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Blundell, Graeme

Graeme Blundell

Graeme Blundell was born on August 7, 1945 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Was raised in Clifton Hill outside of Melbourne, then his father found a piece of land in the "suburbs" and built a house.

Blundell loved cricket, read madly (crime and pulp fiction), was a high achiever in school and got into acting partly because of the beautiful women it attracted.  Blundell went to University High School (Melbourne) before attending the University of Melbourne in 1964 where he performed in more than a dozen plays with, and was president of, MUST (Melbourne University Student Theatre.)

Blundell was an icon of 70's Australian television and made more than 100 appearances in theatre productions and has directed over 100 plays.  In addition to acting he's an accomplished writer he's published several books and has written columns for major papers in Australia, a director and producer.  Blundell was involved in the renaissance of Australian theatre, television and cinema, he arrived at the turning point and contributed much to its success.

He currently lives on the central coast of New South Wales with writer Susan Kurosawa.  He has a son named Jake who is also an actor in Australia.

In Her Skin~2009 - Ivan
not quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!~2008 (short) - Himself
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith~2005 -  Ruwee Naberrie - Padmé Naberrie's father
In a Funny sor tof Way~2005 (V short) - Himself
Crashing the party: The Making of 'Don's Party'~2005 (V short) - Himself
The Making of 'Three Old Frinds'~2004 (V) - Himself
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones~2002 - Ruwee Naberrie (scenes cut - scenes seen in DVD)
Looking for Alibrandi~2000 -  Ron Bishop
Idiot Box~1996 -  Eric the Detective
Gino~1994 -  Larry Stone
Australian Dream~1987 -  Geoffrey Stubbs
Year My Voice Broke, The~1987 -  Nils Olson
Those Dear Departed ~1987 -  Dr. Howie
Melvin, Son of Alvin~1984 -  Alvin Purple
Midnite Spares~1983 -  Sidebottom
Best of Friends, The~1981 -  Tom
Doctors & Nurses~1981 -  Mr. X
Pacific Banana~1981 -  Martin
Kostas~1979 -  John
Odd Angry Shot, The~1979 -  Dawson
Weekend of Shadows~1978 -  Bernie
Don's Party~1976 -  Simon
Mad Dog Morgan~1976 -  Italian Jack
Three Old Friends~1974
Alvin Purple Rides Again~1974 -  Alvin Purple/Balls McGee
Alvin Purple~1973 -  Alvin Purple
Achievement~1973 (short) - Himself
Stork~1971 -  Westy (see Actor Connections - Film)
Naked Bunyip, The~1970 - The Naked Bunyip - Interviewer
Brake Fluid~1970 -
Two Thousand Weeks~1969 -  Journalist at the airport
The Girl-Friends~1968 (short) -
Watt's Last Voyage~1965 (short) -

Film Director
Don's Party~1976


Stop Laughing...This Is Serious~2015 - Himself in:
    Hello Possums
    Look at Moi, Look at Moi
    Faark, Faark
Tracter Monkeys~2013 - Himself in 2.4
Shock Horror Aunty~2013 - Himself in 1.2
Laid~2011-2012 - Graham McVie (12 episodes)
The Jesters~2011 - Himself in Don't Look Back

Underbelly~2011 - Jack Lang in:
    Big Moves
City Homicide~2011 - Graham Proctor in:
    No Greater Honour: Tangled Web
    No Greater Honour: If It Bleeds, It Leads
    No Greater Honour: Go Down Swinging
Talkin' Bout Your Generation~2010 - Himself in 2.7
ADbc~2009 - Himself in 1.9
East West 101~2009 - Shock Jock in:
    ice in the Veins
The Hollowmen~2008 - Geoff in:
    A Waste of Energy
    Wonder Drug
    Fat Chance
What a Year~2007 - Himself in 1980
Chandon Pictures~2007 - John in Death Wish
Australian Story~2005 - Himself in Wolf at the Door
Graham Kennedy: Farewell to the King~2005 - Himself
Critical Mass~2004 - Himself
Through My Eyes~2004 - Rex Kuchel
Fat, The~2003 - Himself
Marking Time~2003 - Ralph Dare
Ocean Star~2002 - Swampy
Love of Lionel's Life, The~2000 - Stan
Murder Call~1998 - Morgan Mason in Deadfall
Medivac~1996-1997 - Dr. Harry Edwards
Fire~1996 - Snr Station Officer Druce in Vendetta III and V
Police Rescue~1994 - Coleman in  The Sharp End
Joh's Jury~1993 - Nicholas Cowdery
Brass Monkeys~1983 -  Noddy
Young Ramsay~1980 - Bob O'Hara in  Trust
Alvin Purple~1976 - Alvin Purple
Sentimental Bloke, The~1976 - The Bloke
Power Without Glory~1976 (mini) - Snoopy Tanner
Box, The~1974  -  Don Cook
Homicide~1964-1974 -  (about 40 episodes)
Inside Alvin Purple~1973 - Himself
Division 4~1972 -  John Wilson in A Bad Lot

TV Director
Adrenalin Junkies~1997-1998 (4 episodes)

TV Other
The Celluloid Heroes~1995 - archive footage

TV Writer
Alvin Purple ~1976 - additional material for Ciao Alvin

A Night Before the Mast~2001 - Captain Skinner
Navigating~1998 - Ian (Sydney Theatre Company, Playhouse, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW, Australia)
Hair~1992 (Regal Theatre, Subiaca, Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
Away~1987 - (Sydney Theatre Company, Sidney, New South Wales, Australia)
Real Thing, The~1984 - (Sydney Theatre Company, Sidney, New South Wales, Australia)
Brainrot~1968 - (Archi Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
A Flea in Her Ear~1967 - Schwarz (Archi Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Right Honourable Gentleman, The~1967 - Brooks (University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia)
Rhinoceros~1967 - Old Man (University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Servant of Two Masters, The~1967 - Zannis (University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Moby Dick Rehearsed~1967 - Sailor (University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Death of a Salesman~1967 - Waiter (University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Incident at Vichy~1967 - Boy (University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Singular Man, A~1966 - (University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Hamlet~1966 - (Prince Philip Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Caretaker, The~1965 - Mick (reading Men's Lounge, Union House, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Macbeth~1965 -  (Union Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Birthday Party~1965 - (Union Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Government Inspector, The~1964 - (Union Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Henry IV: Part 1~1964 - Henry Percy, Surnamed Hotspur, (son of Henry Percy) (Union Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Same Time Next Year~ - (Regal Theatre, Subiaca, Perth, Western Australia, Victoria, Australia)

Theatre Director
Modest Expectations~1990 (CUB Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Niteclub Confidential~1989 (Kinsela's Niteclub, Sydney, Australia)
Ripper Show, The~1979 (Playbox Downstairs Theatre, Australia)
Gentlemen Only~1979 (Playbox Downstairs Theatre, Australia)
A Bit of Rough~1978 (Playbox Upstairs Theatre, Australia)
Hancock's Last Half Hour~1978 (Playbox Upstairs Theatre, Australia)
Let Me In~1978 (Playbox Downstairs Theatre, Australia)
Sexual Perversity in Chicago~1978 (Playbox Upstairs Theatre, Australia)
Oh~1978 (Playbox Downstairs Theatre, Australia)
Golden Oldies, The~1977 (Grant Street Theatre, Australia)
Norman Ahmed~ -

Theatre Manager
Right Honourable Gentleman, The~1967 (assistant stage)
Rhinoceros~1967 (assistant stage)
Servant of Two Masters, The~1967 (assistant stage)
Death of a Salesman~1967 (assistant stage)

Live Appearances
The Bowral of Laughs comedy festival~2005 - himself (Highlands, Australia)
Brisbane Writers Festival~2005 - himself

Hair~1992 cast recording (Australian production)

An Unauthorised Life
Australian Theatre: Backstage with Graham Blundell (editor/compiler)
King: Life and Comedy of Graham Kennedy
Brett Whitely (Unauthorized Biography)
I Don't Know Who To Feel Sorry For~1973 (introduction)
Off the Rails. Short and Tall Stories from the Buffet Car to the Back of Broken Hill and Beyond (contributor)

Columns (writer)
The Australian
    Article: A Life of Unfolding Dramas 10/28/05
The Sunday Age (80's 90's)
Sydney Morning Herald (mid 80's)
Sun Herald
Australian Women's Weekly
Luxury Travel

His uncle, Norman Charles Blundell, was a famous cricketer in Australia.

Was once arrested for aiding and abetting obscene language in a play he was directing, called Norman Ahmed

While attending the University of Melbourne, Blundell, was president of MUST (Melbourne University Student Theatre)

Pram Factory (with Bruce Spence)

1976 - Executive director/founder of Hoopla (later the Playbox Theatre)

National Playwrights Conference - artistic director

Melbourne Theatre Company - associate director

Kinsela's - artistic director

Member of La Mama Alumni and one of its original directors and co-founders

Fought to save ABC from shutting down (Australia)

Books Editor at Melbourne University

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