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Basco, Dante

Dante Basco
Danté Roman Titus Basco was born on August 29, 1975 to Ms. Abasta in Pittsburg, CA in Contra Costa County and has four siblings: Darion, Derek, Dion, and Arianna who are all actors/performers. Danté studied at Orange County High School of the Arts. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Jarhead 3: The Siege~2016 - Blake
Mouthpiece~2015 - Himself
A Sweet Goodbye~2015
The Head Thieves~2015 - Frankie Castillo
Six Hours: Surviving Typhoon Yolanda~2014 - (Doc) Himself
Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses~2014 - (V) Gangly Asian
JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time~2014 - (V) voice of Karate Kid
Roscoe and Maggie~2014 - (Short) Roscoe
3's a Couple~2014 - Himself
Murder 101~2014 - D. Phillips
Awesome Asian Bad Guys~2014 - Dante
Anita Ho~2014 - Taylor Bautista
The Devil's Dozen~2013 -
2012 Hang Loose~2012 - Dante
I'm Coming Out~2011 - Jai Andrews
Paradise Broken~2011 - Ray

Subject: I Love You~2011 - Nicky
The Journey~2010 - (V) Patricio
Blood River~2010 - Chuck G
Blood and Bone~2009 - Pinball
The Outside~2009 - Indo
This Life~2008 - Alex
Nite Tales: The Movie~2008 - Gerard
Gettin' Some Jail Time~2006 - (Short) Himself
Take the Lead~2006 - Ramos
Naked Brown Men~2003 - Dante
Love Don't Cost a Thing~2003 - Spoken Word Artist
Biker Boyz~2003 - Philly
Extremedays~2001 - Corey
Rave~2000 - Jay Hoon
The Debut~2000 - Ben Mercado (as Danté Basco)
But I'm a Cheerleader~1999 - Dolph
The Lion's Den~1998 - Lead
Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights~1998 - Prince Hong
Fakin' Da Funk~1997 - Julian Lee
Gangstaz~1996 - Mario
Fist of the North Star~1995 - Bat
A Goofy Movie~1995 - voices of
Hook~1991 - Rufio
The Perfect Weapon~1991 - Jimmy Ho
Cold Dog Soup~1990 - Chinese Boy
Moonwalker~1988 - Romeo

Film Director
Naked Brown Men~2003

Film Producer
Hang Loose~2012
Paradise Broken~2011
Equal Opportunity~2007
Naked Brown Men~2003

Film Writer
Hang Loose~2012

Music Videos
Black-Eyed Peas song "The APL song - the veteran's reflection in the mirror

Shut Up and Talk~2015 - Himself
Nostalgia Critic~2014 - Himself
Entertainment Tonight~2014 -Himself (Hook)
Hell's Kitchen~2014 - Himself (patron) in 8 Chefs Compete
Seasonal Depression the Show~2013 - Himself
Peter Panzerfaust~2013 - Voice of Alain in Pilot
The Legend of Korra~2012-2014 - Voice of General Iroh (6 episodes)
Star Wars Rebels~2014 - Jai Kell (middle) in Breaking Ranks

Homemade Movies~2014 - Rufio in Hook Fight Scene -With the Real Rufio!
Love Midori~2014 - Dante in:
    The One
    Dante Basco
Ultimate Spider-Man~2013 - Voice of Scorpion in:
    Return of the Sinister Six
    Journey of the Iron Fist
Generator Rex~2010-2012 - Voice of Tuck in:
    Remote Control
    Crash and Burn
Hawaii Five-0~2012 - Nick Change in Pu'olo
R.S.V.P.~2011 - Himself in Basco Family
Fight Class~2011 - Himself in Hook: Part 2
Prime Suspect~2011 - Bounce in Carnivorous Sheep
CSI: Miami~2010 - Ruben Franco in Happy Birthday
Firebreather~2010 - Voice of Kenny Rogers
Dark Blue~2010 - June Bug in Jane Wayne
The Boondocks~2010 - Voice of Jigme in The Red Ball
Zevo-3~2010 - voice of Matt and Kewl Breeze (6 episodes)
Community~2009 - Bully's Friend #2 in Comparative Religion
Avatar the Last Airbender~2005-2008 - Voice of Prince Zuko (49 episodes)
American Dragon: Jake Long~2005-2007 - Voice of Jake Long (55 episodes)
Anime: Drawing a Revolution~2007 -Himself
The Disney Channel Games~2007 - Voice of Jake Long
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody~2007 - Hollywood London in The Suite Life Goes Hollywood: Parts 1 and 2
HBO First Look~2006 - (Doc) Himself in Take the Lead
Entourage~2006 - Fukijama in What About Bob?
The Disney Channel Games~2006 - Voice of Jake Long
Lilo & Stitch: The Series~2005 - Voice of Jake Long in Morpholomew: Experiment #316
Kim Possible~2003 - Voice of Fukushima in Exchange
Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry~2002 - (Doc) Himself in Episode #2.2
The Proud Family~2002 - Voice of Quoc Wong in Romeo Must Wed
Providence~2002 - Justin Kim in All the King's Men
The Chang Family Saves the World~2002 -
The Chronicle~2001 - Noodles in Here There Be Dragons
A Kitty Bobo Show~2001 - Kitty Bobo
The Steve Harvey Show~2000 - Lee in Guess Who's Not coming to Counseling
Undressed~1999 - Jake (5 episodes)
Viper~1999 - Rishi Lama in Holy Terror
Promised Land~1998 - Tito in Out of Bounds
Moesha~1998 - Marco (4 episodes)
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction~1998 - Ghost of Rudi Hernandez in The Student
Riot~1997 - Jeff Lee in Gold Mountain
Touched by an Angel~1996 - Robbie in Random Acts
Nash Bridges~1996 - Jimmy Chang in Home Invasion
Alien Nation: Body and Soul~1995 - Trash #2
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air~1995 - Kevin in Cold Feet, Hot Body
500 Nations~1995 - Voice
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper~1993 - Sammy in Seoul Shake
Raven~1993 - Lucas in The Journey
The Hit Man~1991 - Pauly
The Wonder Years~1988-1991 - Gym Class Kid and Eddie (3 episodes)
The New Adam-12~1990 - Manko in Kid Kop
Booker~1989 - Ping Pon in Razing Arrizola
Highway to Heaven~1989 - Champ Hopkins in Choices
CBS Schoolbreak Special~1989 - Luis in 15 and Getting Straight
Santa Barbara~1988 - Amado (4 episodes)

Verizon V-Cast~2006 - Dancer

Where You From?~ - Himself (Poetry) (Greenway Court Theater, Los Angeles, CA)
Midnight Makeout Session~2013 -

Theatre Writer
Midnight Makeout Session~2013

Video Games (Voice)
Moral Kombat X~2015 - Voice
Avatar: The Legend of Korra~20132 - General Iroh II
Nicktoons MLB~2011 - Prince Zuko
Skate 3~2010 - Shingo
Final Fantasy XIII~2009 - Cocoon Inhabitant
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood~2009 - Seeing Farther
Terminator Salvation~2009 - Resistance Soldier
Aion: The Tower of Eternity~2008 - Young person
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Into the Inferno~2007 - Zuko
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth~2006 - Zuko
Avatar: The Last Airbender~2006 - Zuko
Saints Row~2006 -Stillwater Resident
Scarface: The World is Yours~2006 -
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood~2006 - Sees Farther
Def Jam Fight for New York~2004 - Voice 3

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
National Film Society Awards:
Rec'd 2013 Best Supporting Actor for Hang Loose
Rec'd 2013 Best Duo for Hang Loose (with Kev Jumba)
VC FilmFest - Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival:
Rec'd 2012 Special Jury Prize Best Actor - Narrative Feature for Paradise Broken and Hang Loose
Young Artist Awards:
Rec'd 1993 Outstanding Young Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture for Hook (shared)
Nom 1991 Best Young Actor Co-starring in a Motion Picture for Hook

Social Media
Dante Basco: My Take on Life
Official Dante Basco

Chairman of the Board of Projekt NewSpeak

He and his brothers (Derek, Dion, and Darion) have a band called Fly Brown Dragons

Part of the Street Freaks dancing crew as a young man.

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