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Bascle, Brian

Brian Bascle

Brian Bascle has a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, TN, graduating in 1990. He was a graphic designer from 1993-2001 and from 2001 until now has also been a voice artist as well as an on-camera actor.
Thanks to Chris Brown for the initial heads-up on Mr. Bascle!

Crackerjack~2013 - Jimmy
The Last of Robin Hood~2013 - Reporter
What to Expect When You're Expecting~2010 - Adoption Dad
Preacher's Kid~2010 - Cabbie

Swamp Murders~2014 - Detective Brian Goetschius in Texas Killing Fields
Teen Wolf~2011 - Janitor in Night School
Necessary Roughness~2011 - Hal Bueller in Anchor Management
Drop Dead Diva~2010 - Judge Laurence Railsback in Will & Grayson

Take Charge Campaign for Destination America (SC Johnson) - Father
Wishful Thinking (CNN promo) - Uptight Lawyer
Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods - Father "Clean your room" *Jedi Mind Trick*
Viacord Way - Husband/New Father
Wave of Wow (EnMotion) - The Black Belt
Georgia Power
THQ Games
Piedmont Hospital
Cingular Wireless
AmSouth Bank
Georgia Lottery
VH1 - X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse
Time-Warner Cable - voice of Baboon


The Elephant Man~2015 - Carr Gomm, Belgian Policeman (Act3 Productions, Atlanta, GA)
The Secret Garden~ - Archibald Craven (Kudzu Playhouse, )
Forever Plaid~ - Jinx (Kudzu Playhouse, )
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe~ - Aslan/Tumnus (Kudzu Playhouse, )
Fireworks~ - Martin (14th St. Playhouse, )
Accomplice~ - Derek/Hal (Onstage Atlanta, Atlanta, GA)
Legal Education~ - Ed (14th St. Playhouse, )
E.R.~ - Dr. Sherman (Onstage Atlanta, Atlanta, GA)
Breaking the Code~ - Ron (Onstage Atlanta, Atlanta, GA)
J.B.~ - Roustabout (Gainesville Thatre Alliance, Gainesville, GA)
Della's Diner; Blue Plate Special~ - Ronnie Frank (Gainesville Theatre Alliance, Gainesville, GA)
My Fair Lady~ - Freddy (Gainesville Theatre Alliance, Gainesville, GA)

Books (illustrator)
Cartoon Nation Set~2009
Women's Right to Vote~2009
The U.S. Congress~2008
Muhammad Ali: American Champion~2008 (graphic novel)
John F. Kennedy: American Visionary~2007
Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield~2005
The U.S. Constitution~2006
Los Juicios Por Brujeria en Salem/The Salem Witch Trials~2006
Young Ridersof the Pony Express~2006
Paul Revere's Ride~2005
The Adventures of Marco Polo~2005
Mastodonte Americano/American Mastodon~2005

Audio Books
The Overnight Diet~2013 - Narrator
Ibn Saud~2013 - Narrator
Scary Tales to Tell in the Dark~2013 - Narrator
Ghost Stories to Tell in the Dark~2013 - Narrator
Countdown~2011 - Narrator
Ancient Egypt~2011 - Narrator
Red Alert~2011 - Narrator
Miracle on the 17th Green~2010 - Narrator

Video Games
Video Game Voices
Star Wars: Empire at War~2006 - voice of Kyle Katarn/Rebel Pilot/Rebel Trooper/Additional Voices

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Finalist 2008 - Peachtree Road Race T-Shirt Design
Finalist 1997 - Peachtree Road Race T-Shirt Design

Social Media
Official Brian Bascle site
Graphic Design
Brain Bascle
Brian Bascle
Brian Bascle

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