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Berger, Gregg

Gregg Berger

Gregg Berger was born in 1925 in Akron/Cleveland, OH.

He's been working as an actor/voice actor since the 1960's.

Recess: School's Out~2001 (voice) - Tech #1, The~2000 - Mr. Toller
Men in Black Alien Attack~2000 (voice) - 'Doofus and Do-Right' Narrator
Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving~1999 (V) (voice) - Additional Voices
Rugrats Movie, The~1998 (voice) - Circus TV Announcer
Police Academy: Mission to Moscow~1994 - Lt. Talinsky
Spaced Invaders~1990 - Steve W. Klembecker
Here Come the Littles~1985 (voice) - William Little
Love Streams~1984 - Taxi Driver
Stunt Man, The~1980 (uncredited)
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!~1978 - Sergeant

Grim & Evil~2001 - Bailiff/FBI Agent (voice) in  Evil on Trial
Becker~1998 - Clerk in  One Angry Man
Batman Beyond~1999 - Dispatch Agent in  Zeta
Batman Beyond~1999 - Pilot (voice) in  Eyewitness
Batman Beyond: The Movie~1999  (voice) - Golem Controller
Drew Carey Show, The~1995 - Anchorman (voice) in  Red, White and Drew
Batman Beyond~1999 - Golem Controller (voice) in  Golem
Powerpuff Girls, The~1998  (voice) - Additional Voices
Wild Thornberrys, The~1998  (voice) - Additional Voices
Hey Arnold!~1996 - Willie's Father/Policeman (voice) in  Career Day/Hey Harold!
Hey Arnold!~1996 - Lucky/Amusement Park Worker (voice) in  Sid's Revenge/Roller Coaster
Men in Black: The Series~1997 - Kay
Drew Carey Show, The~1995 - Emcee in  Drew vs. the Pig
Spider-Man~1994 - Mysterio/Quentin Beck (voice) in  Partners in Danger: Part 9: The Haunting of Mary Jane
Frasier~1993-1995 - voices of:
    ? in  Daphne Hates Sherry
    Gordon in The Friend
Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, The~1996 - Captain Rossanov/Guard (voice) in  General Winter
Spider-Man~1994 - Kraven the Hunter/Sergei Kravinoff (voice) in  Partners in Danger: Part 4: The Return of Kraven
Story of Santa Claus, The~1996  (voice) - Additional Voices
Quack Pack~1996 (voice)
Gargoyles~1994 - Leo (voice) in  M.I.A.
Wings~1990 - Mr. Douglas in  When a Man Loves a Donut
Spider-Man~1994 - Kraven the Hunter/Sergei Kravinoff (voice) in  Neogenic Nightmare: Part 8: Duel of the Hunters
Spider-Man~1994 - Mysterio/Quentin Beck (voice) in  Neogenic Nightmare: Part 2: Battle of the Insidious Six
Batman: The Animated Series~1992 - Rosie (as Greg Berger) in  A Bullet for Bullock
Spider-Man~1994 - Mysterio/Quentin Beck (voice) in  Neogenic Nightmare: Part 1: The Insidious Six
Spider-Man~1994 - Kraven the Hunter/Sergei Kravinoff (voice) in  Kraven the Hunter
Wings~1990 - Clerk in  Fools Russian
Fantastic Four, The~1994  (voice) - The Mole Man
Spider-Man~1994  (voice) - Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravenoff)/Mysterio (Quentin Beck)
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters~1994  (voice) - The Gromble/The Viewfinder
Duckman~1994  (voice) - Cornfed Pig
Spider-Man~1994 - Mysterio/Quentin Beck (voice) in  The Menace of Mysterio (# 1.5)
Bonkers~1993  (voice) - Mr. Skunk/Mr. Corkscrew/Pelican
Majority Rule~1992  - TV Trainer
Running Mates~1992  - Tabloid Reporter
Toxic Crusaders, The~1991  (voice) - Additional Voices
Where's Waldo?~1991  (voice) - Additional Voices
Garfield Gets a Life~1991  (voice) - Odie
She-Wolf of London~1990 - Dirk in  Eclipse
Garfield's Feline Fantasies~1990  (voice) - Odie/Slobber Job
Golden Girls, The~1985 - Felix in  Dancing in the Dark
Quantum Leap~1989 - Parker in  What Price Gloria? - October 16, 1961
Garfield's Thanksgiving~1989  - Odie
Garfield's Babes and Bullets~1989  (voice) - Odie/Burt Fleebish
Mayflower Voyagers, The~1988)  (voice)
Garfield: His 9 Lives~1988  - Odie
Garfield and Friends~1988  (voice) - Odie/Floyd/Mailman/Orson Pig
Fantastic Max~1988  (voice) - A.B.
L.A. Law~1986 - Mitchell Noyes in  Sperminator
Perfect Strangers~1986 - Clerk in  The Lottery
St. Elsewhere~1982 - Dr. Van Werner in:
    Heart On
    Ewe Can't Go Home Again
    A Moon for the Misbegotten
    The Idiot and the Odyssey
G.I. Joe: The Movie~1987 (V) (voice) - Motorviper
Garfield Christmas, A~1987  (voice) - Odie
Transformers: The Movie, The~1986 (voice) - Grimlock
Garfield in Paradise~1986  (voice) - Pigeon/Odie
Garfield's Halloween Adventure~1985  - Odie, TV Announcer
Alice~1976 - Policeman in  Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore: Part 2
Garfield in the Rough~1984  (voice) - Odie/Ranger #1
Transformers~1984  (voice) - Grimlock/Long Haul/Outback #2/Skyfire - TORQ III/Additional Voices
Fraggle Rock~1983-1989 -
G.I. Joe~1983  (voice) - Firefly, Ripcord, Sparks, Spirit
Littles, The~1983  (voice) - William Little
Garfield on the Town~1983  (voice) - Ali Cat
Here Comes Garfield~1982  (voice) - Salesman
Fame~1982 - The Comedian in  But Seriously Folks
Smurfs, The~1981  (voice) - Additional Voices
Too Close for Comfort~1980 - Bellhop in  The Last Weekend
Jetsons, The~1962  (voice) - Additional Voices

Static Guard
Delta Dental
BlackEyed Pea
Calif. Dept. of Health

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest~1992 - Dr. Spivey (Deaf West Theatre Company)
Figaro Gets a Divorce~1986 - (Cloud Nine, La Jolla Playhouse, LA)
The Third Day Comes~ -

Video Games
Kingdom Hearts 2~2006 - Shan-Yu (see Actor Connections - Video Games)
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence~2005 - English voice of The Pain
Age of Empires III~2005 - voice of Frederick the Great
Chicken Little~2005 - voice characterizations
Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone~2005 - SkyBax Patrolman
Shadow of Rome~2005 - voice of Barca/voice characterizations
Viewtiful Joe 2~2004 - Captain Blue/Narrator
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater~2004 - English voice of The Pain
Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas~2004 - voice characterizations
EverQuest II~2004 - Riason Hanagom/Barbarian Knight/Ugarian Farwind/Sir Antylus Teraeth/Gornit Penwiggle/Proprietor Blagard/P.T. Irontoe/Icemoore/Barrius Iacomus/Sir Alesso/Grazzgrat Bilewretch/Zever Tzizzink/Captain Molacus/fippy Dark Paw/Sighard Sayer/Trapper Borgus/a crushed librarian/Human Narrator/Generic Male Dark Elf Merchant/Generic Male Ogre Merchant/Generic Male Erudite/Generic Male Troll/Generic Male Barbarian Merchant/Generic Male Dwarf Guard/Generic Male Froglok Merchant/Generic Male Barbarian Enemy/Generic Male Half Elf/Generic High Elf Merchant/Generic Male Wood Elf Merchant/Generic Male Human Merchant
Call of Duty: United Offensive~2004 - Sgt. Moody
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy~2003 - Rax Joriss
Viewtiful Joe~2003 - Captain Blue
Scorpion King, The~2002  - Jessup, Additional Voices
Star Wars: Bounty Hunter~2002  (voice) (as Greg Berger) - Alien Thug 1, Senator Trell, Wounded Man
Star Wars: Racer Revenge~2002  (voice) - Tzidik Wrantojo, Wan Sandage
Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon~2002  (voice) - Mantavor Crew, Densadron Crew, Aquanog Captain
James Bond 007: Nightfire~2002  (voice)
Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast~2002  (voice) - Bespin Cop 1/Shadow Trooper 1/Stormtrooper 2
Command & Conquer: Renegade~2002  (voice) - Mendoza
Star Wars: Obi-Wan~2001  (voice) - Battle Droid Member, Plo Koon, Male Citizen 2
Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge~2001  (voice)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2~2001  (voice) - Installer/Allied Boat/Intruder
Final Fantasy X~2001  (voice) - Sir Jecht
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel~2001  (voice)
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn~2000  (voice)
Icewind Dale~2000  - Everard/Additional Voices
Spyro: Year of the Dragon~2000  (voice) - Hunter the Cheetah, Additional Voices
Star Wars: Episode I - Jedi Power Battles~2000  - Jedi Master Plo Koon, Darth Maul/Khameir Sarin
Wacky Races~2000  (voice) - Narrator
Sacrifice~2000  (voice) (as Greg Berger)
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!~1999  (voice) - Hunter the Cheetah, Ripto, Additional Voices
Star Wars: Episode I - Racer~1999  (voice) - Wan Sandage/Cy Yunga/Jinn Reeso
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace~1999  (voice) - Battle Droid/Coruscant Guard/Darth Maul/Mat Rags/Race Fan
Gabriel Knight: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned~1999  (voice) - AbbĂ© Arnaud/Roman Soldier
Tarzan~1999  (voice) - Kerchak
Baldur's Gate~1998  (voice) - Daveorn/Entar/Rieltar/Sonner
Curse of Monkey Island, The~1997  (voice) - Cutthroat Bill
Blazing Dragons~1996  (voice)

1999 Animation Magazine named Gregg as one of their “Top 15 Voice Actors of the New Generation.”
A member of The Groundlings

Yamaha Motor Corp. (Product Line)- Narrator

Dreamworks SKG - Narrator

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