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Bill, Weston

Bill Weston

Bill Weston May 29, 1941

He was married to Judy Weston and they had a son, Bruce. Bruce's godfather is stuntman/director/actor and SWAD alum Vic Armstrong.

Bill Weston died on March 25, 2012, he was survived by his wife Judy.

Film Actor
Enduring Love~2004 - Grandfather
Saving Grace~2000 - John Trevethan
The Living Daylights~1987 - Blayden Butler
Krull~1983 - Menno
The Beginning~1978 - (V) Girton
Star Wars~1977 - uncredited Stormtrooper
2001: A Space Odyssey~1968 - Astronaut

Film Stunts
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo~2005 (stunts)
Batman Begins~2005 (stunt performer)
Sahara~2005 (stunts)
Enduring Love~2004 (stunts)
Troy~2004 (stunts)
Nicholas Nickleby~2002 (stunts)
The World Is Not Enough~1999 (stunts) (uncredited)
Saving Private Ryan~1998 (stunts)
The Borrowers~1997 (stunts)
Titanic~1997 (stunts)
FairyTale: A True Story~1997 (stunts)
In the Name of the Father~1993 (stunt coordinator)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves~1991 (stunts)
Bullseye!~1990 (stunts)
White Hunter Black Heart~1990) (stunt riding double)
Nuns on the Run~1990 (stunts)
Nightbreed~1990 (stunts)
Batman~1989 (stunts)
Forbidden Sun~1989 (stunts)
High Spirits~1988 (stunts)
Hellraiser~1987 (stunts)
Haunted Honeymoon~1986 (stunts)
Aliens~1986 (stunts)
Lamb~1986 (stunts arranger)
Enemy Mine~1985 (stunts)
My Beautiful Laundrette~1985 (stunt coordinator)
Wild Geese II~1985 (stunts)
A View to a Kill~1985 (stunt double: Christopher Walken) (uncredited) (stunt team)
Brazil~1985 (stunt arranger)
Murder Elite~1985 (stunts)
Nineteen Eighty-Four~1984 (stunt coordinator)
The Company of Wolves~1984 (stunts)
Never Say Never Again~1983 (additional stunts) (uncredited)
Krull~1983 (stunts) (uncredited)
Octopussy~1983 (stunt double: Louis Jordan) (uncredited (stunts)
For Your Eyes Only~1981 (additional stunts) (uncredited)
Raiders of the Lost Ark~1981 (stunts)
The Long Good Friday~1980 (stunts)
Superman~1978 (additional stunts)
The Spy Who Loved Me~1977 (stunts) (uncredited)
Star Wars~1977 (stunts) (uncredited)
Jabberwocky~1977 (stunt arranger)
Dead Cert~1974 (horse stunts)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service~1969 (stunts) (uncredited)
Moon Zero Two~1969 (stunt advisor)
You Only Live Twice~1967 (stunts) (uncredited)
The Fighting Prince of Donegal~1966 (horse stunts/double: Gordon Jackson)

TV Actor
    Greg in Sins of the Fathers
    Causebrook in Low Profile
    Tim Reynolds in Utmost Good Faith
Blade on the Feather~1980 - Andrew Cartwright
Blakes 7~1978 - Garton in Space Fal
Trial by Combat~1976 - Sir Anthony Beeson-White
The Benny Hill Show~1973-1975 - Various roles:
     Great Mysteries with Orson Buggy
     Gavin Blod: The Man and His Music
     The Dalton Abbott Railway Choir
The Goodies~1973-1974 -
     Baron de Boeuf in The Race
     in The Stone Age
Doomwatch~1971 - Nicholls in Public Enemy 1
Moon Zero Two~1969 - uncredited Green Man
The Jazz Age~1968 - in The Princess
Z Cars~1967
     2nd Assailant in The Victim: Parts 1 & 2

TV Fight Arranger
The Seventh Coin~1993 (action coordinator)
Way Upstream~1987 (fight arranger)
Steptoe and Son~1962 (fight arranger)

TV Stunts
Henry VIII~2003 (stunts)
To Be the Best~1992 (stunts)
    - The ABC Murders~1992 (stunts)
Tales from the Crypt~1989 (stunt coordinator) (episodes Fatal Caper, Last Respects, A Slight Case of Murder, Escape, Horror in the Night, Cold War, The Kidnapper, Report from the Grave, Smoke Wrings, About Face, Confession, Ear Today... Gone Tomorrow)
Inspector Morse
    - The Last Enemy~1989 (stunt performer)
Christabel~1988 (stunt coordinator)
An Affair in Mind~1988 (stunt coordinator)
The One Game~1988 (stunts)
Way Upstream~1987 (stunts)
Dempsey & Makepeace~1985 (stunts)
Boys from the Blackstuff~1982 (mini) (stunt arranger)
Bergerac~1981 (stunt arranger (stunts)
Blakes 7~1978 (stunts) (uncredited)
Last of the Summer Wine~1973 (stunt arranger)

Equity Councillor

Member of Health and Safety Forum

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