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Bonehill, Richard

Richard Bonehill

 Thanks to Mr. Bonehill for the photos.

Richard Bonehill was born June 1949 in Hampstead Village, London, England, UK.

Bonehill was an actor, swordsman, a double, and a swordmaster for well over twenty years.  Among other interests are antiques and family history.

Bonehill lived in St. Ives, Cornwall, England until his *death on February 4, 2015, he was survived by his wife Lynne Bonehill.

Film Actor
Journals of Erwich~2013 (short) - Euripides Eoghan
Cold & Dark~2005 - Surgeon
Rob Roy~1995 - Gutherie's Opponent
Top Secret~1984 - Scarecrow
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi~1983 - Nien Nunb, Stormtrooper, Mon Calamari, Ree Yees, Mosep, X-Wing Pilot, TIE Pilot, Stand-in, rebel on Falcon (cut scene: very center of bottom photo)

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back~1981 - Stormtrooper, Snowtrooper, Rebel Soldier, Taun Taun Handler

Flash Gordon~1980 -

Film Double/Stand-in
Man in the Iron Mask~1998 (John Malkovich double)
Robinson Crusoe~1997 (Pierce Brosnan double)
Highlander~1986 (Christopher Lambert double)
Wicked Lady, The~1983 (Denholm Elliott double)
Ivanhoe~1982 (mini) (Anthony Andrews double)

Film Swordsman
Bleak House~2005 - (swordmaster)
George and the Dragon~2004 -
Secret of the Cave~2002
Avengers, The~1998 (Assistant Swordmaster to William Hobbs)
Man in the Iron Mask~1998 (Assistant Swordmaster to William Hobbs)
Prince Valiant~1997 (see Actor Connections - Film)
George and the Dragon~ (Assistant Swordmaster to William Hobbs)
Case of Evil~2002
Princess of Thieves~2001 (Fencing Coach)
Count of Monte Cristo~2002 (Fencing Coach)

Simon Schama's Power of Art~2006 - David
Rome~2005 - Celtic Chieftain (BBC/HBO) (see Actor Connections - TV)
See Me, See You: The Picts and the Scots~2001 -
Jason and the Argonauts~2000 - Aertes 2nd General (Greek Cavalry General)
Frenchman's Creek~1998 - Guilliame
Mysterious Britain: The Haunted Realm~1997 - Duelist
Celebration~1992 - Himself in Ghost Hunter
'Allo 'Allo!~1988 -  German Guard in:
    Michelle's Secret Love
    Post-Matrimonial Depression
Celts, The~1987 - Kalucan Celtic Hero
Knightmare~1987 - The Monk Monster/Swordsman
Galloping Galaxies~1985 - Roman Gladiator
Robin of Sherwood~1985-1986 -
    Driver in: Cromm Cruac
    Swordsman in The Children of Israel
Dr. Who~1981-1986 -
    Guard in Revelation of the Daleks
    First Officer on the Shadow in Enlightenment
Richard, on the left.

    Flight Engineer in Time Flight
    ? in Logopolis
By the Sword Divided~1983 (mini) - Mounted Trooper
Days of Our Lives~ -

TV Stunts Double/Swordsman
Sharpe's Peril~2008 (sword master)
Bleak House~2005 (fencing master in 1.1)
Sharpe's Challenge~2005/6 (sword master)
Simon Schama's Power of Art~ -
Life Force~2000
Gormenghast~2000 (mini)
Nicholas Nickleby~ 2001
Maid Marian and Her Merry Men~1989  (Robin Hood double)
Zany Adventures of Robin Hood~1984 (George Segal double)
Ivanhoe!982 (riding double)
Beau Geste~1982 - Arab swordsman

Cyrano de Bergerac~ - (The Theatre Royal, Plymouth, UK)
Romeo & Juliet~ - (The Theatre Royal, Plymouth, UK)
Peter Pan~ - (The Hub Theatre, UK)
Bogus/King of Prussia, The~ - (The Knee-High Theatre, UK)
Dangerous Liaisons~ - (The St. Austell Theatre Co./The Phoenix Theatre Co.)

Live Performances
Winships Medieval Jousting Tournament (Tours)

England's Gem: The Story of Bessie Bonehill~2003

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Cornwall Sports Coach of the Year~2006
Veterans World Fencing Championships~2004 - 25th in Sabre
European Veterans Team Fencing Championships~2004 - 4th Bergamo, Sabre
South West Team Sabre & Epee Champions (Captain, Truro)~2001 & 2001-2003, respectively
Bath Unisex Sabre Champion~2003
Great Britain NVA Master at Arms~2003 , 2004
Swordsman of the Year~1995 & 2003 (Cornwall, UK)
County Team Champions (Captain)~1993, 1997-2000 & 2003 (Cornwall, UK)
Veterans World Fencing Championships~2003 - 12th in Sabre (Limoges, France)
European Veterans Fencing Championships in Moscow, Russia~2003 - 10th in Sabre ; 30th in Epee (Moscow, Russia)
Great Britain Vs Germany International~2003 - Sabre (Borkum, Germany)
Dollart - Turnier~2003 - 3rd in Sabre (Borkum, Germany)
North Atlantic Veterans Sabre Champion~2002 (US)
North Atlantic Veterans Challenge~2002 - 1st in Sabre (Boston, Massachusetts, US)
North Atlantic Veterans Challenge~2002 - 2nd in Team Sabre (Boston, Massachusetts, US)
World Veterans Fencing Championships~2002 - 12th in Sabre (Tampa, Florida, US)
Great Britain Vs Germany International~2002 - G. B. Victory 10-6 (Borkum, Germany)
European Veterans Team Fencing Championships~2002 - 5th in Sabre (Captain - Antwerp, Netherlands)
1V Tournament of Commonwealth Veteran Fencing~2001
    3rd in Individual Sabre (Bronze)
    2nd in Team Sabre (England - Silver)
    16th in Individual Epee
Veterans World Fencing Championships~2001 - 6th in Sabre (Martinique, France)
Tournoi International d'Descrime Veterans~2001 - 11th in Epee
European Veterans Fencing Championships~2001 - 12th in Sabre ; 51st in Epee (Cologne, Germany)
World Veterans Fencing Championships~2000 - 17th in Sabre (Hungary)
British Actors Sabre Champion~1990-1992 & 1997
Cornish Sabre Champion~1987-1993 & 1995
Cornish Epee Champion~1991 & 1992

2015 - Died of enlarged heart after operation was cancelled because the hospital (Derriford in Plymouth, Devon) set to do is surgery became overwhelmed with patients.

Related to Bessie Bonehill the famous singer of the Victorian era

Bonehill was a member of:
    The British Fencing Association
    The Fédération Internationale D’Escrime

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