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Blessed, Brian

Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed was born 9 October 1936 in Mexborough, Yorkshire, England. Blessed has been acting for nearly 40 years. In the 60's he made his mark on TV with the cop show Z Cars where he played a tough but not too bright cop named Fancy Smith. 

 Blessed got his start at fourteen after leaving school and joining local amateur dramatic companies and eventually joining the Bristol Old Vic Theatre. 

Blessed is well known for his booming voice and was called, in one Sci-Fi magazine, 'the loudest man alive'. (Lucas must have an affinity for these type of voices: James Earl Jones and John Rhys-Davies).  Blessed is more than his acting.  The British actor has attempted Mt Everest three times and was a consultant on the book, 'Into Thin Air', by John Krakauer, about the deaths of a dozen climbers on Everest on one day in 1996.  He has also written: The Turquoise Mountain: Brian Blessed on Everest; Nothing's Impossible; To The Top of the World: Discover the History Behind Some of the Greatest Climbs on Mount Everest; Quest and for the Lost World.  

Blessed has also cheated death when his plane crash-landed in a rainforest in South America.  Where he and seven other passengers escaped with their lives.  The twin-engine 410 Lett plane came down in a Venezuelan swamp, everyone was forced to swim for their lives or risk being blown-up.

Dark Ascension~2016 - Guardian Paul
Banking on Mr. Toad~2016 - Frederick James Furnivall
Shed of the Dead~2015 - Narrator
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return~2013
The Pirates! Band of Misfits~2012 - voice of the Pirate King
Re-Evolution~2011 - Mr. Finney
Agent Crush~2008 - voice of Boris Goudphater
Back in Business~2007 - Trevor Pilkington (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Conclave~2007 - Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomin
As You Like It~2006 - Duke Frederick
Game of Swords (Day of Wrath)~2006 - Lord Francisco del Ruiz
Midsummer Dream~2005 -
Alexander~2004 - Wrestling Trainer
Olympiad 448 BC: Olympiad of Ancient Hellas~2004 - Narrator
Devil's Harvest~2003 - Father Gabriel Norton
Mumbo Jumbo~2000 - Lucifer Bounder
Tarzan~1999 (voice) - Clayton
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace~1999 - voice of Boss Nass
Hey Mr. Producer~1998 (V) - Old Deuteronomy
Macbeth~1997 - Edward the Confessor
Bruce, The~1996 - Edward I
Hamlet~1996 - Ghost of Hamlet's Father
Chasing the Deer~1994 - Major Elliot
Much Ado About Nothing~1993 - Seigneur Antonio
Back in the USSR~1992 - Chazov
Freddie as FRO7~1992 - voice of El Supremo
Waiting for Godot~1991 - Pozzo
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves~1991 - Lord Locksley
Henry V~1989 - Exeter
High Road to China~1983 - Suleman Khan (see Actor Connections - Film)
Flash Gordon~1980 - Prince Vultan (see Actor Connections - Film)
Beginning, The~1978 (V) - Vargas
King Arthur, the Young Warlord~1975
Henry VIII and His Six Wives~1973 - Suffolk (see Actor Connections - Film)
Man of La Mancha~1972 - Pedro, The Head Muleteer
Trojan Women, The~1971 - Tathybius
Country Dance~1970 - Jack Baird
Last Valley, The~1970 - Korski
Brotherly Love~1970
Till Death Us Do Part~1969 -
Christmas Tree, The~1966 - Policeman
The Valiant~1962 - ?

Film Director
Macbeth~1997 (special director: witches scenes)

Film Art Department 
Macbeth~1997 (artistic advisor)

Who do You Think You Are?~2014 - Himself in Brian Blessed
You Saw Them Here First~2014 - Himself in 2.1
The Kumars~2014 - Himself in 1.4
Was It Something I Said?~2013 - Himself in 1.4
Piers Morgan's Life Stories~2013 - Himself in Brian Blessed
Goodbye Television Centre~2013 - Himself
In Confidence~2013 - Himself in Brian Blessed
The Amazing World of Gumball~2013 - voice of Santa Claus in:
    The Bumpkin
    The Watch
Sooty~2013 - Father Christmas in Pranks and Presents
Henry Hugglemonster~2013 - voice of Eduardo Enormomonster (12 episodes)
Let's Dance for Sport Relief~2013 - Voice Over in 5.1/2/3 and The Final
Wizards vs. Aliens~2012-2013 - voice of Nekross King (26 episodes)
Have I Got News For You~2008 - 2013 - Himself in episodes:
Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out~2012 - voice of Boss Nass
Britain's Secret Treasures~2012 - Himself in 1.4
Tales of Television Centre~2012 - Himself
12 Again~2012 - Himself in 1.6
Pointless Celebrities~2012 - Himself in 2.2
QI~2011 - Guest/Himself in Ice
Fern Britton Meets...~2011 - Himself in Brian Blessed
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip~2011 - Himself in 1.6
Fry's Planet Word~2011 - Himself in:
    The Power and the Glory
    Uses and Abuses
QI Genesis~2011 (doc) - Himself (in the credits)
Britain's Got More Talent~2011 - Himself (6 episodes)
That Sunday Night Show~2011 - Himself in 1.8
The Legend of Dick and Dom~2010-2011 - King in:
Doctors~2007-2011 -
    Dominic Duvall in The Devil's Daughter
    Micky 'Rebel' Becket in Rebel, Rebel
Peppa Pig~2006-2011 - voice of Grampy Rabbit in:
    Grampy Rabbit's Dinosaur Park
    Grampy Rabbit's Lighthouse
    Grandpa Pig's Boat
This Morning~2004-2011 - Himself in:
    21 December 2011
    13 March 2006
    23 April 2004
Fee Fi Fo Yum~2010 - GTV Announcer
Little Princess~2010 - Great Uncle Walter in I Want My Horace
Let's Dance for Sport Relief~2009-2010 - Announcer (8 episodes)
Loose Women~2006-2010 - Himself (6 episodes)
Henry 8.0~2009 - Henry Tudor
The Gadget Show~2009 - Himself in 12.8
All Star Mr. & Mrs.~2009 - Himself in 2.4
Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway~2009 - Himself in 9.6 and 9.3
The Royal~2008 - Sir Edward Fawcett in pastures New
Family Guy~2008 - voice of Prince Vultan in Road to Germany
The Wrong Door~2008 - Captain Goiter in:
    The Train Pirates
Kika & Bob~2008 - voice of Bob (26 episodes)
Blackadder's Most Cunning Moments~2008 - Himself
What are You Like?~2008 - Himself (10 episodes)
Call the Cops~2008 - PC Fancy Smith/Himself in Z Cars segment
Drama Trails~2008 - Himself in 'The Vice' to 'Prime Suspect'
How TV Changed Britain~2008 - Himself in Cops
Have I Got News For You: The Inevitable Internet Spin-Off~2008 - Himself/Guest Presenter in 3.3
Breakfast~2008 - Himself in 18 March 2008
The flash Gordon Story~2008 - Himself
As You Like It~2007 (2006 in UK) - Duke Senior/Duke Frederick
Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes~2007 - as Pavarotti
Togas on TV~2007 - Himself
Secrets of Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes~2007 (doc) - Himself
Tubridy Tonight~2007 - Himself in 3.27
Perfect Night In~2007 - Himself in Lucas and Walliams' Perfect Night In
We Love 'The Sky at Night'~2007 - Himself
The 60 Greatest Television Dramas~2007 - Himself
Should I Really Give Up Flying?~2007 (doc) - Himself/Guest Presenter
Crash Test Dummies~2007 - Himself/Narrator (18 episodes)
Mist: The Tale Of A Sheepdog Puppy~2006 - voice of Sir Gregory
The Conclave~2006 - Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomin
A Question of Sport~2006 - Himself in 36.14
Greatest Ever Blockbuster Movies~2006 (doc) - Himself
A Taste of My Life~2006 (doc) - Himself in Max Beesley
The Passion: Films, Faith & Fury~2006 - Himself
The World's Greatest Actor~2005 - Himself
Wogan Now & Then~2006 - Himself in 1.6
Drama Connections~2005 - Himself in I, Claudius
ITV West at 50~2005 - Himself
Lads Army~2005 - Himself in 3.1, 3.6
The New Paul O'Grady Show~2004-2005 - Himself in 3.73, 3.48, 1.38
Timeshift~2004 - PC Fancy Smith, 'Z Cars, Himself in Live on the Night: The Story of Live TV Drama
Room 101~2004 - Himself in 9.1
Sport Relief 2004~2004 - Himself
Saturday Brunch~2004 - Himself in 1.3
Live on the Night (doc)~2004 - Himself/contributor
The Legend of the Tamworth Two~2004 - voice of Wild Boar
Let's Write a Story~2004 - Dr. Batch
Call My Bluff~1997 - Himself /3/04
Stars in Their Eyes~2004 - Himself/Pavarotti in Celebrity Special
This Morning~2004 - Himself
Stars Reunited~2004 - Himself in Z Cars
Death on Everest~2003 - Himself
Total Cops~2003 - PC 'Fancy' Smith
Terry and Gaby Show, the~2003 - Himself
Today with Des and Mel~2003 - Himself
Richard & Judy~2003 - Himself
Winter Solstice~2003 - Max
After They Were Famous~2002 - Himself in Z Cars
Fun at the Funeral Parlour~2001 Himself in The Mountains of Doom
Turning Points~ - Himself (#1.1)
Laurence Olivier Awards 2002, The~2002  - Himself (presenter)
Judi Dench: A BAFTA Tribute~2002 - (archive footage) Himself
I Love Christmas~2001  - Father Christmas, Host/Himself
Fun at the Funeral Parlour~2001 - Himself in The Mountains of Doom
Night of a Thousand Shows~2000  - Himself
Big Knights, The~1999 - voice of Sir Morris
Nearly Complete and Utter History of Everything, The~1999  - King Henry VIII
Greatest Story in the World, The~1999  - Mr. Scottley
Adam's Family Tree~1999 - Cavalier in A Cavalier Spirit
Big Breakfast, The~1999 - Himself
GMTV~1993 - Himself 1999
Dennis the Menace~1998 - voice of Captain in Skull and Crossbones
Celebrity Ready, Steady, Cook~1998 - Himself
The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling~1997 mini-series - Squire Western (1-5)
Catherine the Great~1996  - Bestuzhev
Kidnapped~1995  - Cluny McPherson
Johnny and the Dead~1995 - William Sticker in Parts 1-4
MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis~1994- Atticus
Lady Chattrerley~1992 - Petty Officer Freddie in episodes 1.4
Television's Greatest Hits~1992 - Himself
Exam Conditions~1992 - Mr. Carksdale
Blood and Dust~1992 - Chatillon
Prisoner of Honor~1991- General Gonse
Lovejoy~1991 - Harry Catapodis in:
    Black Virgin of Vladimir
    Riding in Rollers
The Castle of Adventure~1990 - Sam (8 episodes)
Blood Royal: William the Conqueror~1990 - Hereward the Wake
War and Remembrance~1989  mini-series - General Yevlenko
Minder~1989 - Freddie Dyer in The Last Video Show
Boon~1989 - Lambert Sampson in Banbury Blue
My Family and Other Animals~1987 - Spiro (10 episodes)
William Tell~1987 - Gaston in:
    The Pass
    the Impostor
The Kenny Everett Television Show`1986 - Various roles (4.1,3,4,5,7)
Doctor Who~1986 - King Yrcanos in The Trial of a Time Lord (5-8)
Roland Rat, the Series~1986 - Himself
Crossbow~1986 - Gaston
Doctor Who~1986 - Yrcanos in Mindwarp
David Macauley: Cathedral~1986 - voice of Master Guillaume
Return to Treasure Island~1985 - Long John Silver (10 episodes)
Treasure Hunt~1985 - Himself in Warwickshire
Pob's Programme~1985 - Himself
The Last Days of Pompeii~1984 - Olinthus (1-3)
The Master of Ballantrae~1984 - Captain Teach (see Actor Connections - TV)
This is Your Life~1975-1984 -
    Himself in Brian Blessed
    Himself in Frank Windsor
The Hound of the Baskervilles~1983 - Geoffrey Lyons
Black Adder, The~1983 - King Richard IV/Richard XII of Scotland (6 episodes)
Great Little Railways~1983 - Himself/Presenter in The Other Poland
David Macaulay: Castle~1983 (doc) - (narrator?)
Cosmic Princess~1982 - Mentor
   Brian Blessed as Mentor and Catherine Schell as  Princess Maya in Cosmic Princess (Space:1999 Compilation movie)
The Little World of Don Camillo~1981 - Peppone (12 episodes)
Leap in the Dark~1980 - Thomas Myers in Room for an Inward Light
Night of One Hundred Stars~1980 - Himself
The Joy of Bach~1980 - J.s. Bach/Himself
ITV Playhouse~1969-79 -
    Jim Carter in Saint Vitus' Dance
    Reg Sugden in Double Agent
Tales of the Unexpected~1979 - Detective Sergeant Jack Nolan in Lamb to the Slaughter
Crime and Punishment~1979  - Porfiry
Aphrodite Inheritance, The~1979 - Basileos (6 episodes)
Blake's 7~1978 - Vargas in Cygnus Alpha
Z Cars~1962-1978 - P.C. 'Fancy' Smith
A Christmas Carol~1977 - Narrator
Survivors~1977 - Brod in Law of the Jungle
Kossoff and company~1977 - Himself 1.2
Call My Bluff~1977 - Himself in June 24 & July 1, 1977
The Basil Brush Show~1976 - Captain Hook in Basil in Neverland
Space: 1999~1975-1976 -
    Mentor in The Metamorph (see Actor Connections - TV)
    Dr. Cabot Rowland in Death's Other Dominion
Boy Dominic~1976 - William Woodcock
I, Claudius~1976 - Augustus (6 episodes) (see Actor Connections - TV)
 Brian Blessed as Augustus and SWAD alum Si├ón Phillips as Livia in I, Claudius - photo from the BBC
The Day After Tomorrow (NBC Special Treat: Into Infinity)~1975 - Dr. Tom Bowen (see Actor Connections - TV)
Story of David, The~1976 - Abner
Thriller: Midsummer Nightmare, A~1976 - Det. Sgt. George Briggs
Great Alfred, The~1975  -
Sweeney, The~1975 - Kemble in Ringer
Space: 1999~1975 - Dr Cabot Rowland in Death's Other Dominion 1975 (see Actor Connections - TV)
Churchill's People~1974 - Guthrum in King Alfred (see Actor Connections - TV)
Notorious Woman~1974 - Albert Grzymala in:
Boy Dominic~1974 - William Woodcock (13 episodes)
The Basil Brush Show~1974 - Himself Oct 27, 1974
Public Eye~1973 - Reverend William Pratt in Egg #038; Cress Sandwiches
BBC Play of the Month - Recruiting Officer, The~1973 - Sgt. Kite
Arthur of the Britons~1972-1973 - Mark of Cornwall (7 episodes) (photo from episode The Duel 1973 see Actor Connections - TV)
Hadleigh~1973 - Joseph roper in the Last Rent Dinner
ITV Sunday Night Theatre~1973 - Ted Gissing in Lorna and Ted
Love Story~1973 - Andrew in Reflections
Justice~1973 - Tiger Lawson in The Whole Truth?
Public Eye~1973 - Rev. William Pratt in Egg and Cress Sandwiches
The Venturers~1972 - Harry Shannon
Shirley's World~1971 - Sir Nigel in The Reunion
Owen, M.D.~1971 - Bill Tulley in I Love You, But: Part 1 & 2
The Expert~1971 - Hubert Innes in A Clear and Easy Duty
Jackanory~1971 - Storyteller (5 episodes)
Whom God Hath Joined~1970 - Brian Ridware
The Wednesday Play~1969-1970 -
     Will in Wine of India
     Peter in Son of Man
Crime of Passion~1970 - Pierre Lombard in Pierre
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (My Partner the Ghost)~1969 - Jim Lawsey in Ghost Who Saved the Bank at Monte Carlo
Avengers, The~1967-1969 -
     Sgt. Hearn in Morning after, The
     Mark Dayton in Superlative Seven, The
Cold Comfort Farm~1968  - Reuben Starkadder in:
Mogul~1968 - Eddie Barnaby in Stop It, You're Breaking My Heart
The Further Adventures of the Musketeers~1967 - Porthos (16 episodes)
The Three Mustketeers~1966-1967 - Porthos (10 episodes)
Ghost Squad~1963 - Policeman in Catspaw
Saturday Playhouse~1959 - ? in Last Day in Dreamland

Toymaster Toys

The Relapse..or Virtue in Danger~2001 - (The Olivier Theatre, London, UK) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Peter Pan~2005/06 - Mr. Darling/Captain Hook (The Regent Theatre, Ipswich, UK)
Peter Pan~2003/04 - Mr. Darling/Captain Hook (The Orchard, Dartford, UK)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang~2002/3 - Baron Bomburst (Palladium Theatre, London, UK)
Brian Blessed as Baron Bomburst in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 
 Metropolis~1989 - (West End, London, UK)
Cats~1981 - Bustopher Jones/Old Deuteronomy (West End, London, UK) (see Actor Connections - Theatre)
Peter Pan~1993/4 - Mr. Darling/Captain Hook (Guildford Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, )
Metropolis~1980's -

Buttons~2006 - voice of the Town Crier
Official voice of the Christian O'Connell breakfast show (Virgin Radio)~2006

Into Thin Air - consultant
The Turquoise Mountain : Nothing's Impossible by Brian Blessed
To the Top of the World : Discover the History Behind Some of the Greatest Climbs on Mount Everest, the Highest Mountain in the World, and Experience... by Brian Blessed
Brian Blessed on Everest by Brian Blessed

Video Games
Kingdom Hearts Hd 1.5 Remix~2013 - voice of Clayton
Viking: Battle for Asgard~2008 - Narrator
Alexander Expansion of Rome: Total War~2006 - Narrator
Windhamer 40,000: Fire Warrior~2003 - The Admiral
Extreme Skate Adventure~2003 - Narrator
Kingdom Hearts~2002 (voice) - Clayton
Tarzan~1999 (voice) - Clayton
Privateer 2: The Darkening~1996 - Uncle Kashumai

Social Media
Brian Blessed's official site:

2008 - characterized in Peter Wynter Bee's caricature book
2007 - With Sean Bean dedicating the Robin Hood statue at the Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield (UK)

2006 - ExCeL London at the Nepal booth with Michael Palin.

Nephew of mining artist George Blessed.

2007 - will make his 4th attempt at climbing Mt. Everest and will be the second oldest man ever to do so.  Previous male record holder was 70.

Has attempted to climb Mt. Everest three times.

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