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Bauersfeld, Erik

Erik Bauersfeld

Erik Bauersfeld was born on June 28, 1922 in Brooklyn, New York. From the first moment his father introduced him to radio sounds he was hooked, because of that and a lifelong love and 
 dedication to his craft, he is one of the foremost American radio dramatists, and for over forty years has been one of the most distinguished names in cultural broadcasting.  

In 1986 Bauersfeld established the Bay Area Radio Drama (BARD) there you will find a large selection of radio dramas from The Black Mass (includes 38 radio tales from 1963 - 1970) to Eugene O'Neill Plays (includes 9 radio dramas from 1987-1995) to Readings for Broadcast (1961 - 2009) and so much more!

Bauersfeld passed away on April 3, 2016. He was 94. 

My Saga~2016 - Himself
Crimson Peak~2015 - voice characterizations
Star Wars: The Force Awakens~2015 - voice of Admiral Ackbar
The Kamoro~2010 - (Short Doc) Narrator
Ferlinghetti: A Rebirth of Wonder~2009 - Himself
One Fast Move or I'm Gone: Kerouac's Big Sur~2008 - (Doc) Himself
Yellowstone~1994 - Narrator (IMAX)
A.I.~2001 - Voice of Gardener
Return of the Jedi~1983 - Voices of Bib Fortuna/Admiral Ackbar

In Memory of Thomas Parkinson: the Great Hall of the Men's Faculty Club, UC Berkeley, 2/24/92
Euphor!um~ Voices (The Undercroft at the Roundhouse Chalk Farm Road, London)

Fellowship of the Ring (Mind's Eye production)~1979 - Voices of Théoden, Boromir and an Herbmaster.

A Curious Fragment~2000 (NPR)
2000x Tales of the Next Millenia~1999 +   (see Actor Connections - Radio)
    A Curious Fragment

The Letters of Van Gogh (ready by)
One of These Days (or Nights) (BARD-Bay Area Radio Dramas, San Francisco, CA)
Dracula (Mind's Eye production)~1988 -Dracula
Babbitt~1987 (19 1/2 hour productions)
The Diary of a Madman~1989 (Here on the right with Rene Auberjonois)

The Hungry Bird~1998 (BARD)
Wind and Sea~1991
Jurgen Becker's Houses~1991  (BARD) Host
Centropolis~1990 (BARD) Host
Tales From the Shadows~1987
Wind and Sea~1984 - (introduced and with discussion)
The Other and I~1984 (host)
The Hobbit~1984
Monologue: Terry Jo~1984
Five Man Humanity~1984
Charm and the History of Rapture~
In the Corridors of the Metro~1975
Malleus Malificarum~1975
The Diary of Samuel Pepys~1975
De profundis~1975
A Gentle Creature~1975
Canto General~1975
The State of Mind~197?
Live Animal Room~1971
The Judgment~1971
The Meno/Plato~1970
Two by Ambrose Bierce~1970
The Flies~1969
Evening Primsrose~1969 -
The Death of Halpin Frayzer~1969
Mother 9~1968
The Outsider~1968
Diary of a Madman~1967(moderated by)
The Taos Bookshop~1967
D.H. Lawrence at Taos~1967
Taos and Brett: A Friendship~1967
Eleven Sons~1967
On the Harmfulness of Tobacco~1967
The Moonlilt Road~1966
The Jolly Corner~1965
Roman Fever~1964 (adapted)
Manuscript Found in a Bottle~1964
The Imp of the Perverse~1964
The Diary of a Madman~1964
All Hallows~1964 - The Visitor/Verger
 The Dream of a Ridiculous Man~1966
Diary of a Madman~1963 (with Bernard Mayes)
The Ash Tree~1960-65 (from the Black Mass series)
An Evening's Entertainment~1960-65 (from the Black Mass series)
Dream of a Ridiculous Man~1963 - (adapted)
Selections from the prose and poetry of Kenneth Lash~1963 - Read by
Metamorphosis~ - Samsa

Radio Producer (also script/adaptation/sound)
Hörspiel/USA Project~1984-1991
    Roaratorio: An Irish Circus on Finnegan's Wake~1984 & 1991
    The Other and I~1984
    Natural Assemblages and the True Crow~1984
    Hsin Hsin Minh~1984
    On Reading Orwell~1984
    Breakfast conversations in Miami~1984 (producer and sound designer)
    Monologue: Terry Jo~1984
    The First Casualty of the Trojan War~1984
    Wind and Sea~1984
    Five Man Humanity~1984
One of these Days (or Nights)
The Letters of Van Gogh (KCRW)
Ears Wide Open~2000  (KALW)
The Eugene O'Neill Project~1987-1995 (BARD)
    Lazarus Laughed~1995
    The Emperor Jones
    The Hairy Ape
    S.S. Glencairn: Four Plays of the Sea~

    The Emperor Jones~1990
    The Moon of the Caribbees~1988
    Bound East for Cardiff~1988
    In The Zone~1988
    The Long Voyage Home~1988
Object Piece~1992
Wind and Sea~1991
The Horla~1991
Jurgen Becker's Houses~1991  (BARD)
Centropolis~1990 (BARD)
Object Piece~1976
The Secret Sharer~ - (adapted)
Anne Morrow Lindbergh~  (script)
Mary Cassatt~  (script)
The Real Thing~  (adapted)
The Fate of the Baron~ - (adapted)

Radio Director
Sorry Wrong Number~2002
Lazarus Laughed~1995
Jurgen Becker's Houses~1991  (BARD)
Centropolis~1990 (BARD)
Locations Part I & II
Tales of the Shadow (13 Part series)
One of These Days (or Nights)
One of these Days (or Nights)
Lost and Found (ongoing series)

Audio Books 
Oedipus the King~2003
Hunter of the Dark~1995
The Rats in the Walls~1995 (from an old broadcast)

The Insider~1995
Haussmann, or the Distinction
One Phase of Love and The Diary of a Madman
Tone, Was It a Dream? and False Gems
The Varieties of Religious Experience  ("Erik Boauersfield's articulate delivery conveys wisdom and scholarship." -- Audiofile)
Emma~1985 (adapted by)
Cakes and Ale~1993/1984 - hear a sample:
Orient Express~1984
Narrow Corner~1984
The Wind in the Willows~1979 - Voices of Gypsy and Badger
Jonathan Swift~1979
The Scarlet Letter~1979
Three Great Tales~1972 - (see Actor Connections - Audio Books)
Eleanor Roosevelt (Great American Women)

Video Games
Star Wars: X-Wing~1995 (voice) - Adm. Ackbar

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Third Coast Audio Awards:
Rec'd 2009  Audio Luminary Award (lifetime achievement)
Norman Corwin Award:
Rec'd 2015 for Excellence in Audio Theatre

Honorary member of the Rebel Legion

Bauersfeld was the last voice to be recorded for Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back.

1986 -2004 - President and Director of Projects KPFA

1991 - 2004 - Director of Special Projects KPFA

1962-1991 - Director of Drama and Literature, KPFA

Held seminars on radio for AIR (Association of Independents in Radio)~2003

Sound & Images in Films on Art~1991 (publication)

Most of the sound on the radio programs worked on by Boauersfield (from BARD) are done by Skywalker Sound

Taught aesthetics and philosophy at the California School of Fine Art

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