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BegleyJr, Ed

Ed Begley, Jr.
 Edward James Begley, Jr. was born on September 16, 1949 in Los Angeles, California to Ed Begley Sr. (actor - Twelve Angry Men, and many other films, also appeared on many radio shows) and Amanda Huff.  Begley is very tall, standing at 6'4" (one of the tallest men I've ever danced with!)

Begley started acting, at the age of 17, on an episode of My Three Sons.  He was a member of his high school band, he attended Stella Niagara Education Park Cadet school in Lewiston, NY, and he attended Los Angeles Valley College (with Michael Richards) where he studied drama.  In the 70's he found work as a stand-up/improv comedian on the night club circuit and then worked as a cameraman.

Begley has been married twice: Ingrid Taylor ('76 - '89) with two children, then to Rachelle Carson ('00 - present) with one child.  His children are Amanda, Nick and Hayden.  He once was engaged to Mara Purl (writer) in, 1992 while he worked with her on the radio soap "Milford Haven"  but the marriage never happened.
Ed currently lives with his wife Rachelle and their daughter Hayden on a quiet street in Culver City while they build a LEED-certified Platinum house on another quiet street in Culver City, CA.

Imperfections~2015 - Barry
The Summerland Project~2015 - Paul Wesley

You're Not You~2014 - Uncle Roger
Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight~2013 - Harry Blackmun
Armed Response~2013 - Officer Krupke (see Actor Connections - Film)

Little Women, Big Cars~2012 - (Web) Mr. Hughes
Making Change~2012 - Simmons
What's Your Number?~2011 - Mr. Darling
A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures~2010 - Voice of GreenPeace Worker
The Penthouse~2010 - Nicholas
Pittsburgh~2009 - Ed

21 and a Wake-Up~2009 - Colonel Ritchie
Tripping Forward~2009 - James - Acting Teacher
Whatever Works~2009 - John
Fatal Secrets~2009 - Reverend Vernon
He's Such a Girl~2009 - Taylor's Father
Next of Kin~2008 - Patrick
Pineapple Express ~2008 - Robert
Fly Me to the Moon 3D~2008 - voice of Poopchev

Hard Four~2007 - Governor Begley
Cockfighter~2007 -
One Long Night~2007 - Joel
He's Such a Girl~2007 - Taylor's Father
Making Change~2007 - Simmons
The Elder Son~2006 -Leonard
The Legend of William Tell~2007 - (V) James
Who Killed the Electric Car~2006 - Himself (see Actor Connections - Film)
For Your Consideration~2006 -
Franis Hamper~2006 - The Foul Sportsman
Tripping Forward~2006 - James Comey
The Optimist~2005 - Leonard
Relative Strangers~2005 - Mr. Manuree
Desolation Sound~2005 - Doug Shepard
Alone in a Crowd~2005
Hard Four~2005 - Himself
Hair High~2004 - voice of Reverend Sidney Cheddar
Raising Genius~2004 - Dr. Curly Weeks
The First Person~2004 - Detective Tom Burroughs
Stateside~2004 - Father Concoff (see Actor Connections - Film)
Trailer, The~2003 - Victim
Going Down~2003 - Oscar Earnest
Mighty Wind, A~2003 - Lars Olfen (see Actor Connections - Film)

Net Games~2003 - John Fielding
Back by Midnight~2002 - Robert Wade
Auto Focus~2002 - Mel Rosen
Bug~2002 - The Dept. of Health Inspector/'The Hand'
Anthrax~2001 - Brent Krawford
Hellgig~2001 - Reverend
Diary of a Sex Addict~2001 - Dr. Aaron Spencer
Get Over It~2001 - Frank Landers
Best in Show~2000 - Mark Schaefer, Hotel Manager
Addams Family Reunion~1998 (V) - Phillip Adams
I'm Losing You~1998 - Zev
Joey~1997 - Ambassador Ted Ross
Ms. Bear~1997 - Greg Bradley
Lay of the Land, The~1997 - Harvey Dankworth
For Goodness Sake II~1996
Santa with Muscles~1996 - Ebner Frost
Crazysitter, The~1995 - Paul Van Arsdale
Hourglass~1995 - Detective Cecil Dish
Storybook~1995 - voice of Pouch
Rave Review~1995 - Bert
Batman Forever~1995 (uncredited) - Fred Stickley

Sensation~1995 - Earl Strauber
Pagemaster, The~1994 - Alan Tyler
Renaissance Man~1994 - Jack Markin
Greedy~1994 - Carl McTeague

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues~1993 - Rupert
Dark Horse~1992 - Jack Mills

Meet the Applegates~1991 - Richard P. Applegate

She-Devil~1989 - Bob

Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills~1989 - Peter
Accidental Tourist, The~1988 - Charles Leary

Amazon Women on the Moon~1987 - Griffin (segment Son of the Invisible Man) (see Actor Connections - Film)

Waiting to Act~1985 - Ed
Transylvania 6-5000~1985 - Gil Turner

Protocol~1984 - Hassler (see Actor Connections - Film)
Streets of Fire~1984 - Ben Gunn
This Is Spinal Tap~1984 - John 'Stumpy' Pepys (Peeps)

Get Crazy~1983 - Colin Beverly
Voyager From the Unknown~1982
Officer and a Gentleman, An~1982 - Voice of Altitude Chamber Instructor
Young Doctors in Love~1982 - Lyle August
Cat People~1982 - Joe Creigh
Eating Raoul~1982 - Hippie
Buddy Buddy~1981 - Lieutenant #1
Private Lessons~1981 - Jack Travis
Concorde: Airport '79, The~1979 - Rescuer #1
In-Laws, The~1979 - Barry Lutz, CIA Intelligence officer at Embassy in Tijada
Hardcore~1979 - Soldier in Porn Film (has a Star Wars reference)
Goin' South~1978 - Whitey Haber
Blue Collar~1978 - Bobby Joe
One and Only, The~1978 - Arnold - The King
Record City~1977 - Pokey
Handle with Care~1977 - The Priest
Stay Hungry~1976 - Lester
Superdad~1974 - member of The Gang

Cockfighter~1974 - Tom Peeples
Charley and the Angel~1973 - Derwood Moseby

Showdown~1973 - Pook
Now You See Him, Now You Don't~1972 - Druffle
Where Does It Hurt?~1972 (see Actor Connections - Film)

Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The~1969 (uncredited) - Student at Springfield State

Choices of the Future~ - Himself
Secrets of Enjoying Life~ ???? (Children's V) - Himself
Secrets of Staying Well~ ???? (Children's V) - Himself

Your Family or Mine~2015 - Gil (4 episodes)
On Begley Street~2013 - (Web) (9 episodes) (see Actor Connections - TV)

Portlandia~2012-2015 - Ed (5 episodes)
Wedlock~2014 - Ray Gomez
Regular Show~2014 - Voice of William in Maxin' and Relaxin'
Betas~2013-2014 - Murch/Geroge Murchison (7 episodes)
How to Succeed at Birth~2013 - Dr. Finch
Family Tree~2013 - Al Chadwick (5 episodes)
Arrested Development~2005-2013 (7 episodes)
Rules of Engagement~2013 - Reverend Todd in 100th
The Office~2013 - Erin's Biological Father in Finale
Partners~2013 - Dr. Kay in Sperm und Drang
Newsreaders~2013 - Phillip Breck in Unborn Again
Hot in Cleveland~2013 - Yogi in Fast and Furious
Family Tree~2013 - Uncle Andy
Little Women, Big Cars 2~2012 - Principal Larry
Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight~2012 - Justice Harry Blackmum
Easy to Assemble~2008-2012 - S. Erland Husssen (8 episodes)
Common Law~2012 - Dr. Van Waals in:
    Hot for Teacher
Rizzoli & Isles~2011-2012 - Dr. T. Pike (3 episodes)
Raising Hope~2012 - Himself in I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back
Portlandia~2012 - Ed in Brunch Village
Happy Endings~2012 - Himself in Meet the Parrots
Funny or Die Presents~2011 - Double-chief O'Shambley in United States Police Department
CSI: Miami~2007-2011 - Scott O'Shay (5 episodes)
Chaos~2011 - Operative Corwin in Molé
Off the Map~2011 - Hank in On the Mean Streets of San Miguel
$#*! My Dad Says~2011 - Terry in The Better Father
Brave New World~2011 - Dick Kenealy
Chabad 'To Life' Telethon~2010 - Himself in Chabad Telethon
Outlaw~2010 - Judge Donald Crane in:
    In Re: Tony Mejia
    In Re: Officer Daniel Hale
Children's Hospital~2010 - Senator Throman in You Know No One Can Hear You, Right?
The Good Guys~2010 - Nate Bailey in Old Dogs
Big Time Rush~2010 - Himself in:
    Big Time Live
    Big Time concert
The New Adventures of Old Christine~2010 - Pastor Ed in Sweet Charity
Rise and Fall of Tuck Johnson~2009 - Wolfgang Zinendorf
The Suite Life on Deck~2009 - Mayor Ragnar in The Swede Life
Monk~1009 - Dr. Malcolm Nash in Mr. Monk and the End: Part 1
Georgia O'Keefee~2009 - Dr. Lee Steiglita
Curious George~2009 - Voice of Vinny in Curious George, Personal Trainer/Sprout Outing
Free Radio~2009 - Himself in Celebrity
The Simpsons~2009 - Himself in Gone Maggie Gone
Party Down~2009 - Bruce nesbitt in Pepper McMasters Singles Seminar
Hannah Montana~2009 - Woody in Would I Lie to Lilly?
Gary Unmarried~2008-2009 - Dr. Walter Krandall (16 episodes)
The Replacements~2008 - Himself in Homer to the Max
Recount~2008 - David Boies
King of the Hill~2008 - Stephens Davies in Behind Closed Doors
Hannity and Colmes~2007 - Himself
Living with Ed~2007 - Himself

CSI: Miami~2007 - Scott O'Shay (2 episodes)
Veronica Mars~2006-2007 - Cyrus O'Dell (5 episodes)
The New Adventures of Old Christine~2006 - Pastor Ed in Oh God, Yes
Three Moons Over Milford~2006 - Millionaire in Moon Giver
Las Vegas~2006 - Mr. Grimaldi in Coyote Ugly
Boston Legal~2004 - Clifford Cabot (3 episodes)
Illeana-Rama~2005 - Cameo in Pilot
Arrested Development~2004 - Stan Sitwell (4 episodes)
Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story~2005 - Frank Perdue
Jack & Bobby~2004-2005 - Reverend Belknap (5 episodes)
Life on Liberty Street~2004 - Richard Spencer Sr.
Kingdom Hospital~2004  - Dr. Jesse James

Sharon Osbourne Show, The~2004 - Himself
7th Heaven~1999-2003 - Dr. Hank Hastings (15 episodes)
War Stories~2003 - Ed O'Brian
My Adventures in Television (Wednesday 9:30 (8:30 Central)~2002 - Paul Weffler
Pyramid~2002 - Himself 16 September 2002
Scrubs~2002 - Dr. Bailey in My Sacrificial Clam
Agency, The~2002 - Musgrave in Sleeping Dogs Lie
Dharma & Greg~2002 - Himself in Protecting the Ego-System
Hounded~2001  - Ward Van Dusen
Six Feet Under~2001  - Hiram Gunderson
Agency, The~2001 - Lenny Musgrave in Closure
Family Law~2001 - Attorney Ethan Beal in Irreparable Harm
Titus~2001 - Bill in The Wedding
Gideon's Crossing~2001 - Haley's Father in The Crash
West Wing, The~2001 - Seth Gillette in The War at Home
Hounded~2001 - Ward Van Dusen
Michael Richards Show, The~2000 - Impostor Vic in The Identity Loan
Batman Beyond~2000 - Voice of Dr. Peter Corso in April Moon
Providence~2000  - Chuck Chance (5 episodes)
Pigs Next Door~2000  (voice) (see Actor Connections - TV)
Homicide: The Movie~2000  - Dr. Victor Ehrlich
Practice, The~1999 - Dr. Foster in Day in Court
Simpsons, The~1999 - Himself (voice) in  Homer to the Max
Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery~1998  - Fitz-Gilbert Hamilton
Ellen~1998 - Himself in When Ellen Talks, People Listen
Larry Sanders Show, The~1992=8 - Himself in  Putting the 'Gay' Back in Litigation
Alone~1997 - Gerald
Meego~1997 - Dr. Edward Parker
Not In This Town~1997 - Henry Whitcomb
Nanny, The~1993 - Tom Rosenstein in You Bette Your Life
Gun~1997 - The Director in  The Shot
Drew Carey Show, The~1997 - Dr. Chris Vanderkamp in Cap-Beer-Cino
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch~1997 - Mr. James T. Rothwell in Trial By Fury
Late Shift, The~1996  - Rod Perth
Project: ALF~1996  - Dr. Warner
Star Trek: Voyager~1995
    Henry Starling in  Future's End: Parts 1 and 2
Adventures from the Book of Virtues~1996 - Voice of William Tell in Courage
Touched by an Angel~1996 - Chris Carpenter in Til We Meet Again
3rd Rock from the Sun~1996 - Jeff in Green-Eyed Dick
Jeopardy (celebrity)~1995 - Himself w/Rosie O'Donnell and Robert Guillaume
World War II: When Lions Roared~1994 - Harry Hopkins
Duckman~1994 - Voice of Barry Brittle in Research and Destroy
Shining Time Station: Once Upon a Time~1994 - Harry Hopkins
Shaggy Dog, The~1994  - Ron Daniels
Incident at Deception Ridge~1994  - Jack Davis
Columbo: Undercover~1994  - Irving Krutch
Winnetka Road~1994  - Glenn Barker
Magic School Bus, The~1994 - Voice of Jerry in Meets the Rot Squad
Dave's World~1993 - Watterson in Stayin' Alive
America the Bountiful~1993  - Host
Partners~1993  - 'Grave Squad' Lawyer
Today's Environment~1993 - Host
Tales from the Crypt~1989 - Judd Campbell in  Death of Some Salesmen
Larry Sanders Show, The~1992 - Himself in  The List
Roseanne~1988 - Principal Alexander in  Crime and Punishment
Cooperstown~1993  - Dave Cormeer
Mastergate~1992  - Steward Butler
Exclusive~1992  - Allen
Running Mates~1992  - Chapman Snow
Batman~1992 -
    Charlie Collins in  Joker's Favor
    Germs in  Feat of Clay: Parts 1 and 2
Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories~1992 - Himself (voice) in Uncle Wizzmo's New Used Car
In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion~1992  - Lt. Fred House
Story Lady, The~1991  - Otis
Chance of a Lifetime~1991  - Darrel
Timeless Tales from Hallmark~1990 - Bertram in the elves and the Shoemaker
Big One: The Great Los Angeles Earthquake, The~1990  - Jerry Soloway
Earth Aid~1990 - Host
Parenthood~1990  - Gil Buckman
In the Best Interest of the Child~1990  - Howard Feldon
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less~1990 - Stephen Bradley 4/1/90 (see Actor Connections - TV)
Captain Planet and the Planeteers~1990 - voice of Preston, Dr Russell's Assistant (see Actor Connections - TV)
Shining Time Station~1990 - Ned Kincaid in  Once Upon a Time
The Ed Begley Jr. Show~1989 - Ed 'Hobo' Hobart
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color~1988-1989 - Dr. Jack Brooker in:
    The Absent-Mnded Professor Trading Places
    The Absent-Minded Professor
Late Night with David Letterman~1982 - Himself 21 January 1988
The Accidental Tourist~1988 - Charles Leary
Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs~1988 - Alan
Incredible Ida Early, The~1987 - Father
Roman Holiday~1987 - Leonard Lupo

Celebration Family~1987  - Jake Foreman
You Are the Jury~1986 - Brian Spears in The State of Arizona vs. Dr. Evan Blake
$100,000 Pyramid~1986 - Celebrity Guest
Headin' Home for the Holidays~1986
Tall Tales and Legends~1985 - Ichabod Crane in  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Faerie Tale Theatre~1987 - Brom Dutcher in Rip Van Winkle
Saturday Night Live~1984 - Host
Ed Begley, Jr. (right) SNL "Going Up" skit
Love Boat, The~1984 in  Fish Out of Water
Tales of the Unexpected~1984 - George in Wet Saturday
All-New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show, The~1983 - Character voice:
Uncommon Love, An~1983 - Matt Randolph
Insight~1983 - in Cleaning House
Still the Beaver~1983 - Whitey
Voyagers!~1982 - Wilbur Wright in Voyagers
St. Elsewhere~1982 - Dr. Victor Ehrlich

Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color~1982 - Amos Tucker in Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang
Not Just Another Affair~1982  - Warren Krueger
Rascals and Robbers: The Secret Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn~1982  - Jeb
Smurfs, The~1981 - Voice of
Riker~1981 - Ed in Honkeytonk
Wonder Woman~1978 - Harold Farnam in The Fine Art of Crime

Wonder Woman~1976 - Harold Farnam in Wonder Woman's Disappearing Act Pt. 1
Fantasy Island~1981 - Amos McAllister in  The Chateau/White Lightning

Quincy M.E.~1976-1981 -
    Kit in Stain of Guilt
    Walter "Speed" Simpson in No Way to Treat a Body
    David Phillips in Valleyview
Barnaby Jones~1973 - Lindy Powell in  Death Is the Punchline
Scooby and Scrappy-Doo~1979 - Character voices:
Shining Season, A~1979  - John Holland
Battlestar Galactica~1978 - Flight Sergeant Greenbean (5 episodes)

Columbo~1978 - Jamie in The Prince/The Sheriff
Mixed Nuts~1977 - Jamie
Dead of Night~1977 - Frank Cantrell in Second Chance Pt 1  Second Chance Pt 2 (see Actor Connections - TV)

Starsky and Hutch~1976 Harv Schwab in Murder at Sea
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman~1976 - Steve (5 episodes)
Baretta~1975 - Ernie in A Bite of the Apple
Medical Center~1975 - Greg Duncan
Happy Days~1974 - Hank in The Deadly Dares
Roll Out~1973-1974 - Lt. Robert W. Chapman
Love, American Style~1973 - Dick in Love and the Happy Family
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home~1972 - voice of Saunders (teenage, nude sun bather) in The Beach Vacation

Family Flight~1972 - Driver
The Doris Day Show~1972 - Wally in Debt of Honor
Ironside~1972 - Jimmy Sanders in Programmed for Panic
Maude~1972 - Young Man in Maude's Problem

Bobby Jo and the Good Time Band~1972 - Virgil
Mannix~1972 - Attendant in Babe in the Woods
Nanny and the Professor~1971 - Richie Cooper in The Great Debate
Owen Marshal: Counselor at Law~1971 - Howard in Shadow of a Name
The F.B.I.~1971 - Youngblood in The Deadly Gift
Adam-12~1971 - Bud in Million Dollar Buff

The Bill Cosby Show~1971 - Student in To Each According to His Appetite
The Immortal~1970 - Attendant in White Elephants Don't Grow on Trees
Room 222~1969-1972
My Three Sons~1966 - Marv in The Computer Picnic

CAHP Incentive Program

November~2012 - President Charles Smith (Mark Taper forum, Los Angeles, CA) (Photo by Craig Schwartz)

Romance~2006 - (Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA)
Romance~2005 - The Defense Attorney (Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, CA)
The Music Man~2004 -  (Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, Pittsburgh, PA)
Sunset Boulevard~2004 - reader (one night only show, Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)
Selected Shorts: A Celebration of the Short Story~2003 - reader (J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA)
Lysistrata - The Common Chorus Part I~2003 - reader for War Child (Los Angeles, CA)
Beyond Therapy~2002 - Dr. Stuart Framingham (Los Angeles, CA)
Crucible, The~2001 - (LA Theatre Works, Los Angeles, CA)
Table Settings~2001 -  Lead (Westside JCC, Los Angeles, CA)
Twilight's Last Gleaming~2000 - (Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA)
The Cryptogram~1999 - Del (Geffen Playhouse, LA, CA; Westside Arts Theater, New York, NY; American Repertory Theater, Boston, MA)
American Appetite~1999 - (LA Theatre Works, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA)
The Old Neighborhood~1999 - Carl (Aurora Theatre Company, Berkeley, CA)
Time Flies~1998 - (Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA)
McTeague~ - Carl McTeague (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Bang the Drum Slowly~ -
I'd Rather Eat Pants~ - The Cop (LA Theatre Works, Venice, CA) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Babbitt~ - (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Rave Reviews~ -
Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers~ -  (see Actor Connections - Theatre)

Writer Theatre
César and Rubén~2007
César and Rubén~2003 - (El Portal Theatre, North Hollywood, CA)

Director Theatre
César and Rubén~2007
César and Rubén~2003 - (El Portal Theatre, North Hollywood, CA)

Producer Theatre
César and Rubén~2007

Earth and Sky~1999 - performer
Twilight Zone~2003 - Mr. Castle (#12) (see Actor Connections - Radio)
I'd Rather Eat Pants~2002 -
Twilight's Last Gleaming~2000 - (Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA)
Forty Two Stories~1997 -  (LA Theatre Works)
Milford Haven~1992 - (BBC)
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Radio Drama~1996 - Boba Fett (in association with LA Theatre Works)

Radio Commercials
PSA's for Greenpeace

Audio Books/Plays
I'd Rather Eat Pants~2015 - narrator (see Actor Connections - Audio Books/Plays)
The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas~2013 - performer
Time Flies~2012 -perfomer (LA Theatre Works)
Twilight's Last Gleaming~2012 - narrator (see Actor Connections - Audio Books/Plays)
Atwater: Fixin' to Die~2011 - narrator (see Actor Connections - Audio Books/Plays)
The Jungle (Twilight Zone Radio Drama)~2011 - narrator
One for the Angels (Twilight Zone Radio Drama)~2010 - reader
From Agnes with Love (Twilight Zone Radio Drama)~2010 - narrator
McTeague~2010 - narrator (see Actor Connections - Audio Books/Plays)
Halcyon Days~2010 - narrator
Abundance~2009 - narrator
Gunman's Rhapsody~2009 - reader/narrator
Essential Walt Whitman~2008 - performer
Babbitt~2008 narrator (see Actor Connections - Audio Books/Plays)
Romance~2007 - reader
Beyond Therapy~2002 - Dr. Stuart Framingham (Los Angeles, CA)
Crucible, The~2001 - (LA Theatre Works, Los Angeles, CA)
Future of Life~2001 - reader
Earth and Sky~2001 - narrator
Earth and Sky~1999 - performer (LA Theatre Works)
Crazy Lady~ - reader
Greater Los Angeles Green Pages~ - reader
Choice Cuts: A Savory Selection of Food Writing from Around the World and Throughout History~ -
Forward Drive: The Race to Build the Clean Car of the Future~ -

Live Performance
Live Simply So That Others May Simply Live~2005 - presenter of program (Christian Church of Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, CA) 11/10/05
Troubadour - Routine with Michael Richards
Comedy Store - Improv/Stand-up comedy

Ed Begley, Jr.'s Guide to Sustainable Living: Learning to Conserve Resources and Manage an Eco-Conscious Life~2009
McTeague - with Bud Cort, Carvel Collins, Christine Avila, Donald Pizer

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
ADA (Artistic Director Achievement) Award:
Rec'd 2004
Artivist Awards:
Rec'd 2004 For Environmental Advocacy
Environmental Media Awards:
Nom 2014 Digital Video for On Begley Street
Nom 2013 Digital Video for On Begley Street
Nom 1987 Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for ST. Elsewhere
Nom 1986 Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for ST. Elsewhere
Nom 1985 Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for ST. Elsewhere
Nom 1984 Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for ST. Elsewhere
Nom 1983 Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for ST. Elsewhere
Nom 1982 Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for ST. Elsewhere
Florida Film Critics Circle Awards:
Rec'd 2004 Best Ensemble Cast for A Mighty Wind (shared)
Golden Eagle Awards (Nosotros ATAS: Academy of Television Arts and Sciences):
Rec'd 2003 for his theatrical production of Cesar and Ruben
Golden Globes:
Nom 1986 Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV - St. Elsewhere
Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards:
Nom 2004 Best Ensemble Acting for A Might Wind (shared)
Valley Theatre League Awards:
Rec'd 2003 5 for Caesar and Ruben

Social Media
Ed Begley Jr.

On a list of 818 potential witnesses for the Robert Blake trial.

Power of Oneness Awards~ 2003 - attended/presented
Served as Environmental Affairs commissioner of Los Angeles and on the boards of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the Environmental Research Foundation, the Coalition for Clean Air, and the American Oceans Campaign.  One of the reasons he quit the EAC of LA position was because he felt that he was destroying too many trees with all the paperwork they were producing.

ECO - member (Earth Communications Office) - entertainment industry based.

Supporter of the Campaign for Old Growth (CFOG)

Played in his high school band under the leadership of Brother Gerald Muller.

He is a strict vegetarian, grows as much of his own vegetables as possible, his home is powered solely on solar power and he drives a VW rabbit that he converted to electric power.  He rides the bus or bikes whenever it's possible for him to do so.

2003 served as Grand Marshall of the Studio City Annual Holiday Open House and Parade.

Attended tribute to Teri Garr at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 1987

Washed cars with Senator Alarcon at a fundraiser to raise awareness for environmental issues concerning car washing and the residuals washed into the drain and subsequently into the ocean.

2003 participated in Reef Rescue in Studio City with Carrie Fisher (friends since they were infants)

2002 was an honorary sponsor for Rolling Laughter to benefit for WYNGS, the official chapter of the spinal cord injury association which addresses the unmet needs of people with paralysis

2002 Begley overcame a fear of heights to join John Quigley in saving a very old  tree (400 years) in Santa Clarita.  Quigley is an environmental activist who had spent 44 days in the branches.

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