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Boyle, Steven

Steven Boyle
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Steven Boyle was born on April 23, 1976 in Australia. Boyle has been interested in special effects since he was at least 10 years old, in Brisbane, he was inspired by Academy Award winning effects/make-up artist Rick Baker, especially American Werewolf in London and by Michael Jackson's Thriller. Boyle studied film and television at the Queensland College of Arts.

Boyle is the founder of ARC FX effects house.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones~2002 - Ask Aak/Passel Argente - Koorivar (Australian Unit)

Film Special Effects/Make-Up
Boar~2016 (beast designer)
The Pack~2016 (dog puppet designer)
Medusa~2015 (creature designer/makeup effects supervisor)
Charlie's Farm~2014 (special effects supervisor/special makeup fx design)
Predestination~2014 (special makeup effects designer)
What We Do in the Shadows~2014 (werewolf effects design)
Bait~2012 (shark design/makeup effects designer)
The Curse of Eleanor Crabtree~2012 (short) (special makeup effects artist)
Daddy's Little Girl~2012 (special effects)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey~2012 (workshop technician: WETA Workshop)
Jacob Fights Giants~2012 (short) (special makeup effects artist)
Mental~2012 (shark designer/supervisor)
Bad Moon Rising~2010 (short) (special makeup effects artist)
Daybreakers~2009 (creature designer/supervisor/creative project designer/supervisor/special makeup effects)
District 9~2009 (uncredited creature sculptor)
Under the Mountain~2009 (creature designer/supervisor)
30 Days of Night~2007 (workshop technician: WETA Workshop)
Black Sheep~2006 (special effects makeup artist)
King Kong~2005 (special makeup effects technician: Skull Islanders)
Lesbo-A-Go-Go~2003 (special effects makeup)
The Matrix Revolutions~2003 (makeup effects technician)
Undead~2003 (special makeup effects artist)
Ghost Ship~2002 (special makeup effects technician)
Scooby Doo~2002
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones~2002 (creature technician)

TV Effects
Lost World~2001
The Beastmaster~1982

Commercials Effects
Publicis Mojo "Heart and Brain"

Awards, Honors, and Nominations
Fangoria Chainsaw Awards:
Rec'd 2011 Chainsaw Award Best Makeup/Creature FX for Daybreakers
New Zealand Film and TV Awards:
Rec'd 2010 Best make-Up Design in a Feature Film for Under the Mountain (shared)

Social Media
Official Site:

2001 - ARC FX founder.  ARC FX has worked on the following films:
    Star Wars Episode 2
    The Matrix 2 & 3
    Ghost Ship
    Scooby Doo
    Inspector Gadget 2
    George of the Jungle 2
    Saturday Disney for television
    Jupiter's Midnight Magic
    Terrible Lizards of OZ
    Holden "Red Centre"
    Finding Elliott
    War of Jenkins Ear

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