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Birney, David

David Birney

David Birney was born on April 23, 1939 in Washington, District of Columbia, US.  He attended Dartmouth college, graduating in 1961 with a B.A. in English and also attended UCLA where he earned a Masters Degree in Theatre.

Birney was once married to Merideth Baxter-Birney (actress), whom he met while filming Bridget Loves Birney in 1972.  They have three children: a daughter and twins, a boy and a girl.

Comedy of Errors, The~2000 -  The Duke
Naked Truth, The~1992 -  Fed. #2
Touch and Die~1991 -  Scanzano
Nightfall~1988 -  Aton
Prettykill~1987 -  Larry Turner
Richard II~1982 (V) -  Richard II
Oh, God! Book II~1980 -  Don Richards
Au revoir à lundi~1979 -  Frank
Trial by Combat~1976 -  Sir John Gifford (see Actor Connections - Film)
Caravan to Vaccares~1974 -  Neil Bowman

Without a Trace~2007 - Leslie Warwick in Deep Water
Mark Twain's The Diaries of Adam and Eve
Brilliant But Cancelled~2002  -  Himself
Perfect Pitch, The ~2002  -  Himself
Poltergeist: The Legacy~1999 -  Father Elias in The Portents
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine~1993 -  Senator Letant in  Tears of the Prophets
Sliders~1995 -  Cadmus in  Prophets and Loss
Love Boat: The Next Wave, The~1998 -  Buddy Pomus in  I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Live Shot~1995  -  Harry Chandler Moore
Burke's Law~1994 -  Jim Deacon in  Who Killed the Motor Car Maverick?
Murder, She Wrote~1993  -  Lawrence Baker in  The Legacy of Borbey House
Secrets~1992 (mini)  -  Thomas Strickland
Murder, She Wrote~1992 - Earl Harper in  The Monte Carlo Murders
Ray Bradbury Theatre, The~1992 in  The Earthmen
Murder, She Wrote~1990 -  Lawrence Erlich in  The Great Twain Robbery
Keeping Secrets~1991  -  Alan Hamel
Always Remember I Love You~1990 -  Philip Mendham
Night of the Fox~1990  -  Hugh Kelso
Matlock~1986 -  Jack McCarthy in  The Con Man (# 4.7) 11/7/89
Murder, She Wrote~1984 -  Franchesco in  Prediction: Murder (# 5.8) 1/1/89
15 and Getting Straight~1989  -  Dr. DeVito
Love and Betrayal~1989  -  Bill Landry
Diaries of Adam and Eve, The~1988  -  Adam
Long Journey Home, The~1987  -  Carter Wells
Power's Play~1986  -  Lucas Cord
Seal Morning~1986  -  Dr. Bernard Lacey
Twilight Zone, The~1985 -  Dr. Myron Mandel in  Tooth and Consequences (# 1.41) 1/31/86
Glitter~1984  -  Sam Dillon
Master of the Game~1984 (mini)  -  David Blackwell (see Actor Connections - TV)
Battle of the Network Stars XIV~1983  -  Himself (NBC Team contestant)
St. Elsewhere~1982  -  Dr. Ben Samuels (1982-1983)
Love Boat, The~1977 -  Paulo De Matzee in  Venetian Love Song/The Arrangement/Arrividerci, Gopher/The Gigolo: Part 2 (# 6.2) 10/2/82
Love Boat, The~1977 -  Paulo De Matzee in  Venetian Love Song/The Arrangement/Arrividerci, Gopher/The Gigolo: Part 1 (# 6.1) 10/2/82
Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls~1981  -  Lyon Burke
Five of Me, The~1981  -  Henry Hawksworth
I Think I'm Having a Baby~1981  -  Mr. Fenning
Mom, the Wolfman and Me~1980  -  Theo Marker
OHMS~1980  -  Jack Coker
High Midnight~1979  -  Tony Giannetti
Family~1976 -  Joe Alcott in  Malicious Mischief (# 4.12) 1/25/79
Fantasy Island~1978 -  Sgt. Alan Boardman in  The Sheikh/The Homecoming (# 2.1) 9/16/78
Love Boat, The~1977 -  Mike in  Marooned: Part 2 (# 2.2) 9/16/78
Love Boat, The~1977 -  Mike in  Marooned: Part 1 (# 2.1) 9/16/78
Someone's Watching Me!~1978  -  Paul Winkless
Greatest Heroes of the Bible~1978 (mini)  -  Daniel
Testimony of Two Men~1977 (mini)  -  Jonathan 'Jon' Ferrier
Bronk~1975 in  The Ordeal (# 1.22) 3/7/76
Police Story~1973 -  Officer Andrew Dooly in  Officer Dooly (# 3.21) 3/5/76
Streets of San Francisco, The~1972 in  Clown of Death (# 4.20) 2/26/76
Medical Center~1969 -  Nick Matero in  A Touch of Sight (# 7.20) 2/16/76
Serpico~1976  -  Officer Frank Serpico
Serpico: The Deadly Game~1976  -  Officer Frank Serpico
Adams Chronicles, The~1976 (mini)  -  John Quincy Adams (age 36-48) (see Actor Connections - TV)
Cannon~1971 -  Jeff Restin in  The Wrong Medicine (# 5.3) 9/24/75
Hawaii Five-O~1968 in  Murder--Eyes Only (# 8.1) 9/12/75
Police Woman~1974 -  Shawn Barry in  The Bloody Nose (# 1.21) 3/15/75
Medical Center~1969 -  MacDonald 'Mac' Guthrie in  If Mine Eye Offends Me (# 6.20) 2/24/75
McMillan and Wife~1971 -  Randy in  Love, Honor and Swindle (# 4.6) 2/16/75
Bronk~1975  -  Willie Harvey
Only with Married Men~1974  -  Dave Andrews
Murder or Mercy~1974  -  Dr. Peter Peterson
Police Story~1973 -  Officer Joe Waldron in  Captain Hook (# 2.11) 12/17/74
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In~1968 -  Himself - Guest Performer in  Episode #137 (# 6.21) 2/19/73
Great Mysteries~1973 -  Harry Langley in  The Ingenious Reporter
Ghost Story~1972  -  John
Bridget Loves Bernie~1972  -  Bernie Steinberg
Ghost Story~1972 -  John in  The New House (Pilot) (# 1.0) 3/17/972
Cannon~1971 -  Terry Alexander in  Cain's Mark (# 1.23) 3/7/72
Hawaii Five-O~1968 in  Follow the White Brick Road (# 4.23) 2/29/72
F.B.I., The~1965 in  The Minerva Tapes (# 7.12) 12/5/71
World Apart, A~1970  -  Oliver Harrell (1970-1971)
Love Is a Many Splendored Thing~1967  -  Mark Elliott #2 (1969-1970)
St. Joan~1968  -  Brother Martin

TV Other
Great American TV Poll
Raising Kids, WXXI/PBS-TV, Series.
Good Morning America, ABC-TV.
Beyond 2000, CIC Productions, Syndicated Series.
Missing-Have You Seen This Person? Specials, NBC.
Literacy in the Work Place, PBS.
A Job to be Done, Documentary, PBS.
A.M. New York Morning Show, WABC-TV.
A.M. Los Angeles Morning Show, KABC-TV.
Morning Exchange, WEWS-TV, Cleveland.
America, Syndicated.
Fields of Fear, CBS-TV San Francisco.
Drop Everything and Read, CBS Special.

Murder in the First~2006 -  (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
The Stallion Howl~2006 - Shy New York Attorney (Rubicon Theatre, Ventura, CA)
A Touch of the Poet~2005 - Con Melody (Alex Theatre, Glendale, CA)
The Price~2005 - Walter (New England Tour, CT/MA)
A Christmas Pudding~2004 - (Westwood Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, CA)
Four Green Fields: A Terrible Beauty~2003 -  (UCLA Royce Hall, Los Angeles, CA)
Merchant of Venice~2003 - Shylock (The Colonial Theater: Shakespeare in the Park, Shakespeare by the Sea Providence, RI)
Present Laughter~ - Gary Essendine
Diaries of Adam & Eve~ - Adam
To Kill a Mockingbird~ - Atticus Finch
My Fair Lady~ - Higgins
Summertree~ - Young Man
Camelot~ - King Arthur
Talley's Folley~ - Matt Friedman
Love Letters~ - Andrew
Endgame~ - Clove
Rumors~ - Lenny Ganz
Zoo Story, The~ - Jerry
Guys and Dolls~ - Sky
Comedy of Errors~ - Antypholus of Syacuse
Importance of Being Earnest~ - Algernon
Amadeus~ - Salieri
Man and Superman~ - Jack Tanner
Benefactors~ - David
Hamlet~ - Hamlet
Macbeth~ - Macbeth
Romeo and Juliet~ - Romeo/Mercutio
Richard II~ - Richard II
Richard III~ - Richard III
Antony and Cleopatra~ - Antony
Much Ado About Nothing~ - Benedick
Twelfth Night~ - Orsino
Major Barbara~ - Cusins
Social Security~ - David
Playboy of the Western World, The~ - Christy Mahon
BecauseHeCan~ - Joe Elliot
Diaries of Adam and Eve~

Theatre Director
Christmas Pudding, A~2004 - (Westwood Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, CA; The Rubicon Theatre, Ventura/Santa Barbara, CA)
Diaries of Adam and Eve~ (Barter Theatre, Tours: East & West Coast; Hartford Stage Company; PLaza Theatre, Dallas; Dartmouth College)
Life in the Theatre, A~ (Los Angeles, CA)
Sorrows of Steven, The~ (Dartmouth Repertory Company)
Zoo Story, The~ - (UCLA Theatre)
A Christmas Pudding~ - (Los Angeles, Palm Springs, CA)
Moon for the Misbegotten~2000 - (Berkshires, Massachusetts)
BecauseHeCan~2001 - (McCarter Theatre, Princeton, New Jersey, US)
Mark Twain's The Diaries of Adam and Eve~2001 - (The Captiol Repertory Theatre, Albany, New York, US; City Stage, Springfield, Massachusetts; The Rubicon Theatre, Ventura/Santa Barbara, CA)

Theatre Other
The Diaries of Adam and Eve~2006/7 - (Buckham Alley Theatre, Flint, MI) (adapted story)
Four Green Fields: A Terrible Beauty~2003 - (Edited and Adapted) (UCLA Royce Hall)

Audio Plays
The Christmas Tree~ - narrated
Poems of Love and Desire~ - edited, produced, read
Mark Twain's The Diaries of Adam and Eve~ - narrator
Reversible Errors~ - narrator
2000x~ - narrator
Audio Books
Speaker for the Dead~2005 - reader
Ponzi's Scheme~2005 - narrator
Sole Survivor~ -
The Fall of a Sparrow~1998
Poems of Love and Desire: An Anthology of Love Poetry Throughout the Ages (also produced)
Sir Vidia's Shadow~1998
Silent Snow~ 1999
For the Time Being~1999
The Law of Similars~1998
Titanic Hearings~1998,
Double Image~1998
Short Stories of Paul Theroux~1997
Cape Cod~1991
Night of the Fox
Murder on the Aisle~1996 - narrator/reader (see Actor Connections - Audio Plays)
Beastly Tales
Murder for Christmas
Best of the West, Classic stories of the American Frontier
Last Laughs
Out on The Rim
Great Cat Mysteries, An Anthology of Feline Capers
The Little Prince

Speaker for the Dead~2003
The Conspiracy Club~2003,
Reversible Errors~2002
Shadow of the Hedgemon~2001
2000x Tales of the Next Millenia~1999 (see Actor Connections - Radio)
The Diary of Anne Frank~1999
An American Daughter~1998
Star Wars - Return of the Jedi Radio Drama~1996 - Anakin Skywalker
The Christmas Tree~1996
Julius Ceasar
Tears of Rage
The Extra Man
Murder in the First
The White Plague

Awards, Honors and Nominations
Audie Awards:
Rec'd 1998 for The Christmas Tree
AudioFiles Magazine Earphones Award:
Rec'd 2003 Exceptional Audio Performance for Speaker for the Dead
Barter Theatre Award:
Rec'd 1965
Buffalo Courier Express Award:
Rec'd 1972 for his role as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet
L.A. Weekly Award:
Rec'd 1980 Best Director for A Life in Theatre
McCall's Magazine Humanitarian Award:
Rec'd 1988
Millenium Recognition Award (Shakespeare Theatre, Wash., DC):
Rec'd 1999 for his contribution to classical theatre.
Photoplay Magazine Award:
Rec'd 1973 for Bridget Loves Bernie
Theatre World Award:
Rec'd 1968 Best Performance as the dying soldier/young man in Summertree
Walden Books Awards:
Rec'd 1988 (audio presentation)

Was once the Grand Marshall for the parade for the Irish Faire held in Burbank, California in the late 1980s.

Has run in the LA and NY marathons

For five years he chaired the American Diabetes Association

Has been twice a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts

Served on the Dartmouth College Board of Overseers for the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts

Serves on the Board of the Foundation for Bio-Medical Research, the Advisory Panel for the Council for Children's Rights

A long time spokesperson for children's' and educational issues.

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