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Berg, Jack

Jack Berg

Born on June 28, 1909, as Judah Bergman, in Romford Street, St. George in the East, Stepney. He was the fourth of seven children to Jacob and Millicent Bergman. As a young man, he apprenticed as a lather boy in a barber shop, then helped his father as a cabinet maker.
 It was thought he'd follow in his father's footsteps as a cabinet maker, but Judah had other plans. At the very young age of 14, he started boxing and changed his name to Jack "The Kid" Berg (taking the "kid" from Ted "The Kid" Lewis), and gained the name The Whitechapel Windmill in the UK and Whirlwind in the U.S.
After taking the Light Welterweight Championship in London he moved to the U.S. where he won 64 out of 76 fights, he was trained by Ray Arcel. He continued to fight into his mid-30s.

After his boxing career, Jack spent a bit of time doing stunts and extra work on films and TV. Below are a few of his credits, likely much more I haven't found.

Kid Berg died on April 22, 1991, in London, England, UK, after a long illness.

Star Wars~1977 - Rebel Alliance Technician (briefing room scene - highlighted)

The MacKintosh Man~1973 - Prisoner (see Actor Connections - Film)
Steptoe & Son~1972 - Strip club patron
Villain~1971 - Man Standing at Gaming Table (next to Richard Burton) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Carry On At Your Convenience~1971 - Factor Worker
Anne of the Thousand Days~1969 - Guard
Oh! What a Lovely War~1969 - background artist
Carry On Cowboy~1966 - Saloon patron (second from left in black hat and check shirt)
A Hard Day's Night~1964 - Drinking Patron (left just about to take a sip)
Panic~1963 - uncredited Referee
Children of the Damned~1963 - Officer
Lawrence of Arabia~1962 - Mourner at St. Paul's (see Actor Connections - Film)
Wrong Arm of the Law~1962 - Crooks at Syndicate Meeting
Terminus~1961 (short doc) - Convict at Waterloo Station
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone~1961 - Passerby (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Postman's Knock~1961 -
Barcelona Passage~1959 - Passenger
I'm All Right, Jack~1959 - Factory Worker
The Square Ring~1953 - Referee
Money Talks~1933 - Kid Burke

Film Stunts
Carry on Cowboy~1965 (uncredited stunts)
Henry V~1944 (uncredited stunts) (see Actor Connections - Film)

This Is Your Life~1987 - Himself

The Saint~1965 - Referee in The Crooked Ring (see Actor Connections - TV) 

Champion boxer - His professional fight career lasted from 1923 until 1945 with a record of 157 victories in 192 fights, 61 of which he won by knockout. He had 26 losses and 9 draws.

Jack Kid Berg - The Whitechapel Windmill by John Harding with Jack Berg

Friend of John Huston (director) and Mae West (actress)

1930 - Was living at the same hotel (The Harding Hotel, New York City) as Jack "Legs" Diamond (gangster) when "Legs" was shot 5 times. Not only was Jack "The Kid" Berg staying at the hotel, but it seems that he and his trainer were in their room when two men associated with Diamond with guns burst in and threatened the pair over Berg's flirtations with Legs' girlfriend. After a bit of convincing the gunmen let Berg and his trainer go. Berg and his trainer quickly checked out of the hotel. (Jack Berg lived on the floor below Mae West.)
Known as The Whitechapel Windmill, Whirlwind, and Yiddle.
1994 - Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame
1993 - Inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
1930-1931 - World Junior Welterweight Champion
Fights - Won: 122  Lost: 26
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