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Beswick, Doug

Doug Beswick

Thanks to Mr. Aupperle for more accurate information on Mr. Beswick!  Thanks to Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes for the pic of Ikabel! 

The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad was the launching pad for Doug as a young man, for months he tried to work out how the effects were managed.  He read the only magazine available then on the subject, Famous Monsters of Film Land.  Then he made his own film called The Phantom Island, which he admits was pretty bad, but used it anyway for his interviews with companies that were handling special effects at the time.  He didn't get the job for his first two interviews.   That's when Doug started working as a box boy at a local supermarket.  It took three months before the phone rang, his first gig? working on The Adventures of Davey and Goliath.

Der Monstermacher: Ein Interview mit Doug Beswick (V doc short) - Himself
Swallowed Souls: The Making of Evil Dead II~2011 (V doc) - Himself
never Sleep Againk: The Elm Street Legacy~2010 (V doc) - Himself
Ray Harryhausen: The Early Years Collections~2005 (V doc) - Himself
Vinyl Battle, The~2002
Star Wars~1977 - uncredited Ikabel G'ont on the Fanfar with the Modal Nodes in the Cantina

Film Animation/Special/Visual Effects/Makeup
Pulse 3~2008 (V) (visual effects compositor)
Bud Abbot and Lou Costello Meet the Monsters~2008 - (V short) (digital effects artist) (visual effects design)
Pulse 2: Afterlife~2008 - (V) (visual effects compositor)
American Pie Presents Beta House~2007 (digital compositor: Neo Digital)
American Pie Presents The Naked Mile~2006 (3D/2D animator/compositing team: Neo Digital)
Pulse~2006 ((3D animation supervisor: Neo Digital)
Vinyl Battle, The~2002 (visual effects supervisor)
Frailty~2001 (3d animation supervisor: Cantina Pictures)
Scary Movie 2~2001 (visual effects supervisor)
Crocodile~2000 (3d animation supervisor)
Dungeons and Dragons: The Movie~1998 (3-d animation supervisor)
Blade~1998 (3-d animation supervisor)
Mortal Combat II: Annihilation~1997 (3-d animation supervisor)
Time Tracers~1995 (stop-motion animator)
Cabin Boy~1994 (animator)
Ticks~1993 (special effects)
Doctor Mordrid~1992 (model construction)
Drop Dead Fred~1991 (stop motion animator: Doug Beswick Productions, Inc.)
Darkman~1990 (mechanical designer - makeup effects unit)
A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child~1989 (supervisor: "Diving Board" and "Phantom Prowler")
Beetlejuice~1988 (visual effects: sandworm sequence)
Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, A~1987 (animator: stopmotion)
Evil Dead II~1987 (stop motion animation)
Aliens~1986 (mechanical armature design: visual effects unit)
King Kong Lives~1986 (special effects)
Monster in the Closet~1986 (monster crew supervisor)
Creature~1985 (special effects)
Ghostbusters~1984 (mechanism designer)
Terminator, The~1984 (stop motion terminator model: Fantasy II Film Effects)
American Werewolf in London, An~1981 (makeup effects crew)
Howling, The~1981 (special mechanical effects)
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 (stop motion technician)
Planet of the Dinosaurs~1978 (chief stop-motion animator)
Star Wars~1977 (makeup: second unit)
Further Adventures of Major Mars, The~1976 (production staff) (uncredited)
Flesh Gordon~1974 (effects technician) (as Douglas Beswick)
Beware! The Blob~1972 (animated sequence)
Cremators, The~1972 (special photographic effects)
Octaman~1971 (Octaman costume)

Film Producer
48 ½~2002 (V) (executive producer)
Intrepid~2000 (co-executive producer)
Final Voyage~1999 (co-executive producer)
The Further Adventures of Major Mars~1976 (production staff)

TV Special Effects
Killer Flood: The Day the Dam Broke~2003 (animation supervisor: Cantina Pictures Inc.)
Frozen Impact~2003 (animation supervisor)
Jeff of the Universe~1999 - (animation supervisor)
Ally McBeal~1997 (3d Animation supervisor and VFX Supervisor)
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys~1995 - (season 2) (3d Animation supervisor and VFX Supervisor)
Young Hercules~1998 (3d Animation supervisor and VFX Supervisor)
Xena: Warrior Princess~1995-2000 - (season 5) (3d Animation supervisor and VFX Supervisor)
ABC Weekend Specials~1986-1988 (armatures: Runaway Ralph and The Mouse and the Motorcycle)
Assassin~1986 (robot special effects)
The Adventures of Davey and Goliath~1962
    The Adventures of Davey and Goliath (13  episodes)
    Davey and Goliath Holiday Specials (4 episodes)
    The Adventures of Gumby (65 episodes)
    Gumby Thanksgiving (1 episode)
    Gumby “Dog Catcher” (1st episode as a writer)

TV Writer
Gumby~1962 (Episode: Dog Catcher)

Awards, Honors and Nominations
Saturn Awards: 
Nom 1988 Best Special Effects for Evil Dead II (shared)

Responsible for creating (finalized and built) the Bith masks for Star Wars: A New Hope.

September 2000, Doug opened the doors to his newest venture, Cantina Pictures SFX and Development Company

Established and ran Beswick Productions from November 1984 into the mid 90's

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