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Boa, Bruce

Bruce Boa

Bruce Boa (né Andrew Bruce Boa) was born on July 10, 1930, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where he was also raised.  Boa attended Sir Adam Beck Collegiate Institute in London, Ontario, where he played football for the Spartans (in 1949 they were city champs).  
Can you spot him out in this picture?
Boa went on to play professional football (not soccer) in Canada for the Calgary Stampeders, in 1952.  
Boa left Canada via the ship Empress of Britain in early April, arriving in Liverpool on April 29, 1958.  By 1959, he met his future wife, Cherry D. K. Wilson (a native Brit and counseling psychologist), and settled in England to pursue acting. Bruce and Cherry married in late 1961.

Boa found many roles (generally as an American) on British TV and films.

Mr. Boa passed away from cancer on April 17, 2004, in Richmond upon Thames, Surrey, England, UK., he was survived by his wife Cherry; three children; an older sister, Marion Woodman (a mythopoetic author and Jungian analyst); and a brother Fraser Boa (a Jungian analyst, author, actor, director, producer).

Screamers~1995 - Secretary Green
For the Moment~1993 - Mr. Anderson
The Neighbor (Stalked By My Neighbor)~1993 - Bishop
White Light~1991 - Clay Avery
Murder Story~1989 - Corrigan (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Serpent of Death~1989 - Director Bartlet

Slipstream~1989 - Guard Supervisor (see Actor Connections - Film)

Hawks~1988 - Byron Deckermensky (see Actor Connections - Film)
Full Metal Jacket~1987 - Pogue Colonel

The Ted Kennedy, Jr. Story~1986 - Dr. Skein
Ping Pong~1986 - American Tourist
Riders of the Storm (The American Way)~1986 - Colonel Parker (see Actor Connections - Film)

Claudia~1985 - Mr. Gerald Irving

Water~1985 - U.S. Advisor (see Actor Connections - Film)
Return to Oz~1985 - Policeman on left (see Actor Connections - Film)
Scream for Help~1984 - Surgeon (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Razor's Edge~1984 - Henry Maturin
Octopussy~1983 - U.S. General Peterson (see Actor Connections - Film)

Ragtime~1981 - Jerome (see Actor Connections - Film)

Silver Dream Racer~1980 - 2nd TV Reporter (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Ninth Configuration~1980 - Sergeant in Combat Shack
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1980 -  General Carlist Rieekan - Rebel Alliance - Hoth
The London Connection~1979 - Colonel
A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square~1979 - Morgan Stanfield
A Touch of the Sun~1979 -  Jim Coburn
Unidentified Flying Oddball~1979 - uncredited Air Force Officer
Carry On Emmanuelle~1978 - American Ambassador (see Actor Connections - Film)
Superman~1978 - uncredited General (in the extended version) (see Actor Connections - Film)
Silver Bears~1977 - American Banker (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Omen~1976 - Tom - Thorn's Aide
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, The~1975 - (see Actor Connections - Film)
Who?~1974 - Miller
Cherry Picker, The~1972 - Dr. Softman
The Revolutionary~1970 - Guest at Party (see Actor Connections - Film)
The Adding Machine~1969 - Detective (see Actor Connections - Film)
Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?~1969 - uncredited Car Salesman
The Mini-Mob~1967 - American Newman
Man in the Middle~1964 - Maj. Lawson
Stopover Forever~1963 - Freddie
The Winston Affair~1964 - Major Lawson
Man in the Moon~1960 - Roy (see Actor Connections - Film)

Scarlett~1994 (mini) - Minister
Kavanagh QC~1997 - Governor Stamford Cotton in In God We Trust
As Time Goes By~1995 - Young Rocky in Improvements
Road to Avonlea~1993 - Mr. Harrison in Jasper's Home Movie (see Actor Connections - TV)
J.F.K. : Reckless Youth~1993 (mini) - Adm. Dodson
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles~1993 - Ambassador Kerens in Vienna, November 1908 (later re-named The Perils of Cupid upon a 2000 release)
E.N.G.~1992 - Dirk Jackman in After the Fire
Town Torn Apart, A~1992 - Will Delp
Astronauts~1991-1993 - Beadle
Deadly Betrayal: The Bruce Curtis Story~1991 - Al Podgis
Brass~1990 - Ambassador Kennedy in Bradley Gets on Top
Howards' Way~1986-1990 - Robert Hudson in 2.7, 4.11, 6.12
Anything More Would Be Greedy~1989 - Brock Cashman in Georgian Silver
Nightmare Years, The~1989 (mini) - Nick Roosevelt in Parts 1-4
Forgotten, The~1989 - Pearse
The Bell Run~1988 - North American Delegate
Tales of the Unexpected~1988 - Mr. Groober in The Verger
The Bourne Identity~1988 - Senator Crawford (see Actor Connections - TV)
Screen Two~1987 - Channel President in The Vision
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles~1987 - Hunnicutt
Breakthrough at Reykjavik~1987 - Donald Regan
Dempsey & Makepeace~1986 - Coltrane in The Burning: Parts 1 &  2
Hold the Dream~1986 - Dale Stevens
John Lennon: A Journey in the Life~1985 - Leon Wildes
John and Yoko: A Love Story~1985 - Houston Lawyer
Gulag~1985 - McHenry
Lace II~1985 - Mr. Hale
The Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission~1985 - Colonel (see Actor Connections - TV)
Bulman~1985 - Wilbur C. McLeod in A Cup for the Winner
First Olympics: Athens 1896, The~1984 - President Francis Patton
Lace~1984 - Mr. Hale
Philip Marlowe, Private Eye~1983 - Don Luigi in The Pencil
Ellis Island~1984 - Dr. G. Moore (eye doctor) in Pt 1
Cold Warrior~1984 (mini) - Colonel Elliott in What's Good for General Bullmoose
Remington Steele~1984 - Wallace Carlisle in Maltese Steele
Hart to Hart~1983 - William Eady in Passing Chance
The Old Men at the Zoo~1983 - Harvey Wallbanger in:
     A Tall Story
A Woman Called Golda~1982 - Mr. Macy
Astronauts~1981 - Colonel Beadle (13 episodes)
BBC2 Playhouse~1981 - Charlie Oakhampton in Virginia Fly is Drowning
Metal Mickey~1981 - Saloon Barman in Marshal Mickey
Ja und Nein~1981 - Crannock
Turtle's Progress~1980 - J.B. Grinsdall in Box Ten
Suez 1956~1979 - Andrew B. Foster
The Omega Factor~1979 - Masson in After Image
Leave It to Charlie~1979 - Glenn Rickenbacker in Ole Brown Eyes
Fawlty Towers~1979 - Mr. Hamilton in Waldorf Salad
Screenshot of Mr. Boa playing Mr. Hamilton - from
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color~1979 - Colonel in The Omega Connection
One Fine Day~1979 - Milton
A Man Called Intrepid~1979 (mini) - Jump Master in 1.1-1.3
Professionals, The~1978 - Patterson (uncredited) in Heroes
Thank You, Comrades~1978 - Bank Manager
Play For Today~1978 - Arthur Bates in Nina
Lillie~1978 (mini) - Joaquin Miller in The New Helen
The Many Wives of Patrick~1978 - Gregg in:
     Four down Two to Go
     One Decree Under
The Professionals~1978 - John Jerry Patterson in Heroes
Come Back, Little Sheba~1977 - Ed
The New Avengers~1977 - Mahon in Trap
Yanks Go Home~1976 - Sgt. Gus Polaski (13 episodes)
Z Cars~1976 - Chuck in Kidnap
Whodunnit?~1975 - Lazlo Bretz in Too Many Cooks
Thriller 1975 - Hanley in:
     Good Salary, Prospects, Free Coffin
     Mirror of Deception
Haunted: The Ferryman~1974 - First Man at Party
Dial M For Murder~1974 - Vince Harrison in Dead Connection
Special Branch~1970-1974 -
     Evans in Date of Birth
     Lester Swift in The Pleasure of Your Company
Zodiac~1974 - Auctioneer in The Cool Aquarian
Who Killed Lamb?~1974 - Professor Friedland
The Onedin Line~1972-1974 -
     Draygon in The Passenger
     Captain Franks in The Challenge
Marked Personal~1973 - Richardson in 1.13, 1.14
Warship~1973 - McFie in Hot Pursuit
The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes~1973 - Freeling Poignton in The Secret of the Magnifique
Crown Court~1973 - Morton Lass in Sunset of Arms: Fitton v Pusey: Parts 1-3
Madigan~1973 - Vern in The Lisbon Beat
ITV Sunday Night Tehatre~1971-1973 -
     The Client in Young Guy Seeks Part-Time Work
     American Tourist in Tales of Piccadilly: Out of Town Girl
The Gangster Show: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui~1972 - Ignatius Dulfeet
ITV Playhouse~1968-1971 -
     Senator Mabon in The Switch
     Captain Williams in The Pueblo Affair
     Captain Jacob White in Rogues' Gallery: The Misfortunes of Lucy Hodges
A Kiss is Just a Kiss~1971 - Detective Zakin
Ryan International~1970 - Pollard in Weekend
Ace of Wands~1970 - Mr. America in One and One and One are Four
Mister Jerico~1970 - George Nolan
W. Somerset Maugham~1970 - Quartermaster in Rain
Department S~1970 - President of the USA in The Last Train to Redbridge
Counterstrike~1969 - General in Joker One
Champions, The~1969 - American Colonel in Autokill
Mogul (The Troubleshooters)~1965-1969 -
     Bill Douglas in:
          A Dirty Old Man and a Rare Bird
          There's a Nasty Word - Love
          Everybody Is That Kind of Man
          You Can't Trust Women
          Really, She Did, She Really Did
          They Call Me Israel
     Godin in Stoneface
The Jazz Age~1968 - Porter
The Franchise Trail~1968 - Lor Winnipeg
Detective~1968 - Wesselman in Lesson in Anatomy
Vendetta~1967-1968 -
     Joe Kulik in The Hit and Run Man
     Gus Lansing in The Button Man
The Saint~1963-1968 -
    Mark in Legacy for the Saint
    John Hamilton in Sibao
    Jack Williams in The Sporting Chance
Man In A Suitcase~1967 - Inspector Bergson in The Revolutionaries
Mr. Rose~1967 - Quinn in The Jolly Swagman
Out of the Unknown~1966 - K.G. Bullen in Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Liars~1966 - Puce in 1.13
Four Soldiers~1965 - Lieutenant Roger
Jury Room~1965 - Westlake - Juror in The Lady and the Axe
Alexander Graham Bell~1965 - MacDonald in A Note in Music
The Sullavan Brothers~1964 - Ashley in The Man from New York
Story Parade~1964 - Father Bonet in Not for Every Eye
Espionage~1964 - Larry in Some Other Kind of World
Drama 61-67~1964 - Studio '64: Better Luck Next Time
The Plane Makers~1963 - Vega in STrings in Whitehall
ITV Play of the Week~1963 -
     Judge Windelman in The Fixers
     H. C. in The Rainmaker
Suspense~1963 -
     Dr. Ridgeway in The Patch Card
     Anesthetist in The Troubled Heart
The Third Man~1963 - Inspector McDonald in No Word for Danger
The Avengers~1962 - Bob Slade in Dead on Course
Out of This World~1962 - Monty Archer in Immigrant
Studio Four~1962 - Dr. Baird in Flight Into Danger
Armchair Theatre~1958-1960 -
     Brewster in The Rank and File
     Psychologist in The Deaf Heart
ITV Television Playhouse~1958-1960 -
     Policeman in Other People's Houses
     Bodyguard in A Sense of Justice
The Men From Room 13~1959 - Eddie Conlan in The Man Who Watched Birds: Part 1
BBC Sunday-Night Theatre~1959 - in Street Scene
Four Just Men, The~1959 -
    Connolly in The Night of the Precious Stones
    Policeman in The Judge

Summer and Smoke~1965 - Dr. John Buchanan Sr. ( )
Glyn and It~1994 - Luther Lee (Richmond Theatre, )
St. Joan of the Stockyards~1964 - Lennox/Worker's Leader (The Queen's Theatre, )

Summer and Smoke~1972 - Dr. John Buchanan Sr.

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