Audrey II hand puppet; Lower lip on large Audrey II)

Labyrinth~1986 (creature workshop artist: "Didymus") (puppeteer: Didymus: Eybrows and "Firey"; Goblins/Shaft of Hands/The Worm/Fire Gang)
Dreamchild~1985 - (puppet maker: Mock Turtle/Dormouse)
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - assistant to Frank Oz (Yoda)
Dark Crystal, The~1982 - (puppet builder: Aughra/Skekses/Urskeks; asst puppeteer: Aughra/Chamberlain)

Empire Strikes Back, The~1980 - Make-Up assistant for Stuart Freeborn (Yoda)

Diabolical Properties (UK)~2001  (short film) (see Actor Connections - Film)

TV Actor/Puppeteering/CG Animator
The Muppets~2015 - Muppet performer
Studio DC: Almost Live!~2008 - Muppet Performer (voice)
10th Kingdom~1999 - Magic Birds, Mice and Frog
Alice in Wonderland~1999 - The Dormouse, The Gryphon, Guinea Pigs, Flamingos, Hedgehogs, Cheshire Cat
The Tale of the Rat That Wrote~1999 - (animatronics & supervision: 20 rats)
Merlin~1998 - (CG Animator for Dragon)
The Vanishing Man~1998 - (creator, builder and performer of Invisible Man rigs)
The Odyssey~1996 - (chief animatronic puppeteer: Pig and Cyclops)
Heroes of Comedy~1995 - (animatronic supervisor, builder and designer for puppet of Max Miller)
The Slow Norris~1995 - (creator, builder and performer of Slow Norris) (Series 1 & 2) 1995-6 (see Actor Connections - TV)
What's Up Doc?~1994 - (chief puppeteer for Bro Wolf) (Series 3)
The Great Bong!~1993 - (animatronic supervisor, character designer; chief puppeteer for The Great Bong)
Berzircus~1992 - (chief puppeteer for Staicin
Comic Relief~1991 - (chief puppeteer for Henson's Wolf)
Dappledown Farm~1991 - (chief puppeteer for Lucky Ducky) (Series 3)
Treasure Box~1991 - (chief puppeteer for Underdog) (Series 1)
Hot Dog~1988 - 1991 - (chief puppeteer for Underdog and Jazz)
Dennis the Menace and Gnasher Show~1990 - (chief puppeteer for Gnasher) (Series 1)
Storyteller: Greek Myths, The~1990 (mini)
Top Banana~1990 - (chief puppeteer for Hilda 2)
Jim Henson's The Storyteller~1988 - Devil in The Soldier and Death (see Actor Connections - TV)
The Huva show~1988 - 1990 - (chief puppeteer/builder for Huva)
Mr. Majeika: Christmas Special~1988 - (chief puppeteer for Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
Little Muppet Monsters~1985 - various muppets
Fraggle Rock~1983 - Sprocket (UK, France, Germany, Norway) (1983 - 1989)
The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show (UK)~1978 - (puppeteer: Giant Dog)

TV Producer
The Great Bong!~1993

Toyota Movie Premier Goldfish~1998 (Key Frame CG animator for CG animated goldfish.)

Scope Mouthwash~1995 - (builder/puppeteer: Lamp/Bunny Slippers/Clothes)
Vivi Encounter~1991 - (body suit performer: Vivi Elder)
Jacobs Biscuits~1979 - Kimberly (hand puppet)

Video Games 
Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi~1994 - Jabba the Hutt

Awards, Honors and Nominations
Academy Awards:
Nom 2002 Visual Effects for Cats & Dogs

Social Media
Official site:
Dave Barclay

British Puppet Guild

Jactito Puppet Company

Cap and Bells Puppet Company

A founding member of Ultimate Animates

The Technology Playgroup has designed a puppeteer & interface for SGI mechanism which is called the Barclay Box and can be purchased online.

Special Thanks to Derek Maki and for the generous contributions they made to the SWAD!
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